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Families covered: Savery of Shilston, Savery of Totnes, Savery of Willing

John Savery of Holberton, Devon
1. Christopher Savery of Great Totnes, Devon
  A. Stephen Savery of Totnes (3rd son)
m. Johan Servington (dau/coheir of John Servington of Tavistock)
  i. Christopher Savery of Shilston, Mayor of Totnes, Sheriff of Devon (bur 08.10.1623)
  m. Johan Carew (bur 25.11.1639, dau of Thomas Carew of Haccombe)
  a. Christopher Savery of Shilston (bpt 16.02.1592-3, bur 31.07.1656, Colonel)
  m. Johan Gilbert (bur 01.12.1641, dau/coheir of Nicholas Gilbert alias Webber of Bowringsley)
(1) Servington Savery of Shilston (bpt 27.01.1619-20, bur 05.03.1688-9, 2nd son)
  m1. (10.04.1643) Katherine Lee (bur 09.01.1678-9, dau of Richard Lee of Totnes, widow of ?? Luscombe)
  (A) Christopher Savery of Shilston (bpt 19.03.1643-4, bur 28.10.1708)
  m1. (16.09.1668) Elizabeth Cloberry (bur 13.05.1679, dau of Christopher Cloberry)
(i) Servington Savery (bpt 25.06.1699, bur 1743-4, 2nd son)
  m. (06.04.1692) Elizabeth Hals (dau of John Hals)
  (a) Christopher Savery (bpt 26.12.1692, bur 30.11.1744)
  m. Sarah Davie (bur 14.11.1728, dau of Sir John Davie, Bart)
  ((1)) John Savery (bpt 29.12.1723)
m. Sarah Prideaux (bur 02.12.1786, dau of Walter Prideaux of Totnes)
  ((A)) Servington Savery (bpt 18.01.1750)
  m1. (02.02.1771) Isabella Rebecca Naylor
  ((i)) Servington Savery (bpt 19.07.1771)
  m2. Sarah Butler (bur 17.06.1779)
  ((B)) Christopher Savery of South Efford (b 17.04.1756)
  m. Mary Wise (d 27.10.1818, dau of John Wise of Wonwell)
  ((i)) John Servington Savery (bpt 09.01.1785, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Mary Anne Lee (dau of Rev. Thomas Lee of Sherbrooke)
  ((ii)) Servington Savery (bpt 26.11.1787, dsp 13.05.1856)
  m. Mary Lakeman (dau of John Lakeman)
  ((iii)) Mary Wise Savery
  m. Abraham Mills Hawkins (Admiral RN)
  ((iv))+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 24.11.1782, bur 13.07.1789), Christhoper Wise (bpt 04.11.1791, d 11.08.1821), William Edmons (b c1794, d 07.01.1824)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Savery (bpt 15.09.1752)
  m. (15.07.1771) Peter Tonkin
  ((D)) Catherine Savery (bpt 09.08.1754)
  m. (02.08.1773) William de Lisle
  ((E)) Anne Savery ~(bpt 01.08.1757)
  m. (14.05.1784) Aaron Tozer of Wolborough
  ((F))+ other issue - John (bpt 22.05.1747), Sarah Davy (bpt 03.303.1748-9, bur 18.04.1764), Sarah (bpt 27.09.1776)
  ((2))+ other issue - Servington (bpt 15.06.1718, bur 15.10.1718), William (bpt 22.03.1724-5, bur 01.08.1725)
  (b)+ other issue - Servington (bpt 05.08.1698, bur 14.11.1750), John (bpt 01.04.1703, bur 01.08.1703), Richard (bpt 27.03.1705), Anne (bpt 08.11.1694), Elizabeth (bpt 30.07.1696), Catherine (bpt 02.09.1700), Mary (bpt 12.10.1701, bur 07.03.1752), Sarah (bpt 28.02.1703-4. bur 08.11.1725)
  (ii)+ other issue - Christopher (bpt 09.11.1676), Elizabeth (bur 07.12.1673), Katherine (bpt 20.07.1675), Catherine (bur 04.10.1677)
  m2. (c07.1681) Anne Hale 'of Upton Pyle' ("supposedly of the family of Chief Justice Hale", widow of _ Buckingham)
  (B) Richard Savery (bpt 30.01.1651-2, bur 09.09.1656)
  (C) Servington Savery (b 09.03.1655-6)
Vivian shows Servington as m. (c07.1681) Anne Buckingham of Upton Pyne. Thanks to a contributor (CV, 20.09.15) for identifying her as his elder brother's 2nd wife and for providing the following.
  m. (c06.1684) Martha Greenwood (b c1662, d 16.10.1696)
  (i) Servington Savery (bpt 07.02.1687/8, d 17.03.1735, rector of Church Stanton then Norton-sub-Hambdon)
  m. (20.05.1712) Anne Perry (bpt 25.10.1688, d 05.06.1734, dau of Rev. Farewell Perry)
  (a) Servington Savery
  ((1)) Servington Savery
(b) Martha Savery (b 22.09.1718)
  m. Bartholomew Price of East Challow Park
  (c)+ other issue
  (ii)+ other issue including Servington (d young)
  (D) Richard Savery (bpt 29.05.1661, bur 11.05.1703-4)
  m1. (08.10.1686) Grace Rich
m2. (02.02.1693-4) Nan Prideaux (bur 10.01.1723-4)
  (i) Nan Savery (b 20.05.1696)
  (E) Margaret Savery (bpt 10.11.1648)
  m. (01.07.1670) Arthur Ashford
  (F) Mary Savery (b 29.10.1658)
  m. (03.01.1683-4) Charles Vincent
  (G) Phillipa Savery
  m. (01.01.1694-5) Nicholas Croker
  m2. (c11.1679) Florence Fowell (a 1686, dau of Sir Edmond Fowell, Bart)
  (2) Nicholas Savery (bpt 22.12.1624, 4th son)
  m. (11.02.1646-7) Susanna Holditch
  (A) Nicholas Savery of Exeter (bur 13.10.1692)
  m. (22.09.1668) Dorothy Wollocombe (m2. William Downman)
  (B) Joan Savery (bpt 02.04.1648, bur 10.05.1654)
  (3) Richard Savery
Richard is not mentioned by Vivian but was brought to our attention by a contributor (CV, 20.09.15) who kindly provided the following, noting that the undermentioned Thomas is (to quote Wikipedia) "famous for his invention of the first commercially used steam powered engine."
  m. Mary
  (A) Thomas Savery (b c1650, dsp 15.05.1715)
  m. (05.10.1697) Martha Davis (b c1655?, d 04.1759)
  (4) Bridget Savery
  m. (01.06.1641) Andrew Trevil
  (5) Mary Savery (bpt 08.05.1631)
  m. (21.07.1653) William Flamack
  (6) Elizabeth Savery
  m. (19.02.1651-2) Walter Shute of Cornwood (Rev.)
  (7)+ other issue - Christopher (b c1618, bur 24.03.1632-3), William (bpt 13.05.1621, bur 14.07.1643), Thomas (bpt 21.02.1629-30, bur 08.04.1695), Johan/Joan (bur 06.01.1631-2), Sara (bpt 09.07.1627)
b. Carew Savery (bpt 06.09.1601, bur 28.10.1661)
  m. (23.08.1633) Alice Rich (bur 04.05.1666)
  (1) Margaret Savery (bpt 11.09.1642)
  m. (11.11.1663) Theophilus Tincombe
  (2)+ other issue - Carew (bpt 29.05.1636, bur 04.02.1638-9), Servington (bur 20.12.1661), Carew (bpt 06.02.1644-5, bur 07.11.1649), Alice (bur 18.09.1643), Deborah (bpt 15.08.1650, bur 15.02.1657-8)
c. Margaret Savery
  m. Thomas Bond of Holwood
  d. Dorothy Savery
  m. (c02.1616-7) William Martyn of Broad Hempston
  e. Johan Savery
  m. Arthur Wolston of Staverton
f.+ other issue - Edward, Agnes, Elizabeth (bpt 23.05.1595), Honor (bpt 28.11.1602)
  ii. Alleyn Savery of Shapwich, Somerset (bpt 08.04.1565)
  m. _ Hebditch (dau of _ Hebditch by Dorothy, dau of Thomas Carew of Haccomb)
  a.+ issue - Stephen, John
  iii. Agnes Savery
  m. (28.06.1594) Richard Lee (not Lacy) of Totnes
  iv. Elizabeth Savery (bpt 10.04.1567)
  m. William Prideaux
  v. Mary Savery (bpt 28.01.1568-9)
  m. William Roope of Allington
  vi.+ other issue - Stephen (bpt 15.04.1570), Richard (bpt 25.07.1572), Mesheck (bpt 21.01.1568-9), Margaret (bpt 24.10.1575), Welthyon (bpt 04.04.1577), Gryssell (bpt 12.09.1581), Johan (d num)
B. Mary Savery
  m1. John Arscott
  m2. Anthony Monk
  C.+ other issue (dsp) - Richard (bur 07.02.1571-2), Alleyn (bur 20.07.1578)
2. Richard Savery of Great Totnes
  m. Agnes Darkington
  A. Nicholas Savery of Great Totnes (bur 27.02.1589-90)
  m. Joane Gyles (dau of John Gyles of Bowdon)
i. Richard Savery of Willing, Rottery
  m1. Willmot Carye (dau of Robert Carye of Clovelly)
  In his article on 'Cary of Clovelly', Vivian shows that Richard's children were by Wilmot. However, the article on the Savery family shows that they were by ...
  m2. Philippa Dennys (dau of Philip Dennys of Padstow, widow of Francis Courtenay of Ethy)
  a. Robert Savery of Willing (a 1620)
  m. Sibell Halse (dau of Richard Halse of Kenneton)
  (1) Richard Savery of Hillersdon of Fowey (b c1600)
  m. (c02.1624-5) Jane Pollexfen of Yealmpton possibly parents of ...
  (A) Richard Savery of Rattery
  m1. (c02.1665-6) Catherine Fowey of Cornwall
  m2. (25.07.1672) Mary Gitsham (dau of Lewis Gitsham)
  (2)+ other issue - Robet, Jane, Willmot, Philip(pa)
  b. John Savery
  m. (c06.1620) Thomasine Comyn of Bishops Teignton
  c. Richard Savery
  d. Johan Savery
m. (c12.1622) Anthony Russell of South Brent
  e. Mary Savery
  m. (29.04.1617) Henry Luscomb (parson of Thurleston)
  f. Jane Savery
  m. John Rashley of Foye (Captain)
  ii. Jane Savery (a 1618)
  m1. Thomas Everye of Totnes
  m2. Richard English of Hillersdon
  iii. Agnes Savery
  m. _ Yeo
  iv.+ other issue - John, Gyles (a 1618)
  B. Christopher Savery 'of Totnes' (bur 20.02.1592-3) had issue
  m. Frideswyde Servington (dau of John Servington of Tavistock)
  C. Christian Savery
  m. Thomas Martyn of Totnes

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Savery of Shilston', p670+)
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