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Families covered: Rushton of Antley, Rishton of Dunnishope, Rishton (Rushton) of Pontalghe

Roger Rishton of Pontalgh (a 1474)
1. Richard Rishton
  A. Ralph Rishton of Pontalghe
m. Anne Nowell (dau of Roger Nowell of Read)
  i. Roger Rishton of Pontalghe
  m. Anne Livesey (dau of Giles Livesey)
  a. Ralph Rishton of Pontalghe (a 1566)
  This is probably the Ralp who in 1556 obtained Dunkenhalgh from this John Rishton or Rushton.
  m1. (sp) Hellen Townley (dau of Richard Townley of Royle)
  m2. Elizabeth Parker of Harrockford
  (1) Nicohlas Rishton of Dunkenhalgh (dsp)
  (2)+ other issue - Roger (dsp), William (dsp), Henry, Geoffrey
m3. (sp) _ Stanley (dau of Sir James Stanley of Crosshall)
  b. William Rishton of Mickley
  m. Eleanor Charnock of Astley
  (1) Roger Rishton of Pontalghe
  m. Dorothy Talbot (dau of George Talbot)
  (A) William Rishton 'of Pontalghe, later of Preston' (b 25.09.1603, a 08.1682)
  m. (by 1633) (Dorothy) Anderton (dau of William Anderton of Euxton)
  (i) William Rishton of Pontalghe (b 1632-3, a 04.1664)
  (ii) Dorothy Rishton
  m. John Burton of Cambridge
  (iii)+ other issue - Ralph, john (vicar of Leyland), Edward, Anne, Isabel (d young?), Alice (s young), Margaret, Mary, Eleanor, Katherine (d infant)
(B) Margaret Rishton
  m. John Buck of Gilling
  (C)+ other issue - Ralph, John (d infant), Roger, Edward of London, Anne (d unm), Dorothy (d unm)
  (2) Anne Rishton
  m. William Mercer of Simstone
  (3)+ other issue - Willim, Elizabeth, Mary
  B. James Rishton or Rushton of Pouthalgh (Pontalghe) possibly of this generation
  i. Alice Rushton
  m. (by 1521) James Livesey of Livesey (b c1502, d 1548)
  C. daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Oliver Holt of Ashworth



Ralph Rushton of Antley
m. Isabel Aspden (dau of Ralph Aspden)
1. Nicholas Rushton of Antley (a 1518)
  m. Grace Hancock
  A. Geoffrey Rushton of Antley
m. Alice Parker of Extwistle
  i. Nicholas Rushton of Antley
  m. Anne Cunliffe of Hollins
  a. Geoffrey Rushton of Antley
  m. Joanna Rawsthorne (dau of Edward Rawsthorne of New Hall)
  (1) Nicholas Rushton of Antley (d 30.04.1654)
m. Susanna Greenwood (dau of Thomas Greenwood of Foxhole Bank)
  (A) Geoffrey Rushton of Antley & Preston (b 1615-6, a 09.1664, MD)
  m. Anne Browne (dau of Oliver Browne of London, widow of Richard Shaw of Preston)
  (i) Susan Rushton probably the Susan who married ...
m. John Veale of Whinney Heys (b 1644, d 01.1704)
  (ii) Dorothy Rushton probably the Dorothy (d 1722) who married ...
  m. Edmund Hornby of Poulton
  (iii) Katherine Rushton probably of this generation
  m. John Towneley (bpt 1631, dvp 1664)
  (iv)+ other issue - Nicholas (b 1625-6, 09.1664), Edward 'of Antley' (b 1627-8, a 09.1664), Ralph (d young), Sarah
  (B) Thomas Rushton of Preston (apothecary)
  m. Mary Banister (dau of William Banister of Preston)
(C) Katherine Rushton
  m. John Townley of Hurstwood
  (D) Susan Rushton
  m. John Clayton of Little Harwood
  (E) Alice Rushton (d 1656)
(2) Anne Rushton
  m. (1622-3) Edmund Rishton of Dunhope (rector of Earnley) @@ below
  (3) Alice Rushton
  m. Edmund Cockshutt of Harwood
  (4) Susan Rushton
  m. Henry Heap of Clough
(5)+ other issue - Geoffrey of Green Gore, Edward (vicar of Heath in Derbyshire), Katherine
  b. Susan Rushton
  m. William Barcroft of Barcroft (d 01.1620/1)
  B.+ other issue - Katherine, Alice, Hellen
2. Robert Rishton of Dunnishope
  m. Margaret Rawsthorne of Lumb
  A. Gilbert Rishton (a 1575)
  m. Margaret
  i. Robert Rishton (d 1596-7)
m. Margaret
  a. William Rishton
  m. Jane Brownlow (dau of Lawrence Brownlow of Bolton-le-Moors)
  (1) Jane Rushton
  m. Thomas Braddyll of Portfield
  (2) Susan Rushton
  m. Ralph Holden of Holden
  (3) Anne Rushton
  m. Randolph Sharples
  (4)+ other issue - Robert (d infant), Mary, Elizabeth
b. Edmund Rishton of Dunhope (rector of Earnley)
  Dugdale mentions only Edmund's marriage to Anne Rishton. Provisionally, we ignore CountyGen (Berry, Sussex, 1830, p306) which identifies him as son, by Susan, dau of Alan Cooke of Wesburton) of Robert Rishton (d 1623) son of William of Almodington (a 1556). Berry also shows Catherine as his sister and a child by his first wife, the connection shown to William Leland but we presume that he was the husband of his daughter Mary.
  m1. Elizabeth
  (1) Mary Rishton
  m. William Leland
  (A) William Leland (dsp 1674)
  m2. (1622-3) Anne Rishton (d 1660, dau of Geoffrey Rishton or Rushton of Antley) @@ above
  c. Catherine Rishton mentioned by Berry but not by Dugdale
  m. Richard Tayler (d 1633)
  ii. Mary Rishton
  m. George Colbrand of Mitton
  B. William Rishton
3.+ other issue - Hugh of Jackhouse, George

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