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Families covered: Pennefather of Cashel, Pennefather of Marlow, Pennefather of New Park

Abraham Pennefather
1. Abraham Pennefather of Hambury-on-the-Hill, Staffordshire
2. Matthew Pennefather of Clonegoose, Ballylanigan, etc. (co. Tipperary) (a 1666)
  A. Matthew Pennefather 'of Gort'
  m. Levina Kingsmill, heir of Ballyowen (New Park)
  i. Kingsmill Pennefather of New Park, co. Tipperary (d 1735, Colonel)
  m. ?? Pennefather (dau/heir of John Pennefather of Copsey, cousin) @1@ below
a. Richard Pennefather of New Park (d 1775, MP for Cashel)
  m. Charity Graham (dau of Alderman John Graham of Platten)
(1) Kingsmill Pennefather 'of Cloneyharp' (dvp 05.1771, MP for Cashel)
  m. Mary Lysaght (dau of John Lysaght, Lord Lisle)
  (A) Richard Pennefather of New Park (d 05.1831, Lt. Col., MP for Cashel)
  m1. (1782) Anna Jacob (dau/heir of Matthew Jacob of St. Johnstown)
  (i) Kingsmill Pennefather (dvp 1819, Lt. Colonel) had issue (daughters)
  m1. Maria Persse (dau of Burton Persse of co. Galway)
  m2. Grace Barton (dau of Thomas Barton of Grove)
  (ii) Matthew Pennefather of New Park, Sheriff of oc. Tipperary (b 1784) had issue
  m. (1814) Anna Connor (dau of Daniel Connor of Ballybricken, cousin)
(iii) William Pennefather of Lakefield (b 1794-5, d 04.02.1872) had issue
  m. (1819) Charity Maria Long (dau of Richard Long of Longfield)
  (iv) Dorothea Pennefather
  m1. Richard Lockwood of Cashel
  m2. Thomas Sadler
  (v) Mary Anne Pennefather
  m. John Lindsay of co. Tyrone (Lt. Colonel)
  (vi) Catherine Pennefather
  m. _ Lloyd of Rockville (Colonel)
  (vii) Margaret Pennefather
  m. Ambrose Goring of Ballyphilip
  (viii) Eliza Pennefather
  m1. Acheson Montgomery Moore of Garvagh (Major)
  m2. Sir John Judkin Fitzgerald, 2nd Bart of Lisheen
  (ix)+ other issue (d young)
  m2. (sp) Sarah (relict of John Gladstone of Annesgift)
  m3. (sp) Elizabeth Mansergh (dau of Nicholas Mansergh of Grenane)
  (B) John Pennefather (Rev.)
  m. Elizabeth Perceval (dau of Major _ Perceval)
  (i) Kingsmill Pennefather (Major) had issue
  m1. Frances Townsend (dau of Major _ Townsend of Monkton Hall)
  m2. (1842) Jane Catherine Patricia de Fonblanque (dau of Thomas de Grenier de Fonblanque)
  (ii) William Westby Pennefather (RN)
m. Elizabeth Harding (dau of William Harding)
  (iii) Sir John Lysaght Pennefather (d 1872, General)
  m. (1830) Margaret Carr (dau of John Carr of Mountrath)
  (iv) Joseph Lysaght Pennefather had issue (1 dau)
  m. Elizabeth Rea of Barnwood
  (v) Robert Perceval Pennefather had issue
  m. Elizabeth Benson
  (vi) Ann Pennefather
  m. William Ryan of Ballymackeoghe
(vii) Mary Pennefather
  m. Henry Vansittarrt of Bisham Abbey (Rear Admiral)
  (viii) Clare Pennefather
  m. Thomas Evans of Ashroe (RN)
  (ix) Laura Pennefather
  m. _ Philips of Mount Philips
  (C) William Pennefather (MP for Cashel) had issue
  m. Frances Nisbet (dau of Francis Nisbet of Derrycarne)
  (i) Anna Pennefather possibly of this generation
  m. Daniel Conner of Ballybricken (cousin)
  (D) Mary Pennefather
  m. Daniel Conner of Ballybricken
(E) Catherine Pennefather
  m. Daniel Mansergh of Cashel
  (F) Margaret Pennefather
  m. Robert Warren (son of Sir Robert, 1st Bart of Warrenscourt)
  (2) William Pennefather of Knockevan (a 1771, Major, MP for Cashel)
  m. Ellen Moore (dau of Edward Moore of Moorefort, Archdeacon of Emly)
  (A) Richard Pennefather (Baron of the Exhequer in Ireland)
  m. Jane Bennet (dau of Judge John Bennet)
(i) Richard Pennefather of Darling Hill, co. Tipperary (d 1849) had issue
  m. (1836) Emily Arabel Georgiana Butler (dau of Richard, 1st Earl of Glengall)
  (ii) Ellen Pennefather
  m. John Cromie
  (iii) Susan Pennefather
  m. Rev. Robert Jessop
  (iv) Dorothea Pennefather (d 30.11.1861)
  m. (30.05.1839) Somerset Richard Maxwell, (8th) Lord Farnham (b 18.10.1803, dsp 04.06.1884)
(v)+ other issue - John, William
  (B) Edward Pennefather (d 06.09.1847, Lord Chief Justice for Ireland) had issue
  m. (06.01.1806) Susan Darby (d 06.04.1861, dau of John Darby of Markly & Leap Castle)
  (3) Mary Pennefather
  m. John Croker of Ballinagard
  (4) Eliza Pennefather
  m. Morgan O'Meara of Toomavara
  (5) Charity Pennefather
  m. Samuel Allen of Golden
  b. Thomas Pennefather of Compsey, Kilshane & Ballyneira (d 1764)
m. (1730) Frances Goodwin of Island Bridge
  (1) John Bolton Pennefather (b c1734, d 1811)
  m. ?? Pennefather (dau of John Pennefather of Poulevaria, cousin) @2@ below
  (A) Thomas Pennefather of Ballylanigan, Mayor of Cashel (d 25.12.1828)
  m. Anne Hunt (dau of John Hunt of Moyne)
  (i) William Pennefather (dvp) had issue
  m. (02.09.1822) Susan O'Dwyer (dau of Anthony O'Dwyer of Cashel)
  (ii) Richard Pennefather of Kilshane (3rd son)
  m. _ Going (dau of Rev. _ Going)
  (iii) Cherry Pennefather
  m. John Smithwick
  (iv)+ other issue - Kingsmill, Thomas (Mayor of Cashel)
(B) Elizabeth Pennefather
  (C) Anne Pennefather
  m. William Latham of Ballyshenan
  (2) Frances Pennefather
  m. Thomas Oldis of Ballylanigan
  (3) daughter
  c. John Pennefather of Poulevaria (4th son)
  (1) daughter
  m. John Bolton Pennefather @2@ above
  d. Mary Pennefather
  m. Hamilton Lowe of Rose Green
e. Levina Pennefather
  m. Sir John St. Leger (Baron of the Exchequer)
  f. daughter
  m. _ Prince (Captain)
  g. (Ellinor) Pennefather
  m1. (11.1740) Rev. Francis Gore
  m2. (13.01.1752) George Roberts
  h.+ other issue - William of Carrigeen, Matthew, Frederick
  ii. Matthew Pennefather (d 1733, Lt. Colonel, MP for Cashel)
  m. (1697) Catherine Beresford (dau of Sir Randal Beresford, 2nd Bart of Coleraine)
  a. Jane or Mary Pennefather
  m. William Palliser of Rathfarnham
b. Levina Pennefather (d unm 14.05.1734)
  c. Dorothea Pennefather
  m. William Williams of Mount Williams
  d. Elizabeth Pennefather
  m. (1735) Alexander (MacDonnell), 5th Earl of Antrim
  iii. William Pennefather of Marlow
  m. (1755 sb 1734?) Anne Taylor (dau of Lovelace Taylor of Noan)
  a. Thomas Pennefather
  b. John Pennefather
  (1) John Pennefather of Marlow
  m. Mary Moore of Mooresfort
  (A) Thomas Pennefather had issue
  m. (1818) Mary Hunt (dau of Vere Dawson Hunt)
  B. John Pennefather of Compsey
  i. daughter
  m. Kingsmill Pennefather of New Park @1@ above

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Pennefather of Lakefield)
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