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Families covered: Somerville of Carnwath, Somerville of Linton, Somerville of Plane, Somerville of Somerville

Sir Gualter de Somerville (a 1066)
1. son ancestor of Somerville of Whichnour
2. William de Somerville (d 1142)
  A. William de Somerville (d before 1161)
  i. William de Somerville of Linton
  Could be a generation too many of Williams!
  a. William de Somerville of Linton and Carnwath (a 1281)
  m. Margaret de Newbigging (dau of Walter de Newbigging of Dunsire)
  (1) Sir Thomas de Somerville (d c1300/10)
  (A) William de Somerville of Linton and Carnwath (d c1337)
  m. Giles Herring (dau of Sir John Herring of Gilmerton) mentioned by BE1883 but not by TSP
Giles is mentioned as William's wife by BE1883 but not by TSP which shows her as second wife of his nephew William. For this we follow BE1883 as it reports that the lands of Gilmerton, Drum and Goodtrees came into the family by this marriage whilst TSP shows those lands as being passed to their nephew Thomas from his father rather than from his brother.
  (i) daughter
  TSP shows William as brother of but BE1883 shows him as father of ...
  (B) Sir Thomas de Somerville of Linton and Carnwath
  m1. Elizabeth Douglas (dau of Sir James Douglas of Lothian)
  (i) Sir William Somerville of Linton and Carnwath (d c1400)
  m. Katherine Halliday, heiress of Moffat
  (a) Thomas Somerville of Carnwath, 1st Lord (b c1370, d 12.1444)
BE1883 reports that Thomas was created a peer on 15.12.1430 but TSP, whilst accepting that others refer to him as the 1st Lord and whilst acknowledging that he was called to Parliament, specifically refers to his son as the 1st Lord. We follow BE1883 because its numbering system appears to be more often used than TSP's.
  m1. (before 07.1391) Janet Stewart (dau of Sir Alexander Stewart of Dernley)
  ## BE1883 does not mention Thomas's 2nd marriage for which, according to TSP, dispensation was dated 02.11.1411. TSP is not clear which wife was mother of which child but the passing of Cambusnethan into the family, which came through the first marriage, suggests that William at least was of the first marriage whilst the dates support the view that the elder 2 daughters were probably also of this marriage whilst the younger daughters were not.
  ((1)) William Somerville, 2nd Lord (d 20.08.1456)
  m. Janet Mowat (d c1458, dau of Sir John Mowat of Stenhouse)
  ((A)) John Somerville, 3rd Lord (d 11.1491) --
  m1. (10.07.1446) Helen Hepburn (dau of Sir Adam Hepburn of Hailes) --
  m2. (03.1455-6) Mariotta Baillie (a 1505, dau of Sir William Baillie of Lamington) --
((B)) Thomas Somerville of Plane (d before 02.04.1482)
  m. Elizabeth de Airth (a 01.05.1511, heiress of Sir William de Airth)
  ((i)) William Somerville (dsp before 31.05.1508)
  ((ii)) David Somerville of Plane
  m. Christina Hepburn
  ((a)) Thomas Somerville of Plane had issue
  ((C)) Mary Somerville
  m. (sp) Ralph Weir of Blackwood
  ((D)) Janet Somerville
  m. (1450) James Cleland, 7th of Cleland (b c1420)
  ((2)) Thomas Somerville of Racklay presumed of this marriage
  ((A)) James Somerville
m. heiress of the laird of Gladstanes
  ((3)) Mary Somerville
  m. (c1427) Sir William Hay of Yester
  ((4)) Giles Somerville (d by 07.1429)
  m. (c1428, sp) Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig (d 1439)
  m2. (c1411) Elizabeth Keith (d c1436, widow of Sir Adam Gordon of Huntly & Sir Nicholas Erskine of Kinnoull)
  See the note ## above about the uncertainty as to which of Thomas's wives were mother of which child.
  ((5)) Margaret Somerville
  m1. (1435) Roger Kirkpatrick of Closeburn
  m2. Sir Thomas Kerr of Ferniehirst
((6)) daughter
  m. Sir David Scott of Branxholme
  ((7)) Elizabeth Somerville probably of this generation, of this marriage --
Elizabeth Somerville, the first wife of Archibald Campbell, Master of Campbell, and mother of Colin, 1st Earl of Argyll, is shown in many sources, including TCP (Argyll), as 2 generations later. Colin Campbell was a minor when his grandfather died in 1453 and he was created Earl in 1457, which would probably not have been done had he not reached the age of 21 by then, so his date of birth was probably in the period 1432-1436. Hence, Elizabeth must have been born by no later than, say, 1420. We share the view of those who believe that she must have been of this generation and was probably of this marriage.
  m. Archibald Campbell, Master of Campbell (dvp 03.1440) --
  (b) William Somerville ancestor of Somerville of Cambo
  (ii) Thomas Somerville of Gilmerton, Drum and Goodtrees (dsp 1412)
  m. Katherine Straton (dau of laird of Straton)
  (iii) John Somerville
  (iv) daughter
  m. (c1364) Sir Lawrence Baird of Posso
  m2. (c1354) Maria de Waus
  Sir Thomas may have been father of ...
  (v) daughter
  m. Sir John Sandilands of Calder
  (2) Margaret de Somerville
  m. Sir Archibald Campbell of Lochow
  B. Walter de Somerville (a 1154)
3. son ancestor of Somerville of Aston

Main source(s): TSP (Somerville), BE1883 (Somerville, in Addenda)
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