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Families covered: Orreby of Alvanley, Orreby of Fulke Stapleford, Orreby of Gawsworth, Orreby of Orreby
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1. Herbert de Orreby
  m. Agnes (dau of Simon FitzWilliam of Kyme)
  A. John de Orreby
  TCP makes no mention of John's children. BE1883 reports that he had an only daughter & heiress who married Robert Willoughby of Eresby. The following comes from Visitation which, to retain the information, we provisionally follow pending further investigation.
  i. Gilbert de Orreby
  ii. Robert de Orreby
  m. Margaret Burgh (dau of Sir John Burgh, niece of Hubert, Earl of Kent)
  a. John 'Clark'
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Somerville
  a. Robert Somerville
  (1) Edmund Somerville
(2) Philip de Somerville
  (A) Jone Somerville
  m. Rice ap Griffith
  (B) Elizabeth Somerville
  m. John Stafford
  (C) daughter
  m. Robert Willoughby
Ormerod identifies Robert as 'of Eresby'. Visitation shows that his son William had a son Robert. The dates suggest that William was probably the first person shown on Willoughby01.
  (i) William Willoughby
  (D) Maud Somerville
  m. Alred de Juleni
  (i) Norman de Juleni
  (a) Alured (Alred) de Juleni
  B. Sir Philip de Orreby of Alvanley (b c1160, d c1230, justiciar of Chester)
  m1. Emma (dau of Margery de Coventre, probably dau of Walter de Coventre) not mentioned by BE1883, Visitation or Ormerod
  i. Philip de Orreby of Alvanley (b c1190, dvp)
  m. Leucha de Mohaut (d by 1227, dau of Roger de Mohaut, son of Robert by Leucha)
a. Agnes de Orreby
  m. Sir Walkelin de Arderne
  m2. Alice de Baumville
  ii. Sir Fulk de Orreby of Stapleford (d 23.08.1261, justiciar of Chester)
  m1. Philippe Strange (dau of John Strange of Dalby)
  a. Fulk de Orreby (d by 1282) not mentioned by BE1883 or Visitation
(1) Sir John de Orreby of Dalby and Fulke Stapleford, Lord (d before 18.03.1328/9)
  m1. Isabel de Tateshal (d before 1313, dau of Sir Robert de Tateshal)
  (A) Philip de Orreby of Isleham, etc. (dvp before 05.1326)
  m. (by 1316) Florence Mare (d 11.03.1343/4, dau of John or de la Mare, Lord Mare, by Pernel de Dunstanville)
  (i) John de Orreby, '2nd Lord' (b 1318, d 01.1353/4) never called to parliament
  m. (by 12.11.1342) Margaret (d by 04.09.1369)
  (a) Joan de Orreby (d 29/30.07.1369)
  m. (1365) Henry Percy, 3rd Lord of Alnwick (b 1320, d c17.06.1368)
  m2. (by 1317) Joan de Fourneux (d 09.1349, dau of Sir Richard de Fourneux of Carlton, sister of William, m2. Henry FitzHenry)
b. Alicia de Orreby
  m. Peter Corbet of Leighton
  m2. Sibyl
  C. Herbert de Orreby or Orby of Gawsworth
  Herbert is mentioned as of Gawsworth by TCP. The following comes from Visitation & Ormerod.
  m. Lucy, heiress of Gosworth (Gawsworth) Ormerod notes that she may have been a dau of Richard de Aldford
  i. Richard de Orreby of Gawsworth
  Visitation shows Richard as father of Thomas. Ormerod inserts an additional generation and shows the connection to the second Richard (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272) with a dotted line, implying that the father-son connection may not be certain. Provisionally, we follow Visitation in showing just the one generation of Richard.
  a. Thomas de Orreby of Gawsworth
  (1) Isabel de Orreby
  m. (1295) Thomas Fitton of Gawsworth
  ii. Thomas de Orreby
  D.+ other issue - William, Robert, Thomas

Main source(s): TCP (Orreby) with support/input from BE1883 (Orreby, in Addenda), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Orreby), Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, Orreby of Gawsworth)
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