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Families covered: Pemberton of Aislaby, Pemerton of Bainbridge Holme, Pemberton of Boldon, Pemberton of Egglescliffe, Pemberton of Stanhope
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Commoners identifies the arms of this family as "Arg. a chev. ermines, between three griffins' heads, couped sa.".
John Pemberton of Stanhope (a 1400)
1. John Pemberton
A. Thomas Pemberton
  i. Richard Pemberton of Stanhope
  m. Anne Woller
  a. John Pemberton
  m. Alice Featherstonhaugh (sister of Alexander Featherstonhaugh of Stanhope Hall)
  (1) Richard Pemberton
  m. Alice Hindmarsh (dau/coheir of John Hindmarsh of Aislaby)
(A) Michael Pemberton of Frosterly, 1st of Aislaby Manor, co. Durham
  m. Margaret Watson (bur 27.01.1634, dau of Ralph Watson of Tudhoe)
  (i) John Pemberton of Aislaby (bur 28.01.1643-4)
  m. (08.06.1612) Isabel Grey (bur 19.02.1601-2, dau of Henry Grey of Newminster Abbey, son of Sir Ralph of Chillingham)
  (a) Michael Pemberton of Aislaby (bpt 17.04.1616, d c1652, Major)
  m. Alice Place (dau of Christopher Place of Dimdale or Dinsdale, m2. John Garnett)
  ((1)) Michael Pemberton of Aislaby & Northallerton (bpt 13.02.1644, bur 06.02.1685-6)
  m. Anne Metcalfe (dau of George Metcalfe of Thornborough)
  ((A)) John Pemberton of Blackwell, last of Aislaby (d 18.05.1729)
  m. (13.06.1697) Mary Place (d 16.04.1755, dau of Christopher Place of Darlington)
  ((i))+ issue (d unm) - 1 son and 3 daughters
  ((B)) Alice Pemberton
  m. _ Patinson of Norton
((C)) Mary Pemberton
  m. John Meeke of Northallerton
  ((2)) John Pemberton, Sheriff of York (bpt 05.09.1648, bur 10.07.1643)
  m1. (19.09.1678) Sarah Prescott (dau of George Prescott of Darlington)
((A)) William Pemberton (bur 27.10.1730)
  m. Elizabeth Killinghall (bur 16.06.1745, dau of John Killinghall of Middleton St. George)
  ((i)) William Pemberton in Plymouth (b 08.01.1718, surgeon)
  m. _ Woodman of Plymouth
  ((a)) William Pemberton of Middleton St. George
  m. Winifred Cock of Plymouth
  (((1))) William Pemberton of Middleton St. George (b 1732-3, d unm 11.03.1801)
((ii)) Sarah Pemberton (bpt 1704, dsp 07.1781)
  m. George Pinkney
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Pemberton (b 12.07.1710, bur 28.06.1756)
  m. (18.11.1733) James Allan of Darlington & Blackwell Grange
  ((iv)) Catherine Pemberton (bpt 07.07.1714, dsp)
  m. Robert Brown of London
  ((v))+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (bpt 09.05.1706, d 07.1750), Anne (bpt 01.05.1712), Margaret (bpt 06.09.1716, bur 31.12.1745)
  m2. (18.12.1683) Mary Dodsworth (bur 0202.1730, dau of Robert Dodsworth of Barton, widow of John Killinghall of Middleton St. George)
  ((B)) Francis Pemberton of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (bpt 07.06.1687, youngest son)
  m1. (1716) Jane Rand (dsp, dau of John Rand of Newcastle)
  m2. (c07.1732) Mary Hancock (dau of Samuel Hancock, relict of Rev. William Hall)
  ((i)) Elizabeth Pemberton
  m. Rev. William Hall
  ((ii)) Jane Pemberton
  m. _ Barnard
  ((iii)) daughter
  m. _ Waune of Darlington
  ((C))+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 10.89.1684, d 1769), Thomas (b 10.04.1686), Elizabeth (d young)
  ((2))+ other issue - Francis (d infant), Mary (d infant)
  (b) John Pemberton of Hilton (bur 10.07.1643)
  m1. Jane Robinson (dau of _ Robinson of Stone Cellar Farm, Usworth)
  ((1)) John Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme (b 02.1668, d 1746)
  m. Dorothy Stote (dau of Robert Stote of Hedworth & Horsley Hill)
  ((A)) John Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme (b 05.11.1704)
  m. (11.12.1740) Penelope Laurence (d 1767, dau of Rev. John Laurence of Bishop Wearmouth)
  ((i)) Stephen Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme (b 1743-4, d 1831, 2nd son)
  m. (02.05.1782) Isabella Anderson (d 1800, dau of George Anderson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
  ((a)) George Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme (b 15.05.1784, d 27.11.1831) had issue
  m. (29.09.1819) Jane Hunter (d 22.02.1826, dau of Thomas Hunter of Beoley Hall)
  ((b)) Penelope Pemberton (d 1813)
  m. (08.06.1809) Richard Clay of Hill House (Captain)
  ((c)) Annabella Pemberton
  m. (09.01.1815) Thomas Wilkinson of Scots House & Bishop Wearmouth
  ((d)) Mary Anne Pemberton
  m. (1817) Joseph Henry Hendon Holmes (d 1831)
  ((e)) Elizabeth Pemberton
  ((ii)) Richard Pemberton of Barnes, co. Durham (b 14/7.01.1746)
  m. (04.08.1774) Elizabeth Jackson (dau of Ralph Jackson of Sunderland)
  ((a)) John Pemberton of York then of Sherburn Hall (b 14.03.1779, dsp 29.1.1843)
  m. (03.07.1810) Mary Browne (dau of William Browne of Talantire Hall)
  ((b)) Ralph Stephen Pemberton, Sheriff of Carmarthenshire (b 26.01.1780, dsp 22.02.1847)
  m. (20.06.1820) Anne Mary Ripon (dau/heir of Thomas Ripon of Low Mill)
  ((c)) Richard Pemberton (b 04.04.1782, d 03.11.1843) had issue
  m. Ellen Jump (d 09.1837, dau of Captain Robert Jump)
  ((d)) Thomas Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme (b 03.03.1785, dsp 27.02.1839)
  m. (21.09.1830) Elizabeth Orde Dutton (dau of Captain John Dutton of Newcastle-on-Tyne, m2. Rev. A. Wade)
  ((e)) Elizabeth Pemberton
  m. (22.09.1814) Thomas Thompson of Bishop Wearmouth
  ((f)) Margaret Pemberton
  m. (12.07.1826) John Austin (Brigadier General in Portugal)
  ((g))+ other issue (d unm) - Penelope (b 26.06.1775, d 18.05.1821), Eleanor (b 25.07.1777, d 11.10.1826), Elizabeth (b 17.10.1783, d 12.01.1784)
  ((iii))+ other issue - John (b 1741, d unm 1776), Penelope (d young)
  ((B)) Richard Pemberton (b 1714, 3rd son)
  m. (20.08.1752) Elizabeth Croft (dau of Miles Croft of Bishop Wearmouth)
  ((i))+ issue (d young) -1 son and 1 daughter
  ((C)) Jane Pemberton
  m. John Ushaw of Monkwearmouth
  ((D))+ other issue (dsp) - Michael of South Moor House (b c1723, d 1750), Thomas, Adam, Robert
  ((2)) Robert Pemberton
  m. Sarah Page of Shields
  ((A)) Richard Pemberton of Boldon (d 1773)
  m. Sarah Baxter (d 1800, dau of John Baxter of Shields)
  ((i)) Robert Pemberton of Boldon (b 1787, d 12.06.1819) had issue
  m. Jane Dixon
  ((3)) Mary Pemberton
m2. (06.1671) Bridget Shipperdson (dau of Adam Shipperdson of Bainbridge Holme)
  ((4)) Michael Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme
  m. Anne Holmes of Darlington
  ((A)) Mary Pemberton
  m. (13.07.1732) William Wilkinson of High Buston
  ((B)) Anne Pemberton
  m. John Walker of Scruton
  ((C)) Bridget Pemberton (bpt 06.03.1714/5, bur 11.07.1782)
  m. Michael Coulter of Lesbury
  ((D)) Elizabeth Pemberton
  m. Richard Carr of West Ditchburn
  ((E))+ other issue (dsp) - Michael, John, Richard
  ((5))+ other issue - Adam of Sunderland (d 1699), Shipperdson
  (c) Henry Pemberton (bpt 20.04.1620, bur 25.04.1644, Captain)
  (d) Mary Pemberton (bpt 30.11.1613)
  m. Ralph Hurst of Ashe
  (e) Jane Pemberton
  m. William Theobalds of Egglescliffe
  (f) Anne Pemberton (b 14.10.1621)
  m. Robert Thorpe of Yarm
  (ii) Ralph Pemberton of Egglescliffe, later of Durham (bpt 06.07.1602, d 1681)
  m. (09.11.1637) Jane Theobalds
  (a) Ralph Pemberton of Durham
m. (06.1670-1) Anne Garnett
  ((1)) Ralph Pemberton of Egglescliffe & Sadberge (bpt 09.01.1671-2)
  m. (26.01.1697) Mary Garth
  ((A))+ issue - Michael (bpt 08.02.1709), Barbara
  (iii) Mary Pemberton
  m. (30.10.1610) Anthony Garnett of Egglescliffe
  (a) John Garnett of Egglescliffe (Captain)
  m. Alice Place (dau of Christopher Place of Dinsdale, relict of Michael Pemberton of Aislaby)
  (iv)+ other issue - Michael (bpt 19.01.1594, bur 17.11.1599), Richard in Lincolnshire (bpt 17.10.1604), Margaret (bur 22.08.1596), Florence (bur 01.07.1654)
  (B) Robert Pemberton of Eshe (bur 16.04.1620)
  m. Elizabeth (d 1588-9)
  (i) Michael Pemberton of Brandon Hall then of Scout's Hall (a 1625)
  m. (181.01.1611-2) Mary Booth
  (a)+ issue - Michael (bur 12.05.1619), Anne (bpt 1618), Mary (bpt 31.12.1621)
  (C) Ursula Pemberton
  m. (23.07.1577) John Crook of Woolsingham
  (D) Anne Pemberton
  m. (18.11.1578) Michael Eyre
  (E) Isabel Pemberton (a 1559)
  (2) Cuthbert Pemberton
  b. George Pemberton

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Pemberton of Bainbridge Holme and the Barnes'), Commoners (vol II, 'Pemberton of Barnes' (p70+) & 'Pemberton of Bainbridge House' (p684), Visitation (Durham, 1575+1615+1666, 'Pemberton of Aislaby')
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