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Families covered: Singleton of Broughton, Singleton of Staining
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VCH identifies (by note) several members of this family before James (a 1471) but is not clear how they all related to each other. The first few generations, shown in italics, may be mixing-up different branches of the family and should be viewed as wholly speculative. It is not unlikely that, unless we can find a source which helps us make sense of the VCH data, we will remove them in due course.
Adam de Singleton (a 1254, 1286) possibly the 'Alan'' father of ...
1. Gilbert de Singleton of Broughton (d by 1326)
  A. Thomas de Singleton of Broughton (a 1351)
  B. John de Singleton son of Gilbert, could be son of a Gilbert of this generation
  m. Alice widow of John, mother of Adam and possibly also ...
  i. Gilbert de Singleton possibly of this generation
  a. Thomas Singleton
  b. Nicholas Singleton of Broughton (a 1405)
  m. Margaret
  (1) James Singleton of Broughton (a 1459)
  (A) William Singleton of Broughton (d 1490)
  m. Agnes (d by 1519)
  (i) Robert Singleton of Broughton (b c1442)
  (ii) James Singleton of Broughton (a 1471)
  (a) Robert Singleton of Broughton (d 08.1501)
  m. Joan (d 01.1502-3)
  ((1)) Richard Singleton of Broughton (b c1476, d 09.1504)
  m. Jane (d 1513, m2. Arthur Standish)
  ((A)) John Singleton of Broughton (b c1497, d 1522)
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard, Elizabeth
  ((2)) Thomas Singleton of Broughton (d by 1535)
  ((A)) Robert Singleton of Broughton (d 1557)
((i)) Richard Singleton of Broughton (d 1557)
  ((a)) Robert Singleton of Broughton (d 1557)
  ((B)) Edward Singleton of Broughton (b c1511, d 1567)
  ((i)) Thomas Singleton of Broughton (b c1558, d by 1604?)
  ((a)) Edward Singleton of Broughton (d by 1609?)
  (((1))) Thomas Singleton, last of Broughton (a 1615)
  (((2))) Mary Singleton probably of this generation
  m. John Comberford of Handsworth, later of Wednesbury (b c1597, dsp c1666)
  (iii) John Singleton ancestor of Singletons of Chingle Hall
  (iv) Grace Singleton probably of this generation
  m. Richard Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston (b c1462, d 1507)
  (v) Margaret Singleton possibly of this generation
  m. Christopher Barton of Barton
  (B) Brian Singleton
  c. Nicholas Singleton possibly father of ...
  (1) Thomas Singleton possibly father of ...
  (A) Nicholas Singleton of Warton
  ii. Adam de Singleton (a 1348)
  m. Pernell
  a. Robert de Singleton of Broughton (a 1422)
  m. Joan
  iii.+ other issue - Robert, Thomas



Robert Singleton
m. Helen Westby (dau of _ Westby of Westby)
1. George Singleton, 1st of Steyning or Staining, Lancashire (d 1551-2)
  m. Mary Osbaldeston
A. William Singleton of Staining (d 1556)
  m. Alice Farington (dau/heir of Thomas Farington)
  i. Thomas Singleton of Staining (dsp 1563)
  m. Alice Massey (dau of James Massey)
  ii. John Singleton of Staining (d 1589)
  m. Thomas Anderton (dau of Roger Anderton 'of Bickershaw', m2. Thomas Dutton of Dutton)
  a. Alice Singleton
  m. (1596) Henry Birkenhead of Huxley
b. Elizabeth Singleton (dsp)
  m. James Massey
  iii. George Singleton of Staining (d 1598)
  m. Mary Houghton (dau/heir of John Houghton of Pendleton, m2. _ Livesey)
  a. Thomas Singleton of Staining (b c1592)
  m. Cicely Gerard (dau of William Gerard of Ince)
  (1) Thomas Singleton of Staining (d Newbury 1643)
  m. (1635) Dorothy Anderton (dau of James Anderton of Clayton)
  (A) John Singleton of Staining (b c1635, a 1664)
  m. Jane Fleetwood (dau of Edmund Fleetwood of Rosshall)
  (B) Thomas Singleton of Staining
  (C) George Singleton of Staining
  (D) Anne Singleton of Staining (d 1719)
  m. _ Mayfield
  (i) John Mayfield of Staining
  (E)+ other issue - James, Dorothy
  (2) Alice Singleton
  m. John Lecconby of Eccleston
  (3) Anne Singleton
  m. Richard Barbert of Moorhouse in Poulton
  (4)+ other issue - John (dsp), Mary, Grace
  b. George Singleton
  c. Anne Singleton
  m. Robert Parkinson of Fairsnape
  iv.+ other issue - Richard, Helen, Margaret
  B. Hugh Singleton
  m. Mary Charleton (sister/coheir of William Charleton of Charleton)
  i. William Singleton (dsp)
  C. Margaret Singleton
  m. Laurence Charleton
  D.+ other issue - Richard, Laurence



Vivian reports that "a younger brother, descended from Singleton Hall, or Broughton, Lancashire" was ...
James Singleton
m. _ Sharpe
1. William Singleton of Lancashire
  m. Margaret Jackson (dau of Henry Jackson of the Grange)
  A. George Singleton of Truro, Cornwall
  m. Jane Trerise (dau of John Trerise)
  i. Richard Singleton 'of Kenwyn'
  m. Ann Coryn (dau/coheir of Richard Coryn by Sibell Luke)
  a. Thomas Singleton
  b. Anne Singleton
  m. Thomas Vivyan

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : ( VCH (Lancashire, vol 7, Townships: Broughton)
(2) For middle section : Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Singleton of Steyning) with support from VCH (Lancashire, vol 7, Townships: Hardhorn-with-Newton)
(3) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Coryn of Kenwyn', p100)
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