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Families covered: Prichard of Chepstow, Prichard of Curt y Porthir, Prichard of Goytrey Manor, Prichard of Llanover (Lanover), Prichard of Preston

Howel ap Jevan ap Meyrick of Llanover (Curt y Porthir) (a 1453)
m. Jane (heir of Ievan (ap Trahearne ap Meiric ap Gwilim Sais ap Madoc) of Llanover)
1. Jenkyn (John) ap Howel of Llanover (Curt y Porthir)
  m. ?? (dau of Gwlym ap David Gwarin of Llanfoyst)
  A. Richard ap Jenkin of Llanover (Curt y Port)
Smart notes that Richard "in most pedigrees, has been confounded with his son Richard", shown by some as having married Jane Gunter (née Morgan), with a poet known as Richard Jenkyn who d before 1550. However, Smart then implies that there was confusion between Richard's nephew Lewis ap Jenkyn (see below) and a Richard ap Jenkyn ap David who married Jane, dau of William Gunter of Gunterstone.
  m. Anne (dau of William (ap John ap Roger) of Gwernddu by Margaret, dau of Lewis Philip of Llansanfred)
  i. William ap Richard (Prichard) of Llanover (Curt y Port) (d before 01.1566) the first mentioned by BLG1952
  m. Elizabeth (dau/heir of Watkin ap Hugh of Killweh (by Margaret, dau of Sir Richard Herbert of Ewyas by Margaret, dau/cheir of Sir Matthew Cradoc of Swansea), sister of John)
  a. Matthew Prichard of Llanover (Curt y Porthir), Sheriff of Monmouthshire (d 1622)
  m. Sissilt (Cecil) Lewis (dau of Edward Lewis of the Vann by Anne, dau of Sir William Morgan of Pencoed)
  (1) William Prichard of Llanover Court & Goytrey Manor
  (A) Maud Prichard (bpt 22.11.1617)
  (2) John (Jenkyn) Prichard (bpt 02.04.1599, Captain)
  (A) William Prichard, later of Chorley, Lancashire (b 1640-1)
  m. Elizabeth
  (i) Thomas Prichard of Hampton Court (bpt 28.02.1693, 6th son)
  m. _ Dalrymple (niece of the Earl of Stair)
(ii) William Prichard, Mayor of Preston (bpt 16.08.1699, bur 1773, youngest son)
  m. Anne Alderson of Askrigg (b 1688, bur 1778)
  (a) Christopher Prichard of Combe Hill, Greenwich (bpt 14.03.1732, d 23.07.1805, 5th son)
  m. (20.08.1763) Mary Duthoit (b 04.08.1745, d 14.06.1816, dau/coheir of Peter Duthoit ("of a French refugee family") by Mary Hawkins)
  ((1)) Mary Anne Prichard (b 23.05.1764, d 10.12.1840)
  m. (17.03.1791) Thomas Gregory (b 1762, d 1821, Vicar of Henlow)
((2))+ other issue - Peter (b 1765, dsp 1788), William (b 1771, a 1810, d unm), William (b 1775, d unm 1805), Christopher (b 26.05.1776, dsp 02.12.1800), Charles (b/d 1779), John Storey (b 1780, d 30.01.1812), Edward (b/d 1783), Edward (b/d 1788), Catharine (b 1766, d 1770), Jane (b/d 1767), Jane (b/d 1768), Kitty (b/d 1772), Elizabeth (b 16.01.1773, d unm 05.02.1849), Kitty (b 1774, d 1776), daughter (d infant), Ann (b/d 1784)
  (b) Edmund Prichard (bpt 27.04.1736)
  ((1)) Thomas Prichard
  (c) William Prichard, Mayor of Preston (bpy 15.04.1737, d 21.03.1803)
  The following comes from Smart's book, p85.
  m. Anne Preston (b 1733, d 08.12.1829, dau of Christopher Preston of Kirkby Londsdale)
  ((1)) Richard Preston Prichard of Sydenham (bpt 18.03.1765)
  m. Selina Taylor (dau of Rev. William Taylor by dau of Hammond Cross, Sheriff of Bedfordshire)
  ((A)) Selina Prichard
  m. Edward Parkinson
  ((B)) Richard Prichard of Hampshire & London had issue
  m. Mary Ann Colville
  ((C)) William Prichard of Harrow & London had issue
  m. Frances Henderson (dau of Waldegrave Henderson)
  ((D)) Janbe Prichard
  m. Edward Colville
  ((E)) Charles John Prichard in British Columbia (dsp?)
m. Manuela Ramos
  ((F)) Annie Catherine Prichard
  m. George James Kain (captain)
  ((G)) Emily Prichard (d unm)
  ((2)) John Prichard (dsp, captain)
  m. Catharine Pedder
  ((3)) Christiana Prichard
  m. John Preston
  (d)+ other issue - William (bpt 28.04.1725, bur 16.05.1736), John (bpt 30.11.1726, dsp 1772 in St. Helena), Thomas (bpt 14.05.1730, bur 04.05.1736), Robert (bpt 23.07.1731, bur 13.07.1736), Anne (bpt 22.02.1728, bur 22.04.1736)
  (iii) Catharine Prichard (bpt 09.09.1697, dsp)
  m. _ Ellison of Wigan
  (iv)+ other issue - William (bur 07.09.1693), John (bpt 01.08.1688), Robert (bpt 01.08.1688), Roger (bpt 02.09.1691, bur 08.09.1693), George (bpt 23.08.1692, bur 11.12.1695), Roger (bpt 11.07.1695), William (bpt 09.07.1696, bur 03.09.1696), Ann (bpt 04.06.1690), Elizabeth (bpt 27.10.1700)
  (3) Benjamin Prichard of Goytrey Manor (a 1660)
  (A) William Prichard of Goytrey Manor (d 1722)
  (i) William Prichard, last of Goytrey Manor (b 1686, d 1755)
  m. Blanch Thomas of Goytrey (d 1726)
  (a) William Prichard of Chepstow (bpt 1718, d 20.03.1795)
  m. Sarah Braban (dau of Jonathan Braban of Chepstow (by Martha), sister/coheir of Henry)
  ((1)) William Prichard of Chepstow (d 05.1821)
  m. Elizabeth Sharp (b 1766, d 1813, dau of Peter Sharp of Dinham)
  ((A)) Sarah Prichard (b 08.12.1792)
  m. John Gardiner (son of Anthony of Chepstow son of Anthony of Bengeworth)
  ((B)) Anne Christian Prichard (b 25.12.1794, d 1811)
  ((2)) Henry Prichard, later in Bristol (d 1832)
  m. Hester Webb of Bristol
  ((A)) Henry Prichard (b 26.03.1797, d 04.06.1864) had issue
  m. Charlotte Robertson (dau of William Robertson)
  ((3)) Thomas Prichard of Kingsdown, Bristol (b 1765, d 1834)
  m. Ssuan Horler of Bristol
  ((A)) Thomas Prichard (b 1794, d 1846) had issue
  m. Judith Collins (dau of Rev. John Collins of Oxwich)
  ((B))+ 1 son + 5 daughters
  (b)+ other issue - Maria (d infant), Anna (bpt 1707)
  (4) Barbara Prichard
  m. (c1606) Walter Runsey (Judge)
  b.+ other issue - Charles (a 1583, Vicar of Llanover), Valentine (a 1609, Sheriff of Monmouthshire), Anne
  ii. Henry ap Richard (d by 1585)
  B. Jenkyn ap Jenkin (4th son)
  i. Lewis ap Jenkyn possibly of this generation, may have married ...
  m. Jane Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan of Machen, widow of William Gunter (of Gunterstone), m3. William Vaughan of Magor)
  C. Maud
  m. John Morgan of Bassallrigg
  D.+ other issue - Roger, Lewis, Howel

Main source(s): 'Genealogy of the Descendants of the Pritchards' (Rev. Thomas Gregory Smart, 1868, p50+), BLG1952 ('Prichard of Pwllywrach')
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