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Families covered: Prowse of Barnstaple, Prouse (Prouz) of Chagford, Prouz (Prouse) of Eastervale, Prowse of Oldcliffe

Throughout the pedigree Vivian spells the family "Prouz" but nevertheless names the page using "Prouse". Vivian shows the arms of the following family as "Sa., three lions rampant Arg.".
Peter Prouz of Eastervale
m. Mary Redvers (dau/heir of William Redvers, Earl of Devonshire, widow of Sir Robert Courtenay)
1. William Prouz
  A. Walter Prouz
  m. _ Dinham (dau of Lord Dinham)
  i. William Prouz
m. _ Gidley (dau/heir of Giles de Gidley)
  a. Sir William Prouz of Gidley
  m. Alice Ferrers (dau/heir of Sir Fulk Ferrers of Throwleigh)
  (1) Sir William Prouz, Sheriff of Devon
  m. Alice Widworthy (dau/heir of Sir Hugh Widworthy)
  (A) Alice Prouz
m1. Sir Roger Mules or Meoles
  m2. Sir John Damerell
  (2) Sir Richard Prouz of Ashton
  (A) John Prouz
  (B) Thomazine Prouz
m. Sir John Chudleigh
  (3) Sir Hugh Prouz of Widworthy
  (4) William Prouz of Eastervale
  m. Ellen Pont (dau of Jeffry Pont of Eastervale)
(A) William Prouz
  m. Anstice Wadscott (dau of Reginald Wadscott of Chagford)
  (i) John Prouz 'of Chagford'
  m. Maud Cruwys (dau of John Cruwys of Cruwys)
  (a) John Prouz 'of Esterval'
  m. Agnes Bampfield (dau of Thomas Bampfield of Poltimore)
  ((1)) Richard or Nicholas Prouz
  m. Margaret Norton (dau of William Norton of Newton Ct. Cyres)
  ((A)) John Prouz of Chagford (d 24.09.1526)
  m. Joan Orchard (dau/heir of John Orchard)
  ((i)) Lawrence Prouz of Chagford - continued below
  m. Agnes Cole (dau of William Cole of Colehanger)
  ((i)) Christopher Prouz (a 1526)
  m. Ellinor
  ((a)) Mary Prouz (a 1526)
  The following comes from Visitation (Weaver (1885), Somerset, 1551-1575, 'Prowse'). John is possibly of this generation, being identified as "a younger brother of Prowse of Chagford" and having the same arms as Vivian shows for this family.
((2)) John Prowse of Ouldcliff, Somerset
  m. Agnes
  ((A)) George Prowse
  m. Joan Duffield (dau of John Duffield of Clyffe)
  ((i)) William Prowse of Oldcliffe
  m. Joan Michell (dau of John Michell of Cliffe)
  ((a))+ issue - John, Conant, Andrew, George, William, Margaret, Jane, Joan, Elinor
  (b) Joan Prouz
  m. William Budockshyde



Lawrence Prouz or Prous of Chagford (b c1480, d 04.01.1548) - continued above
Somewhat arbitrarily, from this point we change our spelling of the family name from "Prouz" to the modern "Prouse".
m. Agnes Cole (dau of William Cole of Colehanger)
1. John Prouse Vivian reports that John dvp but shows that he was living in 1562!
  m. Agnes Cob (dau of William Cob of Norfolk)
A. John Prouse of Chagford (b c1527, a 1548)
  m. Margaret Southcott (dau of John Southcott of Indehoe)
  i. John Prouse of Chagford
  m. Philip Harriss (dau of John Harriss of Lanrest, m2. Jenkin Franklin of Wales)
  a. Humphry Prouse of Chagford (bur 24.04.1648)
  m1. (17.06.1604) Catherine Arscott (dau of Tristram Arscott of Annery)
  (1) John Prouse (bpt 26.10.1608, dsp bur 26.05.1664, 2nd son)
  m. Judith (a 1664)
(2) Elizabeth Prouse
  m. (01.013.1634-5) William Sandford
  (3) Philipp Prouse
  m. (06.01.1637-8) Richard Courtenay
  (4)+ other issue - Tristram (bpt 22.03.1606-7, a 1620, dsp), Humphry (bur 15.03.1616-7), Humphrey (bur 20.10.1622), Catherine (bur 14.09.1622)
m2. (c08.1620) Honor Bellew (bur 09.04.1641, dau of Richard Bellew of Ash Rogue, widow of Richard Copleston of Woodland)
  b. Margaret Prouse
  m. William Newcomb of Drewes Teynton
  c. Philip(pa) Prouse
  m. John Worth of Barstaple
  d. Catherine Prouse
  m. Robert Rogers of Swansey
  e.+ other issue - Nicholas (bur 08.08.1650), Ann (bur 06.10.1658)
  ii. Mary Prouse
  m. James Carey of Clovelly
  iii. Dorothy Prouse
  m. Pascho Blackmore
  iv. Tomazine Prouse
  m. William Harding of Combmartyn
  B. Elizabeth Prouse
2. Katherine Prouse
  m. _ Trowbridge
3.+ other issue - William, Richard

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Prouse of Chagford', p626)
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