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Families covered: Starkey of Darley, Starkey (Starky) of Oulton (Olton), Starkey of Overhall, Starkey (Starky) of Wrenbury

Peter Starkey or Starky of Olton (a 1409)
m. Elenor Olton (dau/coheir of John Olton of Olton)
1. Hugh Starky of Olton (a 1430)
  m. Elizabeth or Eleanor Done (sister of Sir John Done)
  A. John Starky of Olton
  m. Agnes Needham (sister of Sir John Needham of Shevington)
  i. Hugh Starky or Starkey of Oulton (d 11.07.1516)
  m. Margaret Egerton (dau of Phillip Egerton of Egerton)
a. Hugh Starkey (dspls 1555)
  m. Margery Swanwicke (dau/heir of _ Swanwicke of Wirswall)
  (1)+ issue (dsp)
  partner unknown
  (2) Sir Oliver Starkey (Grand Prior of Malta)
b. James Starky of Oulton (d 1557)
  m. Elizabeth Brereton (dau of Sir Randoll Brereton of Mallpas)
  (1) John Starkey of Oulton & Darley (d 1611)
  m. Alice Dutton (d 1620, dau of Rafe Dutton of Hatton)
  (A) Hugh Starkey of Oulton (& Knight's Grange) 'of Darley' (b c1565, a 1613)
  m. Dorothy Brooke (dau of John Brooke of Madeley)
  (i)+ other issue - Dorothy, Margaret
  (B) Raphe Starkey of London (a 1611)
  m. Winifred Poynter (dau of Richard Poynter of Wichurch)
  (i)+ issue - James, Jone, Elizabeth
(C) Henry Starkey of Darley (d 1653, 4th son)
  m. Jane Wilkinson (d 1626)
  (i)+ issue - John (b 1608, d 1684), Henry, Edward (b 1618), Thomas (b 1614, d 1640), Elizabeth, Amy, Mary
  (D) Anne or Amy Starkey
  m1. (before 16.03.1600) John Scudamore of Kenchurch (b 1578-9, d 30.03.1616)
  m2. Thomas Cavendish
(E)+ other issue - John (priest), Amy, Judith (d young), Jane (d young)
  (2) Hugh Starkey
  m. Martha (sb Prudence?) Brooke (dau of Richard Brooke of Norton)
  (A)+ issue - James, Prudence
  (3) Elenor Starkey
  m. John Banaster of Chester
  (4) Elizabeth Starkey
  m. Robert (not Hugh) Massey of Edgeley (Egerley)
  (5) Alice Starkey
  m. Thomas Schrimshaw of Acklett (Aqualate)
(6) Margaret Starkey
  m. Edward Sedgwick of Huntingdonshire
  (7) Jane Starkey
  m. Thomas Hinton of Wordsall
  (8) Mary Starkey (d young)
  (9) Martha Starkey
  m. Richard Brooke of Norton
  c. Elizabeth Starkey
  m. Thomas Brooke of Leighton
  d. Alice Starkey
  m. (1502) Robert Legh of High Legh
  e. Emma Starkey
  m. Peter Wettenhall (Witnall) of Cholmeston
  f. Anne Starkey
  m. Richard Scarninge of Chirchester, Glos.
  g.+ other issue - 4 sons, Dorothy, Leighe, Cicely (nun), Margery, Margaret, Ellen, 11 daughters (!)
  ii. Margaret Starky
  m. _ Dane
  iii. Jane Starky



Thomas Starkey or Starky of Wrenbury
m. Joan Olton (a 1409, dau/coheir of John Olton of Olton)
1. John Starky of Wrenbury
  m. Anne Egerton (dau of _ Egerton of Egerton)
  A. Thomas Starky of Wrenbury
  m. (1490) Maud Manwaring (dau of John Manwaring of Peever)
i. John Starky or Starkey of Wrenbury (d 1542-3)
  m. Dowce Warburton (dau of Sir John Warburton of Arley)
  a. Thomas Starkey of Wrenbury (d 1581)
  m. Katherine Manwaring (dau of Sir Richard Manwaring of Ightfield)
  (1) Archer Starkey of Wrenbury (d 1622)
  m1. Mary Billott (dau of Thomas Billott (sb Bellot) of Morton, relict of Richard Minshull of Minshull)
  (A) Lawrance Starkey of Wrenbury (dvp 1611)
  m. Mary Massey (dau of John Massey of Codington by Mary/Anne Hughes)
  (i) Arthur Starkey of Wrenbury (d 04.1661)
m. Mary Wicksted (dau of John Wicksted of Nantwich)
  (a) John Starkey (b c1635)
  m. Lucie Ursgate (dau of Thomas Ursgate)
  ((1)) Thomas Starkey (b c1654) probably the Thomas of Wrenbury who married ...
  m. Anne Stubbs (dau of John Stubbs of The Shaw)
  ((2))+ other issue - Peter, John, Arthur, Charles (d young), Edward, Mary, Elizabeth
  (b) Mary Starkey
m. Robert Turner of London
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas, Arthur (d young)
  (ii) Frances Starkey
  m. Henry Ritter (son of Henry of Bramhall)
  (iii)+ other issue - John of London, Lawrence (d unm), Margaret, Anne
  m2. Mary (Anne?) Hughes (dau of Charles or Edward Hughes of Hoiult, widow of John Massy of Codington)
  b. Margaret Starkey
  m. Thomas Browne (Captain)
  c.+ other issue - John, Randoll/Raffe, Peter, Arthur, Margery
  B. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Ralph Hassal of Hankelow



Randall Starkey of "The Ripenhall or Ouerhall w(ith)in the mannor of Streton" (sic)
1. Geffrey Starkey of Overhall (a 1470)
  m. Sibell Dutton (dau of Sir Peter Dutton of Hatton)
  A. Thomas Starkey (a 1473)
  m. Joan Bunbury (dau of John Bunbury of Stanny)
  i. Richard Starkey
m. Katharine Cliffe (dau of Richard Cliffe of Huxley)
  a. George Starkey (dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Penkethe (dau of Thomas Penkethe of Penkethe)
  (1) Thomas Starkey of Overhall (a 1580)
  m. Bridget Marbury (dau of Richard Marbury of Walton)
  (A) John Starkey of Stretton Overhall (b c1564)
  m. Anne Littler (dau of Richard Littler of Wallescott)
  (i) George Starkey
  m. Margaret Minshull (dau of Thomas Minshull of the parme.)
(ii)+ other issue - Richard, Thomas, Peter, Elizabeth
  (B) Margaret Starkey
  m. _ Smith of Hampshire
  (C) Thymothey Starkey
  m. William Daniell
  (D) Katharine Starkey
  m. William Daves
  (E)+ other issue - Peter, Jane, Anne
  (2)+ other issue - John, Richard
  B. Anne Starkey possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. James Bruen of Bruen Stapleford (d by 1514)

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