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Families covered: Spelman of Congham, Spelman (Spilman) of Narborough, Spelman (Spylman) of Stow Bekerton

John Spelman of Stow Bekerton, Norfolk (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
1. Henry Spelman of Stow Bekerton
  m. Isabel
  Visitation (Norfolk) starts with a Stephen Spylman, shown as father of ...
  A. John Spelman or Spylman of Stow Bekerton (a 1432)
  m. Katherin Steward (dau of Thomas Steward of Swaffham)
i. Henry Spelman or Spylman of Narburgh or Narborough ('recorder of Norwich')
  m. Ela or Ellen Narburgh (dau of William de Narburgh or Narborow, widow of Thomas Shouldham)
  a. William Spilman
  m. _ Coo (dau of Christopher Coo)
  (1) Christopher Spylman of Stow
  m. Elizabeth Ratclyffe (b 1490, d 03.11.1530, dau of Gregory Ratclyffe of Framesden (Farmesden))
  Visitation (Norfolk), which identifies Christopher's daughter Elizabeth as his sole heir, notes that the following Francis may have been son of Christopher's brother Francis rather than of Christopher.
  (A) Francis Spylman of Stow
m. Grace Dethyke (dau of John Dethyke of Wormegey)
  (i)+ issue - Henry, Elizabeth, Martha, Alice
  (B) Elizabeth Spilman
  m1. John Jenkyn
  m2. Edmond Dethyke (Dethick) of Wormygey
  (2) Francis Spilman
  m. Margaret (probably not Mary) Hill ('sister to Lady Cheek')
(A) Frances Spilman
  m. _ Bullock
  (B) Katherine Spilman
  m. Peter Davyson
  b. Sir John Spelman or Spylman of Narburgh or Narborough (judge, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Frowyke (dau of Henry Frowyke of Congham or Gunnersbury, son of Thomas by Jane Sturgeon)
  (1) John Spelman or Spylman of Narborough or Narborow
  m. Margaret Blenerhassett (d 15.12.1558, dau of Sir Thomas Blenerhassett)
(A) John Spelman or Spylman of Narborough or Narborow (d 1581)
  m1. Judith Higham (dau of Sir Clement Higham)
  (i) Sir Clement Spelman or Spilman of Narborough
  m1. (1602) Anne Carvill (dsp c1610, dau of Edmund Carvill (Kervylle))
  m2. Ursula Willoughby (dau of Sir John Willoughby of Risley, Derbyshire)
(a) John Spelman of Narborough (b 12.09.1606, d 31.01.1662-3, MP)
  m. (1632) Anne Heveningham (bur 12.06.1649, dau of Sir John Heveningham of Ketteringham)
  ((1)) Mundeford Spelman of Narborough (d before 11.03.1723)
  m1. Dorothy Rushbrooke (d before 04.09.1689, dau of William Rushbrooke)
  m2. Julian Braithwaite (b c1662, d 30.10.1734, dau of William Braithwaite)
  ((A)) John Spelman of Narborough (bpt 1692, d 03.12.1768) had issue
  m. Anne Le Gros (b c1697, d 01.12.1781, dau of Charles Herman Le Gros)
  ((B)) Juliana Spelman (bpt 1696)
  m. (1723) William Allen of Lynn
((C))+ other issue - Mundeford (b 1694, d 25.03.1751, vicar of Naroborough), Henry
  ((2)) Abigail Spelman (bpt 17.02.1641, bur 23.08.1721) probably of this generation
  m. (13.04.1662) Christopher Crowe of East Bilney (d 1706)
  ((3))+ other issue - John, 2 other sons, Anne, Elizabeth, Mary, Katherine, 3 other daughters
  (b) Clement Spelman of Narborough (b c1607, dsp 30.01.1679-80, recorder of Nottingham)
  ((1)) Dorothy Spelman (b c1636, d 15.01.1719-20) probably of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Yallop of Bowthorpe (b 1636-7, d 07.05.1705)
  (ii) William Spelman (dsp)
  m2. Katherine Sanders (dau of William Sanders of Ewell)
  (iii) Francis Spelman
(iv) Bridget Spelman
  m. Sir Anthony Drewry of Besthorp (d1628)
  (2) Henry Spelman of Congham
  m1. Anne Knevet (dau of Sir Thomas Knevet of Bokenham Castell by Muriell, Viscountess Lisle)
  m2. Frances Sanders (dau of William Sanders of Ewell)
  (A) Sir Henry Spelman of Congham (b 1562, bur 24.10.1641)
  m. Eleanor Le Strange (d 24.07.1620, dau of John Le Strange of Sedgesford)
  (i) Sir John Spelman of Heydon (bpt 1594, bur 26.07.1643)
  m. Anne Towneshend (dau of Sir John Towneshend of Raynham, sister of Sir Roger, Bart)
  (a) Roger Spelman of Holme (d 27.11.1678)
  m. Anne Strutt (d 15.11.1678, dau of Robert Strutt of Lincoln's Inn)
((1)) John Spelman (b c1624)
  m. (1680) Catherine Swayne (dau of Robert Swayne of Leverington)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Spelman (d 1719)
  m. Thomas Swaine (d 1728)
  ((3))+ other issue - Horatio (dsp), Henry (dsp), Charles (dsp before 03.05.1685), Anne, Ellen (d before 23.05.1720), Dorothy
  (b)+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Charles (rector of Congham), Anne, Mary
  (ii) Dorothy Spelman
  m. Ralfe Whitfield of Tenterden and Grey's Inn
(iii) Anne Spelman
  m. Thomas More of More, Shropshire
  (iv) Alice Spelman
  m. John Smyth of London
(v)+ other issue - Clement (a 1634), Henry (dsp), Francis (dsp), Katherine
  (3) Francis Spelman or Spilmans possibly the Francis (son of Sir John) who was father of ...
  (A) Martha Spilamns (coheir)
  m. Richard Benson
  (4) Erasmus Spelman of Byston or Beeston juxta Mileham
  m. Ursula Beynton (dau of Sir Edward Beynton of the Vyse)
  (A)+ issue - John, Henry, Thomas, Bridget, Ele, Alice, Dorothy
  (5) Michael Spelman of Whinborough
  m. (1555) Margaret Duke (dau of George Duke of Brampton)
  (A) Edmond Spelman or Spylman
  (6) Ele Spelman
  m. George Jernegan of Somerleton
(7) Bridget Spelman
  m. Osborne (Osbert?) Mountford of Fletewell (Feltwell)
  (8) Martha Spelman
  m. Alexander Brodoke of Brodyshe
  (9) Alice Spelman
  m. Francis Soame (Sone) of Wansden (Wantisden)
  (10) Elizabeth Spelman identified in various web sites as of this generation of this family
  m. Edmund de Grey, younger of Merton (dvp 1548)
  (11) Anne Spilman probably of this family, of this generation
  m. Henry Macwilliam 'of Stambourne' (d 1539)
  (12)+ other issue - Jeremy, William
  c. Elizabeth Spilman or Spelman (d 04.02.1556) probably of this generation
  m. John Goldingham of Belstead (b 1480, dvp 1516)
  B. Catherine Spilman (d 18.04.1491) possibly of this generation
  m1. William Clipsbye of Clipsbye
  m2. Edmund Paston

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Spilman or Spelman), Visitation (London, 1663-4, Spelman) with input from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Spelman of Narborough), Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Spelman of Congham and Holme)
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