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Families covered: Shenton of Barwell

Nichols identifies the arms of the following family as "Or, a fess between six escalops Sable, three and three" but notes that "Mr. Shenton produced only a common vellum scocheon of these arms, unattested, and without any crest, referring to Shropshire, where nothing been found in justification thereof, the same is not allowed."
Richard Shenton of Shenton, alias, Shavington, co. Salop
1. Pierce Shenton
  A. Robert Shenton of Alington in Whitchurch, co. Salop
  m1. ??
  i. William Shenton of Coppenhall
  ii. Francis Shenton of Barwell, Leicestershire (b c1574, d c1650)
m. Mary Church (dau of Thomas Church of Nantwich)
  a. John Shenton of Barwell (b c1612, bur 30.03.1699)
  m1. Sarah Morris (dau of George Morris of Burbach)
  (1) Samuel Shenton of Barwell (b c1642, d 1711-2)
  m. Dorothy Wyldman (dau of Richafrd Wyldman of Earl's Shilton)
  (A) Dorothy Shenton (b 1687, bur 03.10.1726)
  m. Edward Power (b 1685, bur 25.12.1765)
  (B)+ other issue - Mary (b 1681), Sarah (b 1696)
  (2) Agnes Shenton
  m. (1678) Joseph Paget (rector of Barwell & Thurleston)
  (3)+ other issue - Martha (d 1689), Martha (bpt 1662, a 1682), Dorothy
  m2. Martha Bourne (bur 03.07.1657)
  m3. Agnes Smith (dau of Antony Smith of Barwell & Kelmarsh)
  m4. (1668-9) Mary Chawner (d 1678-9, dau of Henry Chawner of Barwell, widow of John Poole of Barwell)
  m5. Deliverance Dawes (dau of Jervis Dawes of Stapleton)
  b. Nathaniel Shenton of Barwell (d 08.1682)
  m. Elizabeth Kent (d 1684, dau of Gregory Kent of Grendon)
  (1)+ issue - Francis, Elizabeth, Mary
  c. Robert Shenton of Hinckley (a 1682)
  m. Mary Astlin (dau of Thomas Astlin of Hinckley)
  (1) Francis Shenton of London (b c1652)
m. Mary Gibson (dau of _ Gibson (physician))
  (A)+ issue - Robert, John, Timothy (a 1690)
  (2) Anne Shenton
  m. John Alsop of Atherston
  (3)+ other issue - Robert, Nathaniel, Mary (a 1682), Elizabeth, Mary
  d. Sarah Shenton
  m. J. Wightman of Peckleton ## see here ##
  e. Mary Shenton
  m. Humphrey Paget of Barwell
f. Elizabeth Shenton
  m1. Robert Tarlton of Shenton
  m2. William Cox of Dadlington
  g. Jane Shenton (d 1677)
  m2. ??
  iii. Randolph Shenton of Alkingtoin
  m. Sarah Awrood (dau of Samuel Atwood of Coventry)
  a. Jane Shenton (eldest dau) just possibly the Jane who married ...
  m. James Comberbach of Nantwich (bur 20.10.1696)
  b.+ other issue - Randolph, Robert, Samuel, John, Joshua, Margaret, Sarah, Grace, Alice Mary
  B. John Shenton (rector of Croft in Cheshire)
  i.+ issue - Dowell, Sarah
  C. Randolph Shenton (d unm, minister at Coppenhall, Cheshire)

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Shenton of Barwell', p483)
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