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Families covered: Smyth of Blickling, Smyth of East Dereham

Carthew identiifies the arms of the following family as "Azure, a chevron engrailed between three lions passant guardant or" which are the same as those shown on Smith01. This may or may not be correct for Carthew (p470) introduces the pedigree he gives for the following family with the caveat "Although perhaps the first steps in the scale may be apocryphal". Note that the inclusion below of Thomas Smyth of Ostenhanger looks particularly suspect. We suggest that the whole upper section be viewed with caution.
Warrenne Smythe of Penshurst, Sussex (d c1371)
1. Henry Warrenne Smythe (d 1410)
  m. Anne Neville
  A. Edward Warrenne Smythe (d 1455)
m. Emma Chicheley
  i. Thomas Smyth (d 1504, "purchased estate at Blickling in Norf.")
  m. Isabella Clifford
  a. John Smyth (dsp c1540, Baron of the Exchequer)
  b. Symon Clifford Smyth (d 1537)
  m. Elizabeth Lovell
  (1) Thomas Smyth of Ostenhanger (dsp c1593) ## see here ##
  Carthew notes that "This Thomas Smyth married Alice Judde, whose grandfather, John Judde, married Margaret Chiche, whose mother Philippa was da. of Sir Rob. Chichelie, brother of the Archbishop. In 1584 he sent a MS. of this Pedigree, so far, to Symon his brother." This is clearly viewed as the same person as the Thomas Smythe of Osterhanger shown on Smith01. Noting that Carthew shows this Thomas as dsp whilst Smith01 identifies him as ancestor of the Viscounts Strangford, we suspect that something is wrong here!
  (2) Symon Smith (d c1591, "settled at Blickling") - continued below
  m. Frances Hastyngs



Symon Smith (d c1591, "settled at Blickling") - continued above
m. Frances Hastyngs
1. Thomas Smyth of Blickling (d c1610)
  m. Ann Tyndall
  A. Richard Smyth (d 07.1632)
  m. Frances Trivet
  i. Thomas Smyth (d 11.1654-5)
  m. Anne Gryme of Gymmingham
  a. Richard Smyth (b 1638, d 1716)
m. Ann Watts (dau of Rev. John Watts of Beeston)
  (1) James Smyth of Blickling (b 05.1684, d 31.07.1762)
  m. Mary Hart (d 21.05.1758, dau of Edward Hart, widow of Woolley Leigh)
  (A) James Smyth of East Dereham & West Bradenham (d by 1800)
  m. Mary Nelson (d 11.01.1755, dau of Edmund Nelson)
  (i) Thomas Smyth of East Dereham (b 05.11.1747)
  m. (c09.1776) Ann Claxton Rust (dau/heir of Edward Rust of Fakenham)
  (a) Frances Marie Smyth (b 07.02.1780)
  m. Edmund Preston of Great Yarmouth
  (b) Louise Smyth (b 02.06.1784, dsp)
  m. M. H. Dickens (Colonel)
  (c) Emily (Amelia) Smyth (b 24.06.1785)
  m. John Nelson (Rector of Beeston & Durham)
  (d)+ other issue - James (b 09.11.1787, dsp), Edward (b 22.05.1793, dsp), Ann (b 11.12.1776), Harriot (b 02.09.1781), Elizabeth (b 04.02.1783, d infant), Elizabeth (b 28.10.1790)
  (ii) James Smyth (dsp)
  (iii) Mary Smyth
  m. Rev. Bartholomew Edwards of Hethersett
  (iv) Ann Smyth
  m. Rev. John Stanhaw Watts of Ashill
  (B) Ann Smyth
  m. Thomas Corbett of Horning
  (C) Alice Smyth
  m. Philip Elden
  (D) Mary Smyth
  m. Henry Soame of Aylsham
  b. James Smyth (b 1640, "a Flushing merchant")
  m. Mary Drury (dau of Robert Drury of Buckenham)
  (1) Drury Smyth (dsp)
  (2) Philip Smyth (Rector of Gymingham & Weston)
  m. Susan Bodham of Swaffham
  (A) Philip Smyth of Gimmingham
  (i) Rev. Philip Smyth of New College, Oxford
  (B)+ other issue - Mary (d unm), Susanna
  (3) Ann Smyth
  m. Thomas Page of Seething
  c. Hannah Smyth
  m. Edward Bodham of Swaffham
2. Philip Smyth (d unm)

Main source(s): 'The Hundred of Launditch and Deanery of Brisley' (G.A. Carthew, 1877, Part 3, 'Pedigree of Smyth', p71)
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