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Families covered: Ritchie of Busbie, Ritchie of Craigton, Rushout of Maylards, Rushout of Northwick, Rye of Ryecourt, Reynolds of Plaistow, Reynolds of Whittington

John Ritchie of Glasgow
m. Bessie Wallace (d before 06.04.1674)
1. John Ritchie (d 1710)
  m. Jean Somervill
A. John Ritchie, 1st of Craigton (b 01.06.1682, d 1755, 2nd son)
  m. (1719) Helen Adam (d 04.1765, dau of John Adam of Glasgow)
  i. James Ritchie of Craigton & Busbie (b 1722, d 1799, 'Tobacco Lord, 2nd son')
  m1. (1758) Frances Montgomerie (b 18.09.1736, d 30.07.1763, dau of Alexander Montgomerie, 4th of Coylsfield)
  a. John Ritchie (b 01.11.1760, dvpsp, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth Bogle (dau of George Bogle)
  b. Lillias Ritchie (b 19.07.1759, dsp 1817)
  m. Hugh Hamilton of Pinmore
  c.+ other issue - Alexander (b 15.06.1763, dsp), Helen (b 0.03.1762)
  m2. (20.05.1765) Katharine Kerr (d 24.09.1783, dau of Robert Kerr of Newfield, son of Lord Charles)
  e. Henry Ritchie of Craigton, Busbie & Cloncaird (b 15.08.1777, dsps 06.11.1843, youngest son)
  m1. Elizabeth Cathcart (d 1836, dau of John Cathcart)
(1)+ issue (dvp) - Elizabeth (b 26.01.1807, d unm 1831), Catherine (b 12.02.1808, d infant), Mary (b 22.03.1810, d infant)
  m2. (17.01.1838) Catherine Fergusson (dau of Sir James Fergusson, Bart of Kilkerran)
  f. Frances Ritchie (d 1842)
  m. (1788) Hugh Wallace of Biscany
  g. Jane (Jean) Douglas Ritchie
  m. Dr. Donaldson of Ayr
  h. Mary Ritchie (dsp 1807)
  m. (04.03.1805) Alexander West Hamilton
i. Margaret Hamilton Ritchie
  m. William Stirling of Cordale
  j.+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b 05.04.1767, d young?), James (b 22.09.1771, d young?), Charles (b 01.09.1772, d young?), Henry (b 07.02.1776, d young?), Eleanor (d 03.1846), Katherine, Charlotte
  ii. Henry Ritchie 'of Glasgow' (bpt 28.11.1734, d 14.06.1792, 6th son)
  m. (1767) Esther Crauford (b 1745, d 1812, dau of William Craufurd of Balshagrie & Scotstoun)
  a. Janet Ritchie (b 1772-3, bur 15.05.1818)
  m. (18.08.1795) Samuel Cooper of Failford & Ballindalloch
  iii. Mary Ritchie (bpt 11.03.1725)
  m. (29.03.1753) James Dunlop of Garnkirk
  ii.+ other issue - John (b 02.07.1720, dvp), Thomas (b 22.07.1723, dvp), Samuel (bpt 02.03.1729, d unm), Robert (b 08.05.1736), Helen (b 05.07.1730), Margaret (b 09.10.1731)
  B.+ other issue - John (bpt 14.10.1687, d young), William (bpt 30.01.1687), Anna (bpt 06.02.1679), Jean (bpt 05.02.1681), Bethia (b 28.07.1684)



According to BP1870, the following John Rushout came to England in the reign of Charles I. He was "lineally descended from Mareschal de Gamaces, grand master of the horse to Louis XI."
John Rushout of St. Andrew's in Undershaft, London
m. Anne Godschalch (dau of Joas Godschalch of London)
1. Sir James Rushout of Milnst Maylards, 1st Bart (d 1698)
  m. Alice Pitt (dau of Edward Pitt of Harrow-on-the-Hill)
  A. Sir James Rushout of Maylards, 2nd Bart (d 1705)
  m. Arabella Vernon (dau of Sir Thomas Vernon of London)
  i. Sir James Rushout, 3rd Bart (dsp 1711)
  ii. Elizabeth Rushout (dsp 21.12.1733)
  m. (17.08.1731) Sir Paulet St. John, 1st Bart of Dogmersfield (b 07.04.1704, d 09.06.1780)
B. Sir John Rushout, 4th Bart of Northwick (d 1775)
  m. Anne Compton (dau of George Compton, 4th Earl of Northampton)
  i. Sir John Rushout, 1st Lord Northwick (b 23.07.1738, d 20.10.1800)
  m. (03/8.06.1766) Rebecca Bowles (d 03.10.1818, dau of Humphrey Bowles of Wanstead)
  a. John Rushout, 2nd Lord Northwick (b 16.02.1770, d unm 20.01.1859)
  b. George Rushout, later Rushout-Bowles of Burford (b 07/30.07.1772, d 17.10.1842, minister of Burford)
  m. (1803) Caroline Stewart (d 22.05.1818, dau of John Stewart, 7th Earl of Galloway)
  (1) George Rushout-Bowles, 3rd Lord Northwick (b 30.08.1811, d 11.11.1887)
  m. (15.04.1869) Elizabeth Augusta Hanbury (b 16.03.1832, d 29.05.1912, dau of William Bateman-Hanbury, 1st Lord Bateman)
  (A) Caroline Rushout-Bowles (b 15.07.1870, dvp 17.09.1878)
  (2)+ other issue - Caroline (d 1822), Georgiana, Harriot (d 1852)
  c. Anne Rushout (d 04.04.1849)
d. Harriet Rushout (d 30.09/10.1851)
  m. (13.02.1808) Sir Charles Cockerell, 1st Bart (d 06.01.1837)
  Their son took the name Rushout instead of Cockerell.
  e. Elizabeth Rushout (d 15.01.1862)
  m1. (24.06.1797) (William) Sydney Bowles
  m2. (07.08.1819) John Wallis Grieve
  ii. Elizabeth Rushout
  m. Richard Myddelton of Chirk Castle (d 1795)
  C. Elizabeth Rushout (d 15.01.1749-50)
  m. (03.07.1726, sp) George Compton, 4th Earl of Northampton (b 18.10.1664, d 15.04.1727)
  D. Alice Rushout
  m. Edwin Sandys, younger of Ombersley (dvp 1699, MP)
2. Katherine Rushout probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Maynard of Tooting (d 1665)
3. Anne Rushout (before 08.1679) apparently of this generation
  m. (by 1658) Sir William Adams, 2nd Bart
4. Abigail Rushout (b c1633, bur 04.1678, "youngest daughter") apparently of this generation
  m. (10.12.1650) Sir Abraham Cullen, 1st Bart



Christopher Rye, Sheriff then Mayor of Cork (a 1661)
m. Anne Evans (dau of George Evans)
1. George Rye of Ryecourt, co. Cork (b 1686, d 1735, Colonel)
  m. Anne Baillie (dau/coheir of John Baillie of Castlemore)
  A. John Rye of Ryecourt (d 1768)
  m. (06.09.1758) Elizabeth Peniel Meade (dau/heir of Rev. Percy Meade by Elizabeth, dau of Henry Tonson of Spanish Island)
  i. Richard Tonson Rye of Ryecourt
  m1. (06.07.1791) Anne Orpen (dsp, dau of Richard Orpen of Ardtully)
  m. (Anne Thornhill (dau of James Badham Thornhill)
  a. John Tonson-Rye of Ryecourt or Rye Court (b 1797) had issue
  m. (1818) Mary Godsell (cousin)
  ii. George Rye of Ryemount & Kilcondy (dsp 1832)
  m. (07.1784) Catherine Warren (dau of Sir Robert Warren, 1st Bart)



George Reynolds of Whitebarrow in Teversal, Nottinghamshire
m. Elizabeth
1. George Reynolds of Plaistow in Criche, Derbyshire (b 1638, d 1726)
  m1. Mary Rokeby (dau of Anthony Rokeby of Whetacroft (in Circh) (by Mary, dau of Nicholas Grundy), sister of William & Anthony)
  A. Mary Reynolds (b 07.10.1674)
  m. John Bardew of Ashover
  i. George Bardew of Mansfield Woodhouse
  m. Mary Smith (dau of John Smith of Wolley)
a.+ issue - John, George, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Helen
  ii. Elizabeth Bardew (d unm)
  m2. Susan Butler (b 1657, dau/coheir of William Butler)
  B. George Reynolds (d infant)
  C. John Reynolds of Plaistow (b 1682, d 16.01.1774)
  m. Helen Taylor (b 13.06.1686, d 16.01.1771, dau of Richard Taylor)
  i. John Reynolds of Plaistow (b 1724, a 1769)
  m. Susan Washbourn (b 1737, dau of Edward Washbourn of Petrshore by Elizabeth Waugh of Wick)
  ii.+ other issue - George (a 4769, d unm?), Helen (b 1719, d 1723)
2. Robert Reynolds
  m1/2. Anne
  A. Christopher Reynolds of Whittington
  m1. Ann
  i. Robert Reynolds of Wadhurst, Sussex (a 1769) had issue
  m2. Ann Ward
  ii. George Reynolds of Whittington (dsp)
  iii. Anne Reynolds
  m. _ Jenkins
  B. daughter
3. Christopher Reynolds of Mansfield (b 1647)
  m. Mary (m1. _ Reading, m3. Robert Lee)
  A.+ issue - Thomas (d infant), Thomas of Mansfield (b 1720, d unm 1736)
4. Elizabeth Reynolds (b 1635, dsp)
  m. _ Hill
5.+ other issue - Mary (d unm), Anne (d unm), Sara

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