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Families covered: Reid of Adamton, Cuninghame-Reid of Auchinharvie, Reid of Barra, Reid of Ewell Grove

Alexander Reid of Barra, Aberdeenshire
1. Sir John Reid, 1st Bart of Barra
  BP1870, which starts with John's son Alexander, reports that it was Alexander who was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1706. We follow TCB in showing John as the first baronet, created 30.11.1703. The baronetcy became extinct when the 7th Bart dsp 1885.
  m. Marion Abercromby
  A. Sir Alexander Reid, 2nd Bart of Barra (d 05.02.1750)
  m. (28.01.1705) Agnes Ogilvie (dau of Sir Alexander Ogilvie, 1st Bart of Forglen, 'Lord Forglen', by Mary Allardice)
  i. son (dvpsp)
  ii. Sir James Reid, 3rd Bart of Barra (d 19.09/24.09/02.10.1772)
  TCB reports that James "is said to have m. three times. One wife d. 23 Jan. 1759."
  a. Sir John Reid, 4th Bart of Barra (b 04.06.1760, d 1829)
  m. (02.06.1785) Barbara Livingstone (dau of Thomas Livingstone of Dawny Hills)
  BP1870 identifies 7 children as reported below. However, BP1870 does not show that William became a baronet which TCB does.
  (1) Sir John Reid, 5th Bart of Barra (b 09.05.1794, d 27.04.1844) had issue (1 dau)
  m. (07.1834) Janet Metthie (dau of Hugh Metthie of New Hall in Cheshire)
  (2) Sir William Reid, 6th Bart (b 19.08.1795, d unm 20.10.1845, in Ceylon)
  (3) Sir Alexander Reid, 7th Bart (b 12.11.1798, dsp 07.12.1885, in Brazil then Argentina, later in London
  m. (11.05.18400 Frances Ameilia de Sampaio (b 1818-9, d 28.04.1884, dau of Don Francisco Ferreira de Sampaio or Sampayo)
  (4) Mary Reid (d 10.07.1862)
  m. (1809) Francis Shand of Liverpool
  (5) Jean Reid
  m. John Jeffreys
  (6)+ other issue - David (b 18.09.1804), Barbara (b 16.02.1797, d unm 08.1896)



John Reid of Kirkmahoe, Dumfriesshire
1. James Reid of Dumfries (d 20.0.1775)
  m. (1764) Helen Davidson (dau of John Davidson of Woodside)
  A. Sir Thomas Reid of Ewell Grove (Surrey), 1st Bart (b 26.10.1762, d 29.02.1824, Chairman of the East India Directors)
  m. (1791) Elizabeth Goodfellow (d 28.01.1829, dau/heir of John Looker Goodfellow of Newbury)
  i. Sir John Rae Reid of Ewell Grove, 2nd Bart (b 02.12.1791, d 30.07.1867, Governor of the Bank of England) had issue
  m. (09.09.1840) Maria Louisa Eaton (d 30.11.1869, dau of Richard Eaton of Stetchworth Park)
  ii. George Reid (b 17.10.1800)
  iii. Helen Reid (d 08.08.1817)
  m. (15.05.1813) Rev. Benjamin Sandford
  iv. Harriet Reid
  m. (William) Charles Lempriere
  b.+ 1 son + 1 daughter



William Reid (minister of Stevenston)
1. Thomas Reid
  A. Robert Reid of Adamton
  i. Robert Reid of Adamton probably of this generation, father of Helen by ...
m1. (1787) Jean Campbell (d 08.1789, dau of James Campbell of Treesbank)
  a. Helen Reid (d 04.1790)
  m2. (c1800?) Barbara Macredie (dau of Andrew Macredie of Perceton) probably second wife of Robert
2. John Reid
  m. (07.1737) Anne Cuninghame (dau/heir of James Cuninghame of Auchinharvie)
  A. Robert Reid, later Cuninghame-Reid of Auchinharvie & Sea Bank (a 1770)
  m1. Elizabeth Hamilton (sister of Colonel Alexander Hamilton of Grange)
  i. Elizabeth Cuninghame-Reid
  m. George Vanbury Brown of Knockmarloch (Major)
  a.+ issue - John, Elizabeth, Hamilla, Mary
  m2. Annabella Reid (dau of Thomas Reid of Saltcoats)
  ii. Robert Cuninghame-Reid of Sea Bank (2nd son)
  iii. Anne Cuninghame-Reid
  m. Alexander Robertson of Hallcraig (Colonel)
  iv.+ other issue - John (d unm), Thomas (d 1818, RN), Marion
  B. John Reid in India "left numerous issue"
  m. _ Boilean
  C. Mary Reid
m. Robert Baillie of Mayville
  i. Leslie Baillie
  m. _ Cumming of Logie
  ii. Grace Baillie
  D. Elizabeth Reid
  m. Andrew Donald of Greenock
  i. Anne Donald
  ii. Christian Donald
  m. _ Learmont (merchant in India)
  E. Anne Reid (d unm)
  F. Sarah Reid
  m. Alexander Cuninghame in Irvine (brother of William of Fairlie)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (originally uploaded 03.01.11 into RZmisc05) : TCB (vol 4, 'Reid of Barra', p415+), BP1870 ('Reid (of Barra)')
(2) For middle section : BP1870 ('Reid (of Ewell Grove)')
(3) For lower section : 'History of the County of Ayr' (James Paterson, vol 2, 1852, p447)
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