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Families covered: St. Eloy of London

Isaac Gouyquet of Plumy, Brittany, France
m. Jeanne
1. Isaac Gouyquet, Sr. de St. Eloy, later of Sunbury (d 01.1728)
  m. Margaret Le Blanc (dau of Pierre Le Blanc of Beaulieu by Suzanne de Moranvillers)
  A. Peter Gouyquet or St. Eloy 'of Canterbury' of Mitcham (b c1692, d before 19.05.1762, Proctor)
  m1. Judith Sayer (d 22.03.1733)
  m2. (12.10.1736) Mary Whitaker (d before 26.07.1738, dau of Flag Captain Samuel Whitaker)
  m3. ?? (bur 02.08.1751)
m4. Henrietta Tenison (bpt 11.08.1714, a 1753, dau of Edward Tenison, Bishop of Ossory & nephew of Archbishop Tenison)
  There is a little confusion about how many wives Peter had and which was mother of which of this childen. MGH reports that he "desired to be bur. at Merton "where my three wives lie" " and then names 4 wives (all apparently died before he did) albeit with Henrietta identiifes as a possible rather than definite 4th wife with that marriage date being "after 1736". That raises the possibility that Henrietta was the same person as the unnamed 3rd wife even though it would be odd for that not to be suggested in MGH. Note that it looks as though 2 of the children were named with Henrietta in mind.
  i. Henry St. Eloy (d before 08.12.1832, Rector of Edermine in co. Wexford, youngest son?)
  m1. _ Stopford?
  m2. (c1790 (1799?)) Susanna Nunn (a 1832, dau of John Nunn of Gorey)
  ii. Henrietta St. Eloy
  m. (11.02.1768) William Hayden of Crose, co. Kilkenny
  iii.+ other issue - Peter (bur 15.03.1758), Edward Tenison, daughter (bur 12.03.1741), Esther Ann (bur 18.06.1742), Sophia (a 1774, d unm?), Judith of Chiuchester (a 1780)
  B. John St. Eloy of London (a 1762)
  m. Mary Houssaye (dau of Isaac Houssaye)
  i. son (a 1735)
  C. Charles St. Eloy (d 29.05.1755, Proctor)
  m. (17.09.1742) Margaret Arnaud
  D. Moses St. Eloy (bur 31.03.1746, Vicar of Langford)
  m1. (30.04.1724) Esther Andrewes
  m2. Catherine (d before 04.11.1774)
2. Esther Gouyquet of St. Eloy (d before 23.10.1747)
  m. (c01.1699-1700) Charles Le Blanc (d before 29.10.1735)
3. Susanne Gouyquet of St. Eloy (bur 10.11.1743)
  m. (02.12.1703) Anthony Hullin, Sr. d'Orval, later Dorval of Sunbury then Portatlington (Queen's County) (bur 16.03.1738-9)
  A. Frances Dorval (b c1703, bur 15.10.1776)
  m. John Daniel De Gennes (bur 08.12.1766, Lt. Colonel)

Main source(s): MGH (NS4 vol 11 1906), Part 1 (March 1904), 'Huguenot Family of Gouyquet de St. Eloy', p170+)
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