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Families covered: St. Owen of Burton, St. Owen of Clapham, St. Owen of Gerneston

VCH (Sussex, vol 5, Clapham) reported that in1073 the manor of Clapham "belonged to William de Broase as part of what became the honor of Bramber ... The under-tenant in 1086 was Gilbert, apparently the same as the Gilbert of Clapham recorded in the reign of William II and the Gilbert St. Owen recorded in 1103. The St.Owen family held the manor during the next 300 years as 2 knight's fees. Four by the name of Ralph were tenants c. 1150, in 1201-2, in 1242, and in 1268, the last two perhaps being identical. They were succeeded by John (fl. 1291), Ralph, who in 1304 was granted free warren in Clapham, another Ralph, a minor in 1316 and later sheriff of Sussex, and another John (fl. 1378)." Exactly how this is supported by the Visitations is not clear. For example, neither of the Visitations mention a Gilbert but both start with ...
Sir Raph de St. Owen (a temp William the Conqueror who r. 1066-1087)
1. Sir Robert de St. Owen
  A. Sir Raph de St. Owen
  m. Maud (dau/coheir of Sir John Oteby or Oreby)
  i. John de St. Owen
  m. Margaret, lady of Whitchurch
  a. John de St. Owen
(1) Margaret or Jane St. Owen
  m. Richard Knightley
  (2) Jane or Margaret St. Owen
  m. Robert Coulshurst
  (3)+ other issue - Ralph (of Clapham?), Robert 'of St. Andrews' (dsp)
  b. Ralph de St. Owen (of Clapham in Sussex?)
  m. Julian(a)
  (1) (Sir) Ralph St. Owen of Gerneston & Burton Court (Herefordshire) (& Clapham, Sheriff of Sussex?)
  m. Alice Bruse (dau/coheir of Piers de Brewes or Bruse or Breuse or Braose (of Hochampe, Gloucestershire?))
  (A) John St. Owen of Gerneston & Burton Court
  m. Joan Tirrell (dau/heir of Sir Hugh Tirrell of Bromscroft & Tirrell's Court)
  (i) John St. Owen of Clapham (d before 1402)
  This generation omitted by Visitation (Shropshire, Cotes) but given by Visitation (Shropshire, Broughton) & Visitation (Herefordshire) and supported by VCH (Sussex, vol 6, Clapham) inasmuch as the latter identifies a Patrick as uncle of the father of Thomas who died a minor in 1402. Visitation (Shropshire, Broughton) identifies John's wife as Margaret but Visitation (Herefordshire) identifies her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Barkley
  (a) Thomas St. Owen of Clapham (dsp 1402)
Visitation (Herefordshire) shows Thomas as having an elder brother John who m. Isabel, dau of Philip Hulgrave. Visitation (Shropshire) shows that it was Thomas who m. a dau/heir of Phillip Hollgate. VCH identified Thomas as his father's heir for Clapham so any John, if he existed, must have dvpsp.
  (b) Joan St. Owen
  m. Roger Downton of Downton, Herefordshire
  ((1)) Thomas Downton (d before 1456)
  m. Margaret Lingen (dau of Richard Lingen of Lingen)
((A)) Isabel Downton
  m. John Heaven or Hevon or Hevin of Hevin (Herefordshire) and/or Clybery (Salop)
  ((i)) John Hevin (dsp)
  ((ii)) Margaret Hevin
  m. William Hopton of Hopton
  ((iii)) Jane Hevin
  m. Walter Broughton of Bitterley (not Brockton)
  ((iv)) Anne Hevin (d 17.09.1510)
  m. (Sir) Hugh Shirley or Shurley of Stockton
  ((a)) Thomas Shirley of Enfeild
  ((B)) Elizabeth Downton
  m. John Cotes of Cotes and/or Woodcoates (a 1456)
  ((C)) Joan or Jane Downton
  m1. William Wood
  At least part of the manor of Clapham passed into the Wood family.
  m2. Thomas Acton of Aldenham (a 1458)
  (B) Patrick St. Owen (a 1402)
  B. Joane de St. Owen
  Joane is identified by Visitation (Herefordshire) as "Countes Delysle" and shown as mother of "Baldwyn, E. of fflanders". That appears to be spurious.

Main source(s): Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, St. Owen), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Cotes of Woodcote), Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Broughton of Broughton and Henley)
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