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Families covered: St. Aubyn (St. Albyn) of Alfoxton, St. Aubyn of East Quantoxhead

As reported on StAubyn1, BEB1841 (St. Aubyn) indicates that the family of St. Albyn of Alfoxton was a senior line of that of St. Aubyn of Clowance. However, StAubyn1 shows the Clowance family traced back to the 13th century without mention of Alfoxton whilst VCH suggests that Alfoxton came to the St. Albyn family at the beginning of the 16th century. We presume that BEB1841 was mistaken as to how the families of Alfoxton & Clowance were connected. VCH starts with ...
John St. Albyn of Parracombe, Devon
m. (after 1464) Joan Popham (dau of Richard Popham of Porlock & Alfoxton, widow of John Sydenham) presumed parents of ...
1. ?? St. Albyn
  A. John St. Albyn of Chilton Trivet, later of Alfoxton in Somerset (a 1507)
  m. Elizabeth Trivet
  i. John St. Albyn of Alfoxton (d 1540)
a. George St. Albyn of Alfoxton
  (1) John St. Albyn or St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (d 1601) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Alice Lite (dau of John Lite of Litecary)
  (A) Lancelot (probably not Lawrence) St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (d before 16.12.1624)
  m. Elizabeth Halswell (d before 31.03.1637, dau of Robert Halswell of Halswell)
  (i) John St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (d c1652)
  m. Margaret Doddington (dau of John Doddington of Doddington)
  (a) John St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (b c1622, d 1708)
  m. Elizabeth
  (b) Lancelot St. Aubyn of East Quantoxhead, later of Alfoxton (d c1709)
  m. Elizabeth St. Aubyn (dau of John St. Aubyn of Stowey)
  ((1)) John St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (d 1723)
  ((A)) John St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (b c1657, d 1744)
  ((B)) Lancelot St. Aubyn of Nether Stowey, later of Alfoxton (d 1745)
  ((i)) John St. Aubyn of Alfoxton (d 1768)
  ((ii)) Lancelot St. Aubyn, later of Alfoxton (dsp 1791, Rev.)
  (c) Margaret St. Aubyn
m. _ Harries
  (d)+ other issue - Christopher of East Quantoxhead (d before 06.04.1695), George of Elworthy (d before 12.11.1717), Elizabeth, Ann
  (ii) Alexander St. Aubyn (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Paule of Devon
  (a) Lancelot St. Aubyn (b 1623)
  (iii) Elizabeth St. Aubyn
  m. _ Boyer
  (iv)+ other issue - Lancelot, George, Susan, Anne
  (2) Francis St. Albyn of Alfoxton possibly of this generation
  (A) Frances St. Aubyn
  m. Richard Rogers of Blanford

Main source(s): VCH (Somerset, vol 6, 'Stringston: Manors and other estates'), Visitation (Somerset, 1623, St. Aubyn), Visitation (Somerset & Bristol, 1672, St. Albon of Alfoxton)
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