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Families covered: Spottiswood of Spottiswood

Robert de Spottiswood of Spottiswood (a 1296)
1. John Spottiswood of that ilk
A. Robert Spottiswood of that ilk (a 1390)
  m. _ Lighton (dau of _ Lighton of Ulishaven, sister of Henry, Bishop of Murray)
  i. Henry Spottiswood of that ilk
  a. James Spottiswood of that ilk (a 1488)
  m. _ Johnston (dau of Sir Adam or John Johnston of that ilk)
  (1) William Spottiswood of that ilk (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Elizabeth Hoppringle (dau of Henry Hop Pringle of Torsonce)
(A) David Spottiswood of that ilk (d before 1542)
  (i) Ninian Spottiswood of that ilk (d after 1566)
  (a) William Spottiswood of that ilk (d unm 1590)
  (b) John Spottiswood of that ilk (dspm)
  m. _ Haitlie (dau of _ Haitlie of Mellerstain)
(B) John Spottiswood (b 1509/10, d 05.12.1585)
  m. Beatrix Crichton (dau of Patrick Crichton of Lugton & Gilmerton)
  (i) John Spottiswood, later 'of that ilk', Archbishop of Glasgow then St. Andrews, Chancellor of Scotland (b 1565, d 27.12.1639)
  m. Rachael Lindsay (dau of David Lindsay, Bishop of Ross)
  (a) Sir John Spottiswood of Dairsie, Kincapil, etc (d before 1660)
  ((1)) John Spottiswood (dvp 1650)
  (b) Sir Robert Spottiswood of Dunipace (b 1596, d 20.01.1646) - continued below
  m. (1629) Bethia Morrison (dau of Sir Alexander Morrison of Preston Grange, Senator)
(c) Anne Spottiswood
  m. Sir William Sinclair of Roslin (a 1617)
  (ii) James Spottiswood, Bishop of Clogher (b 1567, d 1644)
  m1. "a relation of the family of Norfolk"
  (a) Sir Henry Spottiswood, Sheriff of Dublin
  m1/2. Jean Bulkeley (dau of Tristram Bulkeley of Castlebarnhill, Anglesey)
  ((1)) Jean Spottiswood
  m1. George Hay (bpt 29.03.1629, son of Sir John of Barra)
  m2. James Sinclair of Roslin
  ((2))+ other issue (some descendants in Ireland)
  Sir Henry is reported by the Hyde sources to have (also) married ...
  m2/1. Katherine Hyde (dau of William Hyde of Carrigoneda)
  (b) James Spottiswood identified by Hyde sources as 2nd son
  m. Elizabeth Hyde (dau of William Hyde of Carrigoneda)
  (c) Richard Spottiswood of Drumbote
  (d) daughter
  m. Archibald Erskine (son of Sir James)
Not mentioned by the other sources but reported by BP1934 (Erne) as James's 2nd wife, known to have been mother of Mary and presumed to have been mother of Elizabeth but not of any of the children mentioned above, was ...
  m2. Elizabeth Staunton
  (e) Mary Spottiswood
m. (1655) Abraham Crichtoun of Dromboory, later of Crom Castle, Sheriff of Fermanagh (d 03.1705, Colonel)
  (f) Elizabeth Spottiswood
  m. Thomas Golborne of Spring Town
  ((1)) Mary Golborne (only surviving child)
  m. (09.08.1680) Abraham Creichton (dsp 1684, cousin)
  (iii) Rachel Spootiswood
  m. James Tennant of Lynnehouse (Linhouse)
  (C) Hugh Spottiswood of Barnacht
  (D) Jean Spottiswood
  m. William Hay of Barra
  (E) Barbara Spottiswood probably of this generation
  m. Robert Haig, 14th of Bemersyde (a 1553)
  (2) Ninian Spottiswood (Archdeacon of the Chapel Royal)



Sir Robert Spottiswood of Dunipace (b 1596, d 20.01.1646) - continued above
m. (1629) Bethia Morrison (dau of Sir Alexander Morrison of Preston Grange, Senator)
1. Sir Alexander Spottiswood (d 1675, 3rd/4th son)
  m1. _ Home (dau of Sir John Home of Crimstain)
  A. Alexander Spottiswood (dvp unm)
m2. Helen Trotter (dau of John Trotter of Morton Hall)
  B. John Spottiswood 'of that ilk' of Spottiswood (d 1728)
  m. (1710) Helen Arbuthnott (bpt 26.12.1675, d 12.1741, dau of Robert Arbuthnott, 2nd Viscount Arbuthnott)
i. John Spottiswood 'of that ilk' of Spottiswood
  m. (1740) Mary Thomson (dau of John Thomson of Charleton)
  a. John Spottiswood of Spottiswood (d 03.02.1805)
  m. (10.06.1779) Margaret Penelope Strahan (dau of William Strahan of London)
  (1) John Spottiswood of Spottiswood (b 17.06.1780, d 1866) had issue
  m. (13.09.1809) Helen Wauchope (d 1870, dau of Andrew Wauchope of Niddrie Marischal)
  (2) Andrew Spottiswood of Broom Hall (d 20.02.1866, 4th son) had issue
  m. (15.03.1819) Mary Longman (d 12.10.1870, dau of Thomas Norton Longman of Hampstead)
  (3) Elizabeth Sophia Spottiswood
  m. Thomas Beckwirth
  (4) Rachel Frances Spottiswood
  m. William Robertson of Logan House
  (5)+ other issue - William (d unm), George of Gladswood (Lt. Colonel), Robert (d unm), Henry (d unm), Mary
  b. Robert Spottiswood (3rd son)
  m. Cecilia Mosman (dau of _ Mosman of Auchtyrfardel)
  (1) John Spottiswood (dsp)
  (2) Hugh Spottiswood had issue
  m. _ Smith (dau of Burton Smith)
  c. Cecilia Spottiswood
  m. Robert Worsley
  d.+ other issue - Thomson (d unm), Rachael, Maria (d unm), Helen (d unm), McFarlane
  ii. Helen Spottiswood (dsp)
  m. John Gartshone of Alderston
  iii. Anne Spottiswood
  m. James Dundas (physician in Edinburgh, of family of Arniston)
  C. Janet Spottiswood
  m. George Brown of Thornydikes
  D.+ other issue - Robert (d young), Catharine (dsp)
2. Robert Spottiswood (d 1680/8, physician in Tangier, 3rd/4th)
  m. Catherine (Mrs Elliott)
  A. Alexander Spottiswood, Governor of Virginia (b 1676, General)
  m. (1724) Butler Bryan (dau of Richard Bryan of Westminster)
  i. John Spottiswood
  m. (1745) Mary Dandaridge (dau of William Dandaridge)
  a.+ issue - Alexander, John, Mary
  ii. Anne Spottiswood
  m. Bernard Moore (Colonel)
  iii.+ other issue - Robert or Richard (dsp 1756), Dorothea
3.+ other issue - John (bpt 05.03.1630, dvp unm), William (bpt 04.12.1634), Helenore (bpt 28.03.1638), Bethia (bpt 22.10.1639), Bethia (bpt 22.10.1639)

Main source(s):
(1) BLG1886 (Spottiswoode of Spottiswoode), BLG1952 (Spottiswood formerly of Spottiswood)
(2) Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland', volume i, printed in 1798 (Spottiswood or Spottswood of that ilk)
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