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Families covered: Oldfield of Bradwall, Oldfield (Oldfeild) of Knotesford (Knutsford), Oldfield of Leftwich, Oldfield of Middlewich, Oldfield of Somerford

Robert Oldfield or Oldfeild
1. Robert Oldfield
A. Richard Oldfield of Knotesford
  m. _ Broughton
  i. Richard Oldfield of Knotesford
  m. Margaret Grosvenor (dau/heir of James Grosvenor (by Margaret, dau of Piers Stanley of Ewlove) son of Ralph of Eaton)
  a. Philipp Oldfield of Middlewich
m. Elizabeth Swinton (dau of Thomas Swinton of Knutsford by Margaret, dau of Hugh Green of Congletoin by Ellen, dau of Thomas Lathome of Ashbury)
  (1) Philipp Oldfield of Middlewich & Bradwall (b c1541, d 17.12.1616)
  m1. Eleanor Berington (bur 30.05.1578, dau/heir of William Berington of Bradwall)
  (A) Thomas Oldfield of Bradwall, Cheshire (b 28.06.1575, bur 15.01.1626-7)
  m. Anne Wettenhall (bur 03.10.1624, dau of Roger Wettenhall of Sandbach)
  (i) John Oldfield of Bradwall (bpt 28.08.1607, bur 25.07.1643)
  m1. (12.01.1622-3) Cicely Levensage (bpt 09.10.1609, d 27.03.1636, dau of William Levensage of Whellock)
  (a) Peter Oldfield of Bradwall (bpt 14.07.1623, bur 15.09.1649)
  m. Katherine Fox of Salop
(b) William Oldfield of Bradwall (bpt 05.08.1626, bur 22.05.1658)
  m. Catherine Shakerley (natural dau of Peter Shakerley of Shakerley)
  (c)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.02.1630-1), Philip (bpt 10.01.1631-2), Thomas (bpt 26.04.1635), Frances, Eleanor (d young), Elizabeth, Frances (d unm 1649), Mary (d young)
  m2. (c01.1639-40) Sarah Whitby (bur 25.04.1643, dau/heir of Thomas Witby, Alderman of chester)
  (k)+ other issue - John (bpt 01.11.1640, d 1646), Robert (bpt 13.02.1641-2)
  (ii) Thomas Oldfield (bpt 04.08.1608, bur 17.08.1608)
  (B) Elizabeth Oldfield
m. John Wettenhall (son of Roger Wettenhall, brother of Anne)
  (C)+ other issue - John in Sandbach (a 03.1570-1), Joan (bur 18.03.1570-1)
  m2. Ellen Hanmer (dau of William Hanmer of Fenns, widow of John Griffith)
  (E) Sir Philipp Oldfield of Somerford, Cheshire (b 1583, d 1627)
  m1. Mary Somerford (d 1626, dau/heir of John Somerford of Somerford)
  (i) Somerford Oldfield (b c1602, d 1640)
  m1. Katherine Catton (dau of William Catton of Ipswich)
(a) Somerford Oldfield 'of Somerford' (b c1628)
  m. Mary Middleton (dau of Sir George Midleton of Leighton, Bart)
  ((1)) George Someset Oldfield of Somerford, later of Leighton (b c1660)
  Visitation ends with this George. The following comes from BEB1841 (Middleton of Leighton Hall).
  m. "Lady Clarke"
  ((A)) daughter
  m. Albert Hodgson of Leighton
  ((i)) Ann Hodgson
m. George Townley of Leighton Hall (dsp, son of Charles of Townley)
  ((ii)) Mary Hodgson (dsp)
  m. (1737) Ralph Standish of Standish & Borwick
  ((B)) daughter (dsp)
  m. _ Fletcher of Hutton
  (b) Lucy Oldfield probably the Lucy (d 05.04.1692) who married ...
  m. Andrew Hill of Court of Hill (b 1604, 05.10.1675)
(c)+ other issue - Edward, John
  m2. Elizabeth Foxe (dau of Charles Foxe of Gretton)
  (ii) Margaret Oldfield probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. Edmund Swetenham of Somerford (b 09.11.1614, bur 17.02.1675)
(iii)+ other issue - William, Gefferey, Elizabeth, Mary, Lucy
  m2. (sp) Katherine Puleston (d 27.12.1630, dau/coheir of Thomas Puleston of Leghtwood, widow of Thomas Hanmer of Fenns)
  (F) Michael Oldfield of Croxton (bpt 02.10.1585)
  m. Eleanor (probably not Elizabeth) Mainwaring (dau/heir of Charles (or James) Mainwaring of Croxton)
  (G) William Oldfield (bpt 31.10.1586)
  m. Elizabeth Leftwich (dau/heir of Robert Leftwich of Leftwich)
  The following comes from Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Leftwich of Leftwich', p140).
(i) Leftwich Oldfield (bpt 04.11.1619, bur 06.08.1669)
  m1. Mary Croxton (dau of Thomas Croxton of Ravenscroft)
  (a) Leftwich Oldfield of Leftwich (b 1646-7, d 07.06.1692)
  m. Alice Howorth (dau/heir of Richard Howorth of Parkhead)
  ((1)) Leftwich Oldfield 'of Leftwich'
  m. (26.06.1702) Jane Bowyer (bpt 31.10.1676, d 17.10.1749, dau of Sir William Bowyer, 4th Bart of Knipersley) apparent wife of Leftwich, presumed mother of ...
  ((A)) Anne Oldfield
  m1. Thomas Puleston (dsp 1734)
  m2. John Puleston
  ((B)) Elizabeth Oldfield
m. Rev. Ellis Wynne of Congleton
  ((C))+ other issue (d unm) - Bowyer (d infant), John (d infant), Jane
  ((2)) John Oldfield of Dorchester, Dorset
  ((A))+ 2 daughters
  ((3)) Alice Oldfield
  m. William Hayhurst of Parkhead
  ((4)) Mary Oldfield (b 1675-6, d 10.08.1754)
  m. Thomas Yate of Middlewich (b 1666-7, d 25.07.1747)
  ((5)) Elizaeth Oldfield (b c1690, dsp 19.11.1738)
  m. T. Aubrey (rector of Eccleston)
  ((6))+ other issue - Richard (bpt 11.09.1683), Jane, Matilda, Lucy, Frances (bpt 04.02.1682-3)
  (b) Thomas Oldfield (Colonel)
  ((1)) Thomas Oldfield (d 1758 in Limerick)
  (c) Mary Oldfield (a 1664)
  m. Hugh Burches (rector of Woodchurch)
(d)+ other issue - William, Philip (a 1664), Edward, Robert (d young), Anne (d before 1664), Elizabeth (a 1664)
  m2. ?? (widow of Matthew Wright of Nantwich)
  (ii) Frances Oldfield
  m. Peter Mainwaring of Merton Sands
  (iii) Christian Oldfield
  m. John Stevens of London
  (iv)+ other issue - Philip, William (b 04.05.1623), Thomas, John, Mary, Anne, Margaret, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Juidth, Martha, Sarah
  (H) Margaret Oldfield (bpt 30.11.1588)
  m1. Peter Shakerley of Shakerley (bur 10.1624)
  m2. William Vernon (d 1667)

Main source(s): Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Oldfeilde of Bradwall), Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Oldfield of Bradwall) with input as reported above
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