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Families covered: Pincke of Bighton, Pincke of Kempshott

John Pincke of Bighton, Hampshire
1. Henry Pincke of Kempshott Park in Winslade, Hampshire (d 06.08.1611)
  m1. ?? (bur 1567) NOTE2
  m2. Elizabeth Page (b 1544-5, d 24.04.1625, dau of John Page of Sevington)
  A. William Pincke of North Waltham, Hampshire (b c1581, d 27.07.1625, 3rd son)
  m1. Soper of Wotton St. Lawrence
i. Walter Pincke of Hall in Deane (b c06.11.1614, d unm before 31.01.1636)
  m2. Andrea Cooper (d before 06.03.1645-6, widow of ??)
  B. Walter Pincke of Kempshott (bpt 29.07.1582, d 03.1649-50)
  m1. Dennys Clarke (b c1583, d 27.11.1621, dau of Henry Clarke of Goring)
  i. Henry Pincke of Kempshott (bpt 05.1612, d 1672)
  m. Ann Wither (b 1617-8, d 16.08.1703, dau of Henry Wither of Southwark)
  a. Henry Pincke of Winslade (b c1641, dvp bur 09.11.1664)
  m. (c06.1664) Elizabeth Picks of Scroops Court (widow of _ Starkey?)
  (1) Henry Pincke (d infant)
  b. Thomas Pincke of Kempshott, Mayor of Winchester (b c1645?, d 26.05.1708)
  m. Jane Stocker (b 1641-2, d before 1708, dau/coheir of Robert Stocker of Ellesfield, Mayor of Basingstoke)
  (1) Henry Pincke of Kempshott (b 1669, d 04.11.1723, Rector of Eastrop, Vicar of South Damerham)
  m. Rebecca Cranford (bur 19.06.1735, dau of Nathaniel Cranford)
  (A) Henry Pincke of Kempshott (b 09.12.1702, d unm 08.07.1770)
  (B) Dorothy Pincke of Kempshott (b 30.03.1701, d 23.08.1772)
  m. (02.10.1729) Thomas Hasker of Bramley (Southamptonshire) then Arborfield (Berkshire) (d 01.01.1776, brother of John of Basing)
  (i) Dorothy Hasker of Kempshott (bpt 15.09.1735, bur 04.08.1797)
  m. (c06.1765) John Lee of Wooley First, White Waltham, Berkshire (bpt 21.08.1737, bur 03.05.1803)
  (a) Henry Pincke Lee of Wooley Firs (bpt 04.09.1770, bur 06.03.1826) had issue
  m. Matilda Batson (b 1779-80, bur 01.08.1828, dau of Stanlake Batson of Winkfield Place)
  (b) Dorothy Lee (bpt 14.08.1769)
  m. (24.01.1799) Joseph Hiles of Liverpool
(c)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.02.1772), Thomas (bpt 06.05.1776, d unm bur 28.06.1825), Elizabeth (bpt 07.05.1773), Martha (bpt 21.10.1774, d unm 06.08.1818), Mary (bpt 31.10.1774, d unm 27.06.1843)
  (ii) Ann Hasker (bpt 13.10.1737, d unm 09.09.1759)
  (C)+ other issue - William (b 03.09.1704, d 27.11.1704), Robert (d infant)
  (2) Mary Pincke (b c1675)
  m. _ Davis
  (3)+ other issue - Gilbert of Holborn (b c1673, dsp before 30.06.1720), Thomas (b c1679, d unm before 28.04.1703), Elizabeth (b c1667, a 1686)
  c. William Pincke of Snow Hill, London (b 1647, d 22.11.1694)
  m. Jane Alured (bpt 05.10.1657, d 07.1715, dau of John Alured of Beverley)
  d. Anne Pincke (b c1642)
  m. (c05.1662) Thomas Searle of London (b c1636, silkman)
  e. Katherine Pincke (b c1662, d 14.06.1744)
  m. (c05.1679) John Butler of Amer, Alton (d 15.06.1719)
  (1) John Butler (a 1703)
  f.+ other issue - Mary (d unm before 1686), 2 daughters (d infant)
  ii. Walter Pincke of Basingstoke (bpt 01.1619, d c1666, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Cooper of Northbrook (a 1686)
a. Anne Pincke (bpt 03.05.1646)
  m1. _ Bell of Sutton
  m2. ??
  b.+ other issue - John (bpt 02.12.1650, bur 03.04.1656), Margaret (bpt 02.03.1649, a 1686), Elizabeth (b c1665, a 1686)
  iii. Elizabeth Pincke (bpt 1615)
  m. (12.1632) Thomas Hall, Mayor of Basingstoke (d before 15.09.1669, son of John of Basingstoke, m2. Margaret)
  a. Elizabeth Hall (b c1633, d 1694)
  m1. Rev. Gilbert Wither of Hall (d 19.09.1676, son of Henry of Southwark & brother of Ann)
  m2. J. Watson (Dean of Battle)
  iv. Margaret Pincke (bpt 07.04.1620)
  m. John Munday of Winchester
  v.+ other issue - John (bpt 10.10.1613, bur 05.1633), Eleanor (bpt 22.09.1617, bur 03.1618), Eleanor (bpt 20.11.1621)
  m2. Elizabeth (d 05.1632, possibly dau of _ Taylor of Winchester)
viii. Francis Pincke of Winslade (bpt 02.06.1632, d unm 10.1657)
  ix. Robert Pincke of London (bpt 22.05.1625, d before 11.01.1683-4)
  m1. ??
  a. Robert Pincke (d before 1683)
  m. Anne (Mills?)
  m2. (c08.1699) orothy Wells of London (d 19.08.1672)
  m3. (18.02.1632-3) Joane Warner (bur 08.04.1674, dau of R. Warner of Basingstoke, widow of _ Spittle)
  x. John Pincke of North Waltham (bpt 25.10.1635, bur 23.01.1690-1)
  m. Amy Stocker (bur 29.09.1690, dau/coheir of Robert Stocker of Ellesfielde)
  xi. William Pincke in Strarfield Turgis (bpt 11.09.1638, d unm before 1674)
  xii. Ann Pincke (bpt 17.02.1633)
  m. (26.06.1654) John Puckeridge of Heckfield
  a.+ issue (a 1674) - John, Henry
  C. Barbara Pincke (bpt 29.05.1568)
  m. (15.06.1584) Walter Madgwick of Dummer
  i. Henry Madgwick (b c1590, a 1624, Rector of Allington)
  D. Alice Pincke (bpt 23.06.1570)
m. William Purchase of Basingstoke
  E. Mary Pincke (bpt 26.01.1577-8)
  m1. Robert Payne of London
  m2. John Fielden of Burrough
  F. Amy Pincke (bpt 19.02.1580-1)
  m. Thomas Daalbye of London
  G.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 01.03.1572-3, d unm 03.11.1647, Rector of Stanton St. John & Colerne), John (bpt 19.02.1575, a 1634, d unm), Elizabeth (bpt 02.03.1571-2, bur 05.1572)
2. Robert Pincke of Brown Candover (bur 04.1613)
  m. Joanna (bur 02.1616)
3. John Pincke of Beaworth (Bentworth?) (d 16.01.1604-5) probably of this generation
  The following comes from MGH (NS3 vol 2 (1896), Part 6 (June 1897), 'Pedigree B - Pincke of West Stratton in gthe Parish of Micheldever, co. Southampton', p186+).
  A. John Pincke of West Stratton in Micheldever, Hampshire (bpt 16.11.1562, a 01.1642) probably of this generation
  i. Dorothy Pincke
  m. John Vinden of Wield, Hampshire
  a.+ issue (a 1642) John, Thomas, Arthur, Dorothy, Mary, Abigail, Catherine
  ii. Judith Pincke
  m. John Hack of Horwell
  a.+ issue (a 1642) - John, Stephen, Arthur
  iii.+ other issue - Robert of Southbrooke in Micheldever (a 08.1634, dvpsp), John (a 1642), Arthur of Marchwood (d before 07.05.1659), Elizabeth (d before 1642)
  B. Henry Pincke (of New Alresford?) (bpt 09.1590, d c1622?)
  i. Henry Pincke
  C. Dorothy Pincke (bpt 03.04.1597) probably married ...
  m. Pexall Winter
  i.+ issue - Edward, Dorothy
  D.+ other issue - William (bpt 12.1585), John (bpt 19.11.1591), George (bpt 30.11.1604), Dorothy (bpt 14.05.1585, d infant?), Dorothy (bpt 08.12.1587, d infant?), Dorothy (bpt 11.12.1594, d infant?), Judith (bpt 30.10.1600), Elizabeth (bpt 30.12.1601)
4. (William?) Pincke of Bighton (a 1600) possibly of this generation
  MGH (NS3 vol 2 (1896), Part 6 (June 1897), 'Pedigree A - Pincke of Bighton, co. Southampton', p185), which provides the following, starts with an unnamed man, "Probably a brother of Henry Pincke of Kempshott, and possibly the William Pincke of Bighton named in ... 1600". He is not mentioned on p105 although there is reference to Pedigree A (as well as to Pedigree B) under the above-mentioned John of Bentworth.
  A. Peter Pincke of Bighton (d before 16.04.1610)
  m. (22.01.1599-1600) Elizabeth Mason (a 1610, dau of John Mason, niece of Rev. Thomas of North Waltham)
  i.+ issue - William (bpt 24.08.1602, d 24.121628), John (bpt 05.09.1604, d 01.03.1629-30), Elizabeth (bpt 10.07.1600, bur 1604), Margaret (bpt 05.10.1606, bur 1609), Elizabeth (bpt 02.05.1609, a 1629)
  B. Robert Pincke of New Alresford then Odiham (d before 1617)
  m. Joane Smith (d 1617)
  i. Francis Pincke (b c1608, d before 30.09.1648, Vicar of Vowchurch)
  ii. Anne Pincke (bpt 20.01.1602, a 1648)
  m. George Searle of North Warnborough (d by 1648, clothworker)
  C. Henry Pincke of Bighton (bur 07.09.1638) porbably of this generation
  m. Joan (bur 29.05.1635)
  i.+ issue - John (bpt 06.08.1595, bur 20.05.1604), William (bpt 30.09.1601, a 1658), Peter (bpt 10.08.1609, d by 1658), Mary (bpt 08.01.1599), Margaret (bpt 14.10.1604, bur 1609)
5.+ other issue - Nicholas (d before 1592), William (bur 13.02.1567), Thomas of Basingstoke

Main source(s): MGH (NS3 vol 2 (1896), Part 4 (December 1896), 'Pincke (Pinke or Pink) of Kempshott in the Parish of Winslade, co. Southampton', p105+)
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