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Families covered: Stewart of Bonskeid, Stewart of Derculich, Stewart of Forthergill (Fothergill), Stewart of Garth, Stewart of Wester Cluny (Clunie)

Sir James Stewart, 1st of Garth
m. Janet de Menzies (dau of Alexander de Menzies of Forthergill)
1. John Stewart of Garth, 1st of Forthergill or Fothergill (d 10.12.1475)
  m. Marion
A. Niel Stewart of Garth, 2nd of Forthergill (d 31.01.1499)
  The book on the Stewarts of Forthergill identifies Niel's wife only as Elizabeth Stewart but a web site shows her as ...
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (possibly dau of Alexander Stewart of Grandtully)
  i. Niel Stewart of Garth, 3rd of Forthergill (d 1544)
  m1. Christian Stewart (d 30.05.1538, dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl)
  a. John Stewart of Garth, 4th of Forthergill (dsp 1577)
  b. Marie Stewart of Forthergill
  The book on the Stewarts of Forthergill appears not to mention whether or not Marie married. A web site suggests that she married her uncle Donald but this seems unlikely.
  m2. Mariotta MacQueen (d 16.08.1545, dau of Donyll MacQuhane of McQueen)
  B. Alexander Stewart, 1st of Bonskeid (d 1501)
i. Robert Stewart, 2nd of Bonskeid (d 1546)
  a. James Stewart, 3rd of Bonskeid (d 16.10.1565)
  m1. _ Robertson (dau of Dougal Robertson of Faskally)
  m2. Janet Stewart (dau of James Stewart of Fincastle)
  (1) John Stewart, 4th of Bonskeid (d 1606)
  m. (mcrt 11.10.1572) Margaret Stewart (dau of Alexander Stewart of Carse)
  (A) Alexander Stewart, 5th of Bonskeid
  m. Margaret Robertson (dau of George Robertson of Faskally by Janet, dau of Thomas Stewart)
(i) John Stewart, 6th of Bonskeid
  (a) ?? Stewart
  Unsure on number of intervening generations.
  ((1)) ?? Stewart
  ((A)) Alexander Stewart of Bonskeid
  m(2). Marjory Oliphant (dau of Lawrence Oliphant of Gask)
  ((i)) Alexander Stewart of Bonskeid
  m. (1787) (Jean) Bisset
((a)) Margaret Stewart
  m. Glas Sanderson of Springhall
  (((1))) daughter
  m. George Barbour of Bonskeid
  (ii) James Stewart of Wester Cluny or Clunie
  m. (15.08.1638) Barbara Menzies (dau of Duncan Menzies of Comrie)
  (a) Alexander Stewart of Wester Cluny (b 24.06.1639)
m. Isabel Stewart (dau of John Stewart of Balnakellie)
  ((1)) James Stewart of Wester Cluny (minmister of Moulin)
  m. Elizabeth Campbell (dau of Campbell of Monzie)
  ((A)) James Stewart of Wester Cluny
  m1. Marjorie Campbell (dau of ?? Campbell of Ardchattan)
  ((i)) Marjory Stewart (b 1755)
  m. Niel Campbell of Lotterie
  m2. Elizabeth Macleuchlan (dau of Macleuchlan of Fassifer)
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Stewart (b 27.06.1762, d 22.02.1834)
  m. (1785) John Macfarlane (minister of Kilbraden)
  ((B)) Patrick Stewart (dsp)
  m. Katherine Drummond
  ((C)) Charles Stewart (to North Carolina)
  ((D)) John Stewart
  m. _ Campbell of Kilmore
  ((i)) James Stewart (b 1765, d 04.10.1805) had issue
  m. (1789) Beatrice Austin (d 03.10.1832, dau of William Austin of Perth)
  ((E)) Alexander Stewart (to North Carolina)
  m. _ Spiers (dau of Col. Spiers of North Carolina)
  ((F)) Ann Stewart
  m. _ Robertson of Balnacraig
  ((G)) Jean Stewart
m. Rev. William Campbell of Kilchrennan
  ((2))+ other issue - Alexander, Charles
  (b) Robert Stewart of Killiechassie (b 01.05.1650, d 1729, minister of Killin)
  m. (01.1683) Anna Campbell (dau of Duncan Campbell of Edramuckie)
  ((1)) Robert Stewart of Derculich (b 1704, d 1767)
  m. (1729) Jean Campbell (d 1788, dau of Robert Campbell of Auchlyne)
  ((A)) James Stewart of Derculich (b 1730, d 1806)
  m. (1778) Margaret Robertson (dau of Duncan Roberston of Edradynate)
  ((i)) James Stewart-Robertston of Edradynate (b 1783) had issue
  m. (1817) Dorothea Stewart (dau of Adam Stewart of Blackhill, cousin)
  ((2))+ other issue
(c)+ other issue - Beatrice, John (b 30.06.1643), Dorothy, James (b 08.02.1647), William (b 14.02.1648), Janet, Margaret (b 01.05.1650)
  (B) John Stewart
  (2) Isabel Stewart
  m. (mcrt 10.04.1580) Angus McAne Woir McCondoqhy
  C. James Stewart
  D. Maud Stewart
  m. Thomas Stewart, 3rd of Grandtully
2. Niel Stewart
  m. Elizabeth Gordon (possibly sister of the Earl of Huntly)
3. daughter --
  m. Patrick Rattray, 9th of Rattray (d 04.10.1461) --

Main source(s): 'Historic Memorials of the Stewarts of Forthergill' by Charles Poyntz Stewart (printed by W.& A.K.Johnston in 1879) with some support and input from BLG1952 (Stewart-Meiklejohn (formerly Stewart-Robertson) of Edradynate)
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