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Families covered: Serjeantson of Camphill, Serjeantson of Hamlith, Serjeantson of Wakefield

BLG1886 reports that "This family, settled at Kirkby Malham since 1361, has held property at Hanlith for more than 300 years". The pedigree starts with 2 brothers, shown as sons of ...
?? Serjeantson
1. Thomas Serjeantson of Hanlith, Yorkshire (b c1530, dsp 1594)
2. Robert Serjeantson
  A. Robert Serjeantson of Hanlith (b c1570)
  m. Elizabeth
  i. William Serjeantson of Hanlith (bpt 20.01.1604/5, a 1629, 2nd son)
  m1. (1620) Anne
  a. Robert Serjeantson of Hanlith (b 05.11.1627, a 01.1685/6) the first mentioned by FMG
m. Alice Lawson (a 1686, dau of Robert Lawson of Malham)
  (1) William Serjeantson of Hanlith (b 17.11.1665)
  m1. (08.02.1682/3) Frances Wade (b 1664, dau of Cuthbert Wade of Kilnsey)
  (A) Robert Serjeantson of Hanlith (bpt 13.11.1683, bur 17.02.1723/4)
  m1. Mary Smith (dau of John Smith of Ecclesfield, sister of John of Newland Park)
(i) William Serjeantson of Hanlith & Wakefield (b 1716, d 09.1759)
  m. (29.04.1736) Susanna Moore (dau/heir of Thomas Moore of Wakefield by Marianne, dau of Isaac Knipe of Giggleswick)
  (a) William Serjeantson of Hanlith & Wakefield (b 17.02.1737, d 16.04.1782)
  m1. (16.08.1765) Jane Leeds (d 28.11.1767, dau/coheir of Edward Rookes Leeds of Royd Hall)
The following is supported by FMG (vol 1, MS16, 'Rodes-Rookes, Serjeantson', p40).
  ((1)) William Rookes Leeds Serjeantson of Hamlith, Camphill & Wakefield (b 27.08.1766, d 13.12.1840, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (02.06.1795) Elizabeth Dawkins (dau of Henry Dawkins of Standlinch by Juliana Colyear, dau of Earl of Portmore)
  ((A)) William Leeds Serjeantson (b 24.06.1798, dsp 12.07.1826, Captain)
  ((B)) George John Serjeantson of Hanlith & Camphill (b 24.03.1800)
  m. (14.09.1835) Emma Chaloner (dau of Robert Chaloner of Gisborough)
  ((C)) Juliana Mary Serjeantson (b 07.07.1796)
  m. (27.06.1822) Henry Bowen Cooke (rector of Darfield)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Serjeantson
m. (07.06.1825) George Lloyd of Cowesby Hall
  ((E)) Jane Frances Serjeantson (d 11.1860)
  ((F)) Caroline Susanna Serjeantson
  m. (1860) Pennyman Worsley (canon of Ripon)
  ((2)) Edward Thomas Serjeantson (b 1767, dsp young)
  m2. (07.08.1770) Elizabeth Hobson (dau/coheir of James Hobson of York & Kirby Moorside, m2. Benjamin Heywood of Stanley Hall)
  ((3)) James Serjeantson (b 15.07.1771, rector of Kirby Knowle & Bagby)
  m. Mary Bell (dau of Peter Bell of Thirsk Hall)
  ((A)) James Hobson Serjeantson (b 16.12.1797, d 11.1841, Major) had issue (2 daus)
  m. (28.06.1827) Frances Martha Buckle (dau of Dickens Buckle)
  ((B)) Peter Serjeantson of Liverpool (b 1800, d 02.1868) had issue
  m. (1832) Eliza Jordan (dau of Thomas Jordan of Newtown, Mount Kennedy)
  ((C)) Edward Serjeantson (b 24.05.1801, dsp 1857, rector of Kirby Knowle & Bagby)
  m. (02.08.1838) Emma Walker (dau of Samuel Walker)
  ((D)) Charles Serjeantson (dsp 1834, RN)
  ((E)) Arthur Serjeantson (b 1812) had issue
  m. _ Curtis of Australia
  ((F)) Emma Serjeantson
  m. Josiah Stokes of Liverpool
  ((G)) Elizabeth Serjeantson
  m.(1828) John Wood (MP for Preston)
  ((H)) Emily Serjeantson
  m. Henry Bean
  ((I)) Julia Serjeantson
  m. (1843) Morton Eden Wilson (rector of Kirk Sandall)
  ((4)) Robert Serjeantson (b 01.07.1772, Major)
  m. Isabella Dorman (b 1771-2, d 05.07.1834, dau of William Dorman of Harbour Hill)
  ((A)) William Serjeantson of Hanlith in Tasmania (b 10.11.1796, d 30.11.1835, Captain) had issue
  m. Marion Willis (dau of Richard Willis of Wanstead in Tasmania)
((B)) Robert James Serjeantson (b 1803, d 29.10.1861, vicar of Snaith) had issue
  m. (1828) Maria Charlotte Ballard (dau of Vice Admiral S.J. Ballard of Bath & Coates Hall)
  ((C))+ other issue - Mary (d 1862), Elizabeth, Isabella, Sarah
  (b) Susanna Serjeantson (b 20.11.1744)
  m. Robert Prescott 'of Rose Green' (General)
  ((1)) Susanna Prescott (d 15.04.1823)
  m. (09.03.1783) John Dalton of Sleningford (Colonel)
  (c)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp unm 1768), Mary (d infant)
  (ii) Alice Serjeantson (b 14.08.1719, d 20.05.1782)
  m1. Thomas Archdale of Visit in Hemsworth
m2. (Rev.) Thomas Trant of Hemsworth
  (iii) Sarah Serjeantson
  m. Dennis Brown of Sheffield (surgeon)
  (a) Sarah Serjeantson Brown (b 03.1753, d 08.06.1763)
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Frances (d 25.06.1729), Mary (b 1719, a 1792)
  m2. Mary Place (dau of Sir John Place (by dau of Sir John Slintgar of Greystun), relict of Rev. Christopher Lawson of Gargrave)
  m2. Jane Walker (a 1707, dau of John Walker of Hungate (or Hungerhill) by Thomasine Tempest of Yellison)
  (B) Elizabeth Serjeantson (d 10.09.1774)
  m. (13.05.1712) Thomas Norton of Grantley
  (C) Alice Serjeantson
  m1. Thomas King of Skellands
  m2. James Cookson of Wakefield
  m3. (01.11.1729, sp) Henry Wilkinson (vicar of Kirby)
  (D) Jane Serjeantson
  m. John Tennant of Chapel House, Skipton
  (E)+ other issue - Richard (dsp,. Captain RN), John (bur 17.03.1748/9), William
  b. Leonard Serjeantson of Airton (bpt 17.01.1629/30, bur 06.01.1696/7)
  m. Jane Lawson (dau of S. Lawson)
  m2. ??
  c. Jane Serjeantson (b 18.04.1647)
  m. (25.05.16**) John Hustler of Kildwick
  (1) Thomas Hustler
  m. Jane Twiselton of Sherwood House
  (2) Ann Hustler
  m. Rev. Lionel Holmes
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 26.12.1602, dvpsp?), Robert (bpt 01.1614/5, bur 14.12.1659, had issue)
  B. Elizabeth Serjeantson
  m. (by 1594) _ Harveys
  C. Margaret Serjeantson
  m. (31.01.1599/1600) Thomas King
  D.+ other issue - George, Anne, Mary

Main source(s): 'Pedigrees of The County Families of Yorkshire' (Joseph Foster, vol III, North and East Riding (1874), 'Pedigree of Serjeantson of Hanlith and Camphill'), BLG1886 ('Serjeantson of Hanlith Hall'), FMG (vol 3, MS364, 'Serjeantson', p876+)
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