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Families covered: Staplehill of Bremells, Staplehill of Dartmouth, Staplehill of Exeter

Thomas Staplehill
1. Walter Staplehill of Exeter, Devon
m1. (24.11.1539) Elizabeth Southcott (dah of John Southcott (Surcot) of Bovey)
  A. Hugh Staplehill of Bremells in Trusham (b 1540-1, d 30.09.1583)
  m. Sabina Molford (dau of Roger Molford of Cadbury in Chumleigh)
  i. Thomas Staplehill of Bremells (bpt 04.07.1575, d 08.04.1599)
  ii. John Staplehill 'of Ashton' (bpt 01.12.1576, dsp bur 04.08.1605)
  m. Isott Cottell (dau of Mark Cottell, m2. Gabriel Dennys of Bicton)
  iii. Elizabeth Staplehill (bpt 02.09.1570)
m. Richard Prouse of Tiverton
  iv. Anne Staplehill (bpt 29.11.1580, bur 12.10.1663)
  m. (16.12.1601) Thomas Clifford
  v.+ other issue - Roger (bpt 19.07.1577, bur 20.02.1579-80), Mary (bpt 09.11.1571)
  m2. Amy Gale of Kirton
  A. Gilbert Staplehill of Exeter, Mayor of Dartmouth (bur 18.10.1612)
  m1. Cheston Penhellek (dau of Alexander Penhellek of Hilston)
i. Hugh Staplehill (bpt 01.08.1576)
  ii. Alexander Staplehill of Dartmouth (bpt 25.03.1578, a 1620)
  m1. (12.12.1602) Jane Edgsbur (dau of John Edgsbur of Apsham)
  a. Thomas Staplehill 'of Dartmouth' (bpt 26.05.1611, 2nd son)
  m1. (04.02.1623-4) Dorothy Wills (dau of Nicholas Wills, widow of William Spicer of Exeter)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (bpt 27.03.1630, bur 17.02.1631-2), Alexander (bur 01.121642), Margery (bpt 01.01.1624-5)
  m2. (c11.1638) Mary Roope (bur 26.04.1724, dau of Nicholas Roope of Dartmouth)
  (4) William Staplehill
  m. (04.08.1663) Lucy Roope
  (A)+ issue - Gilbert (bur 03.08.1664), Nicholsa (b 01.08.1667), Mary (b 14.08.1668)
  b. Alexander Staplehill (bpt 09.03.1616-7, bur 20.03.1647-8)
  m1. (21.04.1640) Mary Wills
  m2. (10.09.1646) Joan Jeffrey (bur 11.07.1650)
  c.+ other issue - Alexander (bpt 15.05.1606, d before 1620), Eleanor (bpt 30.05.1612, d before 1620), Anne (bpt 25.06.1615, bur 06.10.1616), Elizabeth (bpt 15.06.1617, d before 1620), Jane (b c1619, a 1620), Susan (bpt 16.02.1619-20)
  m2. Elizabeth (bur 26.06.1646)
  i.+ other issue - John (bpt 17.07.1625), Elizabeth (bot 27.12.1623)
  iii. Aldred Staplehill of Dartmouth (bpt 03.10.1580, bur 06.11.1650)
  m. (01.02.1603-4) Silphine Foller (dau of John Follet of Dartmouth)
  a. Aldred Staplehill (bpt 10.09.1610, 2nd son)
  m. (08.03.1646-7) Dorothy Walter (bur 13.09.1649)
  b. Thomas Staplehill (b c1618, 4th son)
  m. (17.01.1641-2) Joan Follett
  c. Cheston Staplehill
  m. (c11.1640) Oliver Hawke of Launceston
  d.+ other issue - Samwell (bpt 18.06.1608, bur 27.03.1690), William (bur 23.12.1613)
  iv. John Staplehill (a 1620) had issue
  m. (12.02.1614-5) Richard Adams (dau of Nicholas Adams, widow of _ Page)
  v. Zabian Staplehill (bpt 02.10.1577)
  m. Thomas Newman of Exeter
  vi. Agnes Staplehill
  m. (c01.1615-6) William Kent of Dartmouth
  m2. (29.01.1587-8) Suzan Lidstone (bur 30.03.1619, dau of Edward Lidstone, widow of _ Anthony)
  vii. Gilbert Staplehill (bur 18.11.1662)
  m. Dorothy Martin (bur 02.03.1656-7)
  a. Gilbert Staplehill (b c1619)
  m. Eleanor
  (1) Eleanor Staplehill
  m. (01.04.1684) Joseph Bolley
  (2)+ other issue - Gilbert (b 17.06.1657, bur 27.06.1663), Robert (b 26.01.1658-9, bur 05.11.1661), William (bpt 17.12.1660), John (b 16.03.1667-8), Elizabeth (bur 08.07.1663)
  b.+ other issue - Walter (bpt 01.11.1621, d infant), Walter (bpt 09.11.1623, bur 22.05.1626), Lawrence (bpt 19.10.1625, bur 09.03.1626-7), Elizabeth (b c1617, bur 01.05.1622), Mary (bpt 07.10.1627)
  viii. William Staplehill
  ix. Arthur Staplehill had issue
  m. (c02.1620-1) Welthian Hollagrave of Dartmouth
  x. Anne Staplehill
  m. (22.01.1615-6) William Kempe
2.+ other issue - Roger (had issue), Mary (bur 22.08.1551)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Staplehill of Dartmouth', p710+)
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