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Families covered: St. John of Hameldon, St. John of Lageham, St. John of Plumpton, St. John of St. John
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BE1883 identifies the arms of this family as "Ermine, on a chief, gu., two mullets, or."
Ralph de St. John le Thomas (a 1053) a predecessor of ...
1. Thomas, Sn de St. John Thomas (dsp before 1130)
2. William de St. John of East Meon (dsp)
3. Roger de St. John (d by 1130)
  m. Cecily (dau of Robert de la Haie)
  Cecily's father is identified by VCH (Sussex, vol 4: The Rape of Chichester, Boxgrove) as Robert de Haye of Halnaker, son of Rannulf the steward of Count Robert of Mortain.
  A. William de St. John of Halnaker (dsp before 12.1220)
  m1. Olive (dau of Stephen, Count of Brittany, Lord of Richmond)
  m2. Godehaut
  B. Robert de St. John (dsp 1199/1200)
  m. Olive FitzJordan (a 01.1235, dau of Alan FitzJordan, sensechal of Dol)
  D. Muriel de St. John
  m._ d'Orval
  Muriel's husband is sometimes named as Rainald d'Orval (or de Aurevalle) but TCP suggests that that is probably wrong although he might have been a descendant of that Rainald.
  i. Mabel, heiress of Orval
  m. Adam de Port, lord of Basing, Governor of Southampton Castle (d 28.07.1213)
  Their elder son assumed the name St. John.
2. John de St. John (d before 1153)
  A. Thomas de St. John (dsp 1175-6)
  B. Roger de St. John (d by 05.1214)
  m. (before 02.1192/3) Cecily de Lucy (dau of Reynold de Lucy)
  i. Sir John de St. John (b before 1197, d before 23.01.1229/30)
  m. Emma
  a. Sir Roger de St. John (d Evesham 04.08.1265)
  Roger, father of the 1st Lord of Lageham, is described by BE1883 as "younger son of the 1st baron". We follow TCP.
  m. ?? le Despenser (probably dau of Hugh le Despenser of Loughborough)
  (1) John de St. John, 1st Lord of Lageham (d by 06.1316)
  m. Margaret
(A) John de St. John, 2nd Lord of Lageham (d 23.04.1323)
  m. Margery (d 24.02.1345/6)
  (i) John de St. John, 3rd Lord of Lageham (d 08.04.1349)
  m. (c1320) Katherine de Say (a 09.1355, dau of Geoffrey de Saye, 1st Lord)
  (a) Roger de St. John, 4th Lord of Lageham (b 24.06.1329, dsp 28.03.1353)
  m. (by 11.1342) Joan (d before 02.1363/4)
  (b) William de St. John
  (ii) Piers de St. John, 5th Lord of Lageham (b before 1313, d unm 1355)
  (B) Nicolas de St. John of Glimpton
  C. William de St. John (rector of Steeple Barton)
  i. John de St. John
  D. Alice de St. John
  m. Richard de Monte



Baker identifies the arms of this family as "Gules, two bars Argent, a canton Ermine".
Sir John de St. John of Hameldon, co. Rutland
m. Juliana Taillard (dau of Ralph Taillard of Hameldon)
1. William de St. John of Hameldon (d by 1288)
m. Sarah Plumpton (a 1285, dau of Sir Robert de Plumpton of Plumpton)
  A. Sir John de St. John of Plumpton (dvp)
  m. Matilda FitzNigel (dau of Robert FitzNigel)
  i. William de St. John of Plumpton (b c1272, a 1315)
  m. Ismania Bagot (a 1308, dau/coheir of Sir William Bagot)
  a. William de St. John of Plumpton (d 04.07.1331)
m. Isabella Combemartin (d 30.04.1401, dau/coheir of William Combemartin of Alderton & Stoke Bruere, m2. Richard de Rothing of Loindon, m3. John de Daventre or Grimscote)
  (1) Sir Giles de St. John of Plumpton (d 1392, MP)
  m1. Margaret Lions (dau of Sir John de Lions of Warkworth)
  (A) Margery de St. John (d 1448)
  m. William de Harwedon of Harrowden & Plumpton (d 1413)
  m2. Maud (a 1392)
  (2) Margaret de St. John (dsp 1395)
  m. (1370) Sir John de Lions of Warkworth (dsp 1385)
  b. Elizabeth de St. John (a 1308)
  ii. Sarah de St. John (a 1327)
  B. Robert de St. John of Plumpton (a 1327)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 05.11.03) : TCP ('Saint John of Lageham'), BE1883 ('St. John of Lageham')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 14.10.19) : 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 2, 1841, 'Plumpton, St. Johm, Harwedon, Skenard of Skinnerton, Knightley of Plumpton, &c.', p96+)
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