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Families covered: Sparrow of Gosfield, Sparrow of Halstead, Sparrow of Sible Hedingham

Thomas Sparrow of Bocking, Essex (a 1595)
m. Joane
1. John Sparrow of Earl's Colne, Essex
  m. Agnes Worthey (dau/coheir of John Worthey of Blomsters by Elizabeth, dau of John Warner of Bois Hall in Halsted)
  A. John Sparrow (bur 03.03.1580/1)
  m1/2. ??
  i. Richard Sparrow (dvp)
  a.+ 3 daughters (d unm)
  ii.+ other issue - Catherine, Anne, Susan
  m2/1. Joan/Jane Jackson (bur 20.10.1599, sister of John Jackson of Hundon & Ashton)
  v. William Sparrow of Sparrows in Sible Hedingham (d 23.07.1611)
  m. Joane Finch (dau of John Finch of Gestingthorpe, m2. Thomas Higham of Sible Hedingham)
  a. John Sparrow of Sible Hedingham (bpt 29.01.1603/4, bur 23.05.1648)
  m. Margaret Cook (dau of Stephen Cook of Bury St. Edmond's)
  (1) William Sparrow (bpt 26.05.1633, bur 19.08.1681)
  Berry shows a William who d infant but BLG1952 shows that he survived & married ...
  m. Susannah
(2) John Sparrow of Sible Hedingham (bpt 14.08.1636, d 27.08.1686)
  m1. Anne Harrington (bur 04.07.1665, dau of William Harrington of Wallases)
  (A) John Sparrow (bpt 22.06.1662, d 27.03.1720)
  m. Elizabeth Clarkson (bur 07.07.1749, dau of Samuel Clarkson of Langham Lodge)
  (i) Elizabeth Sparrow (b 10/16.05.1688)
  m. (08.01.1705) Henry Summers of Colchester/Sible Hedingham
  (B) James Sparrow of Halstead (b 07.1665, d 1726)
  m. (10.1690) Elizabeth Rose (dau of John Rose of Morgan Hayes)
  (i) William Sparrow of Gosfield, Essex
  (ii) John Sparrow of Halstead, Essex (bpt 10.12.1697, d 13.06.1768)
  m1. (1720) Jane Sparrow (bur 12.01.1727, dau/heir of Robert Sparrow of Offton by Jane, dau/coheir of Heigham Risby of Thorpe Morieux by Elizabeth)
  (a) James Sparrow of Gosfield (bpt 08.04.1725, d 29.10.1777)
  m. Margaret Bernard (b 1724-5, d 13.03.1790, dau/coheir of Rev. Thomas Bernard of Little Bardfield, Earl's Colne & Wimbish)
  ((1)) James Goodeve Sparrow of Gosfield Place (b 29.01.1770, d 03.10.1838, youngest son)
  m1. (30.10.1799) Anne Crowe (dau/coheir of James Crowe of Lakenham)
((A)) Margaret Sparrow (b 21.04.1805)
  m. (10.11.1824) William Bragge of Sadborow (d 06.04.1863, Colonel, son/heir of John of Padboro' (sic))
  ((B)) Jane Sparrow (b 19.11.1808)
  m1. (28.03.1826) Fiske Goodeve Harrison of Copford Hall (son/heir of John Haynes Harrison of Copford Hall)
  m2. Thomas Pynsent of Pitt House, later of Lakenham House
  ((C))+ other issue (d unm) - James Crowe (b 03.11.1802, d 09.1820), Elizabeth Ann (b 25.05.1801, d 27.07.1825), Sarah Augusta (b 12.08.1807, d 08.12.1831), Margaret (b 17.11.1803, d 17.07.1804)
  m2. (18.12.1817) Dorothy Beridge (dau of Basil Bury Beridge of Algakirk)
  ((G)) Henry Weare Sparrow, later Sparrow-Beridge of Gosfield Place & Algakirk (b 05.02.1819, a 1881)
  ((H)) Basil Sparrow of Gosfield Place (b 01.08.1820, d 21.09.1880) had issue
  m. (28.12.1846) Julia Scratton (dau of James Scratton of Prittlewell Priory)
  ((I)) John Beridge Sparrow (b 24.06.1828, vicar of Algakirk)
  m. (14.07.1859) Louisa Henrietta Knapp (dau of Rev. Samuel Hartopp Knapp)
  ((J)) Dorothy Emma Sparrow (b 04.12.1821, d 17.03.1869)
  m. E. Tilt
  ((K)) Annette Rosalie Sparrow (b 04.09.1825)
  m. W. Devoy (d 06.01.1869)
  ((2)) Jane Sparrow (b 24.05.1751, d 31.07.1800)
  m. Fiske Manistre of Halstead
  ((3)) Sarah Sparrow (b 05.06.1760, d 05.04.1830)
  m. Charles Edward Holden (vicar of Great Cornard)
  ((4)) Martha Sparrow (b 15.02.1761)
  m. John Stubbin of Clopton Hall (rector of Somersham)
  ((5))+ other issue - James (bpt 17.05.1752, bur 05.03.1753), James (bpt 16.05.1753, bur 05.03.1754), John of Gosfield (b 07.02.1756, d 22.08.1786), James (b 30.04.1759, bur 14.09.1759), Thomas of Gosfield (b 04.11.1766, d unm 05.04.1793), Elizabeth (b 24.12.1754, bur 27.10.1764), Margaret (b 17.06.1757, d infant), Mary (b 19.07.1761, bur 02.11.1761)
  m2. Martha Marshall of Colchester (b 1710-1, d 13.06.1780)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - William (bpt 27.01.1787, bur 14.09.1754), Elizabeth (b 1734-5, d 19.07.1876)
  (iii) Elizabeth Sparrow
  m. Samuel Elliot
  (iv) Mary Sparrow
  (C) Margaret Sparrow (bpt 17.05.1660)
  m. Jerome Richardson of Halstead
  m2. (sp) Frances (bur 14.01.1715/6 (dau/widow of _ Harrington)
  (3) Samuel Sparrow (b 05.1642, dsps 1676-98)
  m. (19.02.1662) Elizabeth Newman
  (4) Margaret Sparrow (bpt 29.07.1631)
  m. John Wade of Halstead
  (5)+ other issue - John (d infant), Joseph (bpt 25.04.1639, d 1639), Benjamin (b 04.1639, d 1639-45)
  b. William Sparrow (bpt 21.03.1605/6, d 1648)
  m. Mary Beereman (siser of Nicholas Beereman)
  (1) William Sparrow of Sible Hedingham
  c. Joseph Sparrow (bpt 22.05.1608, d 1633
  d. Barbara Sparrow
  m. Thomas Ady or Adye of Weatherfield
  e. Joan Sparrow
  m. William Phillips
  vi. John Sparrow of Gestingthorpe or Guestingthorpe, Essex (d 11.09.1626)
  m. Anne Buckminster (dau of Robert Buckmaster of Poynton)
  a. John Sparrow (d 22.11.1664, Colonel)
  vii. Rachel Sparrow
  B.+ other issue - Anthony of Maldon/Malden & Cowledge (d 1566-7), Edward, Thomas, William (bur 26.01.1622), Agnes
2.+ other issue - Clement, 2 daughters

Main source(s): Berry's Essex Pedigrees (1878, Sparrow) with some support/input from BLG1886 (Sparrow-Beridge of Gosfield Place), BLG1952 (Sparrow of Colne Engaine)
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