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Families covered: Richardson of Forgandenny, Richardson of Pencaitland, Richardson of Pitfour, Richardson of Smeaton

The arms reported in BP1934 for this family are: "or on a fesse, arg. between a bull's head couped in chief, and a galley, oars in saltire, in base sa. flagged gu., a saltire couped arg." This suggests that it was connected to the family shown on Richardson02.
Alexander Richardson of Drum in Kildress, co. Tyrone (a 1618) possibly father or grandfather of ...
Robert Richardson (commendator of St. Mary's Isle)
1. James Richardson of Smeaton & Pencaitland, co. Haddington (Midlothian)
  m. Elizabeth Douglas
  A. Sir James Richardson of Smeaton
  i. James Richardson of Smeaton (d 11.06.1634)
m. Rachel Wardlaw
  a. Sir James Richardson of Smeaton, 3rd Bart (d 1680)
  His baronetcy came from his cousin, below.
  m1. (before 1649) Anne McGill
  (1) Sir James Richardson of Smeaton, 4th Bart (d 28.05.1717)
  m. (1666) Margaret Kerr (dau of William Kerr, Earl of Lothian, by Ann, Countess of Lothian)
  (A) Sir James Richardson, 5th Bart (dsp 13.04.1731, Captain)
  (B) Sir William Richardson, 6th Bart (d 04.04.1747)
  m. Eleanor Hilton (dau of Robert Hilton of Bishop's Auckland by Elizabeth, dau of George Crozier of Newbiggin)
  (i) Sir Robert Richardson, 7th Bart (dsp 1752, Captain)
  (C) George Richardson (dsp 1748, Captain)
  (D) Helen Richardson
  m. Robert Dunbar of Grange Hill
  m2. Helen Richardson (d 1688, widow of Sir John Hamilton of Redhouse) @@ below
  ii. Robert Richardson
  a. James Richardson of Forgandenny
  m. Margaret Miller
  (1) James Richardson (d 1723, town clerk of Perth)
  m. Janet Duncan
  (A) George Richardson in Edinburgh (WS)
  m. Jean Watson (dau of James Watson of Woodend)
  (i) Sir James Richardson of Belmont, 8th Bart (d unm 11.1788)
  (ii) Sir George Richardson, 9th Bart (d 11.12.1791, Captain)
  m. Mary Cooper (b 1751-2, d 15.01.1828, dau of David Cooper)
  (a) Sir George Preston Richardson, 10th Bart (d unm 21.10.1803, Major)
  (b) Sir James Richardson, 11th Bart (d unm 08.11.1804)
  (c) Sir John Charles Richardson, 12th Bart (b c1785, dsp 12.04.1821, Commander RN)
  (d)+ 6 daughters
  (iii) 'Sir' John Richardson, 'Bart'
  John assumed the baronetcy, denying the legitimacy of his nephews who were born before their parents were married. They were later legitimated.
  (2) William Richardson of Forgandenny
  (A) Thomas Richardson of Perth
  m. Beatrix Austin
  (i) James Richardson (d 1762)
  m. Ann Wilson
  (a) Jean Richardson
  m. John Ross of Balgersho
  (ii) John Richardson of Pitfour, Perthshire (d 1821)
  (a) James Richardson of Pitfour (d 26.07.1823)
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau/coheir of James Stewart of Urrard)
  ((1)) Sir John Richardson later Stewart-Richardson of Pitfour, 13th Bart (b 01.09.1797, d 01.12.1881) had issue
m. (20.12.1826) Mary Hay (b 1807-8, d 31.07.1886, dau of James Hay of Colliepriest)
  ((2)) Robert Richardson later Richardson-Robertson of Tulliebelton & Ballathy (b 14.11.1809, d 01.11.1833, General, 3rd son)
  m1. (26.09.1850) Martha Rollo (dsp 17.09.1857, dau of John Rollo, 8th Lord)
  m2. (29.03.1869) Julia Louisa Leslie-Melville (d 24.10.1870, dau of John Thornton Leslie-Melville, Earl of Leven & Melville)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Richardson
  m. _ Campbell (Major General)
((4)) Christina Richardson
  m. (12.02.1824) Robert Clerk-Rattray (d 27.10.1851)
  ((5)) Jemima Richardson
  m. (24.09.1834) Archibald Butter of Faskally
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas of Ballathy (d 1840, Captain), Margaret Susan, Charlotte, Barbara
  (b) Margaret Richardson
  (iii)+ other issue
  B. Sir Robert Richardson of Pencaitland, 1st Bart (d 04.1635)
  m. (04.01.1610) Euphan Skene (dau of Sir John Skene of Curriehill)
  i. Sir Robert Richardson of Pencaitland, 2nd Bart (b 24.01.1613, dsp 1640)
  The baronetcy passed to his cousin, above.
  ii. Helen Richardson probably the Helen who married ...
  m1. Sir John Hamilton of Redhouse
  m2. Sir James Richardson of Smeaton, 3rd Bart (d 1680) @@ above
  iii.+ other issue - Alexander (dsp 1639), Jean

Main source(s): BP1934 (Stewart-Richardson), TCB (vol 2, Richardson of Pencaitland)
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