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Families covered: Oglethorpe of Kellington, Ogerthorpe of Newington, Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe, Oglethorpe of Rawden, Oglethorpe of Roundhay, Oglethorpe of Westbrook

John Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe, Yorkshire (a 1465)
m. Constance
1. William Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe
  A. John Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe
  i. Richard Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe
  m. Anne Usthwaite of Lincolnshire
  a. William Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe
  m. Jane Wright (dau of William Wright of York)
(1) William Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe (a 1585)
  (1) www.geocities.com/Heartland/Fields/2179/Oglethorpe.html (referred to below as "The Web Site") shows a William, apparently this William (as he married Anne Southeby and had a son William who married Susan Sutton), as son of Robert Oglethorpe of Bardsey (b c1528, d after 1608, 2nd Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland) who is shown as descended from the above William son of John. In case there has been confusion, we distinguish below what comes from Visitation and what comes from The Web Site.
(2) FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe and Wakefield', p105+), which supports some of the following, starts with this William but shows only his marriage to Anne Sotheby.
(3) The Web Site shows that William married someone (d before 1586) before Anne Southeby and had a daughter Eleanor/Helen (who married William Oglethorpe of Upton) and he then married Anne Southeby in 1586 who was mother of his other children. Visitation shows William married first to Anne Southeby (mother of John, William, Ann & Helen (added later)) and then to Julian Mallory (mother of Ann). Provisionally, we show as follows (dates from The Web Site & FMG):
  m1. ??
(A) Eleanor (Helen) Oglethorpe (bpt 17.09.1581) mentioned by FMG but shown as dau of Anne Sotheby
  m. (1609) William Oglethorpe of Upton (son of Michael of Thorner by Ann Stillington) @@ below
  m2. (16.10.1586) Anne Sotheby (dau of Robert Sotheby 'of Pocklington' by Grace, dau of John Vavasour by Agnes Calverley)
  (B) William Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe (bpt 05.01.1588, d c1629)
  m. (16.02.1607/8) Susan Sutton (b c1613. a 09.1665, dau of Sir William Sutton of Averham by Susan Cony)
Visitation ends with naming their children. Most of the following comes from The Web Site.
  (i) Sutton Oglethorpe of Escrick, Yorkshire (b 1612)
  m. Frances Mathew (dau of John Mathew by Jane Southby (sb Toothby?))
  (a) Sir Theophilus Oglethorpe of Westbrook Place (Godalming, Surrey (bpt 14.09.1650, d 10.04.1702)
  m. Eleanor Wall (b 1662, d 19.06.1732, dau of Richard Wall of Rathkenny by Catherine Roche)
  ((1)) Theophilus Oglethorpe, 'Baron Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe' (b c1682, d c1737, Brigadier General, 2nd son)
  TCP (Oglethorpe) reported that Theophilus was created Baron by James, the Old Pretender, in 1717.
  ((2)) James Edward Oglethorpe of Westbrook Place & Cranham Hall, '2nd Baron Oglethorpe' (b 22.06.1696, dsp 30.06.1786, General, youngest son)
  James founded the Colony of Georgia in North America.
  m. (15.09.1744) Elizabeth Wright (b c1710, d 26.10.1787, dau of Sir Nathan Wright of Cranham Hall)
  ((3)) Anne Henrietta Oglethorpe, 'Countess of Oglethorpe' (b c1683, d unm 05.09.1756)
  Anne was created Countess by James, the Old Pretender.
  ((4)) Eleanor Oglethorpe (b 29.01.1683/4, d 1725)
  m. Eugene Marie de Bethisy, Marquis de Mezieres (b 10.051656, d 24.04.1721)
  ((A)) Catherine Eleonore de Bethisy (b 02.12.1707, d 1757/1769)
  m. (29.03.1722) Charles de Rohan, Prince of Montauban (b 07.08.1693, d 1766)
  One of their descendants was Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia (1820-1878) who in 1861 became the first King of (united) Italy.
  ((5)) Louisa Mary ('Molly') Oglethorpe (b 09.1693)
  m. (1733) _ de Bensonpiere, Marquis de Bensonpiere
  ((6)) Frances Charlotte ('Fanny') Oglethorpe (b 02.1695/6)
  m. (12.1719) Jean Francois de Bellegarde, Marquis de Piedmont
  ((7))+ other issue - Lewis (b 02.1681/2, d 08.09.1704), James (b 01.06.1689, bur 15.06.1690), Sutton (b 09.1693, d c11.1693)
  (b) Elizabeth Oglethorpe (bpt 22.01.1637/8)
  m. (22.02.1654/5) Arthur Squire (b 1633, son of Thomas by Jane Jackson)
  (c)+ other issue - Ursula (bpt 25.02.1638/8, d young), Ursula (bpt 25.11.1645)
  (ii) William Oglethorpe of Haselden Hall, Wakefield (d 22.02.1673/4) mentioned only by Visitation & FMG, the latter providing the following
  m. Elizabeth Romley (d 28.02.1703/4, dau of Henry Romley, widow of William Savile of Haselden Hall)
  (a) William Oglethorpe (b 1654) had issue
  m. (1679) Sarah Wilkes of Kirk Deighton
  (b) Ann Oglethorpe (b 1655)
  m. (1673) John Plantagene alias Cecil of Sutton
  (c)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 02.10.1659, bur 11.02.1661-2), Robert (bpt 02.12.1660), Edward (bpt 09.10.1662, bur 02.10.1665), David (bpt 15.12.1663, bur 16.12.1665), John (bpt 20.01.1669, bur 02.04.1696), Elizabeth (bpt 22.12.1666), Susanna (bpt 26.08.1671)
  (iii) Robert Oglethorpe mentioned only by Visitation
  (iv) Elizabeth Oglethorpe (bpt 09.12.1609) mentioned only by The Web Site
  (v)+ other issue (mentioned by Visitation, dates from The Web Site) - Jane (bpt 13.08.1615), Isabella (bpt 10.03.1617/8), Dorothy (bpt 28.05.1620), Mary
  (C) Richard Oglethorpe (bpt 04.06.1592) mentioned only by The Web Site
  (i) Thomas Oglethorpe (bpt 19.05.1625, d 09.02.1687/8 in Virginia)
  m. (by 1666) Katherine Thomas (dau of John Thomas by Elinore Montague)
  (a) Katherine Oglethorpe (b 1667 in Virginia)
  m. John Askew (b 1663, d before 24.01.1713/4, son of John by Bridget Smith)
  (b) Sarah Oglethorpe (d 16.01.1709/10 in Virginia)
  m. Nicholas Askew (b c1665, d 27.05.1728, son of John by Bridget Smith)
  (c) Margaret Oglethorpe (b 1671 in Virginia)
(ii)+ other issue - Robert (bpt 20.07.1628), Mary (bpt 04.06.1620), Frances (bpt 10.02.1621/2)
  (D) Mary Oglethorpe mentioned only by FMG & Visitation
  m. Thomas Walton of York
  (E)+ other issue (mentioned by Visitation & FMG) - John (b c1582, dvpsp, eldest son), Anne (mentioned also by The Web Site, bpt 02.03.1601/2)
  (G)+ other issue (mentioned only by The Web Site) - Grace (bpt 18.05.1587), Mary (bpt 06.05.1590, d 24.06.1592), Frances (bpt 15.05.1604)
  m3. Julian Mallory (dau of Sir William Mallory of Studley)
  (J) Ann Oglethorpe
  m. Thomas Wood of Wetherby
  (2) Edward Oglethorpe (dsp)
  m. Ann Staveley (dau of Thomas or William Staveley of Ripon, widow of William Burton of Ingmanthorpe)
  (3) Ursula Oglethorpe
m. Nicholas Burton of Ingmanthorpe
  (4)+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Thomas
  b. Robert Oglethorpe of Wadworth
  m. _ Wastlyn
  (1)+ issue - George, William, Thomas
  c. Leonard Oglethorpe
  d. Constance Oglethorpe probably of this generation
  m. Hugh Hill of Gorscote (a 1583)
  ii. Thomas Oglethorpe of Beale
  m. Jane Vavasour (dau of Henry Vavasour of Hazlewood)
  a. Henry Oglethorpe of Beale (a 1585)
  (1)+ issue - Richard, Thomas
  b. Mark Oglethorpe (dsp)
  c. William Oglethorpe (rector of Kellington)
  The following comes from Visitation (J.W. Clay (1917), Yorkshire ,'Dugdale (1665) with additions, vol 3, 'Oglethorpe of Brandesby', p465+).
  (1) Gervase Oglethorpe of Kellington, Yorkshire
  m. (c10.1605) Margaret Sainter of West Haddlesey
  (A) Alice Oglethorpe
  m. Thomas Style of Sutton neer Ouston
  (i) Thomas Style of Kellington
  m. Susan Welburn of Kingston upon Hull
  (2) Stephen Oglethorpe of Kellington
  m. Elizabeth Dewhurst of Wadworth
  (A) William Oglethorpe (b 1618-9, a 04.1666)
  m. Joane Walton (dau of John Walton of Kellington)
  (i) John Oglethorpe (b 1637-8, a 04.1666, rector of Bransby)
  m. Elizabeth Lete (dau of William Lete (Leeke) of Newarke super Trent)
  (ii) Jane Oglethorpe
  m. William Thorpe of Beall
  (iii) Anne Oglethorpe
  m. Thomas Dickon of Water Fryston
  (B) John Oglethorpe
  (i)+ issue - Gervase, Stephen, William
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Wickham of Kellington
  (D) Katherine Oglethorpe
  m. William Bywater of Water Fryston
  (E) Margaret Oglethorpe
  m. Henry Verdon of Beale
  (3) John Oglethorpe (d unm before 04.01.1614-5)
2. George Oglethorpe of Newton
  m. ??
  A. Matthew Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe and Roundhay
  m. _ Rishworth (dau/heir of _ Rishworth of Hayton)
i. Clement Oglethorpe of Roundhay
  m. Cicely Constable (dau of Sir John Constable of Kinalton)
  a. William Oglethorpe of Roundhay (a 1585, 1612)
  m. Elizabeth Tyrwhit (dau of Edward Tywhit of Stanthorp)
  (1) Elinor Oglethorpe
  m. Henry Savile (son of Sir John of Howley)
(2) Anne Oglethorpe
  m. Robert Maude of Helthwaite Hall
  (3) Elizabeth Oglethorpe
  (4) Susan Oglethorpe (d 1628) probably the Susan who married ...
  m. (1612) Stephen Tempest of Broughton (b 1593, d 1651)
  b. Michael Oglethorpe of Thorner
  m. Elizabeth Stillington (dau of Thomas Stillington of Kelfield)
  (1) William Oglethorpe
  This is probably the William, son of Michael Oglethorpe of Thorner by Ann Stillington, shown by The Web Site referred to above as having the following family.
  m. (1609) Eleanor (Helen) Oglethorpe (bpt 17.09.1581, dau of William Oglethorpe) @@ above
  (A)+ issue - son, Martin of London (b c1614, d 1673)
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas, Gervase, Mary
  B. William Oglethorpe (4th son)
  i.+ issue - John, Owen of Bridgeforth (a 1585)
  C. Elizabeth Oglethorpe mentioned by The Web Site referred to above
m. Henry Ragsdale of Kneeton
  D.+ other issue - Owen (Bishop of Carlisle), Andrew of Hidley
  p. ??
  F. John Oglethorpe of Newington, Oxfordshire
  m. Alice Goodwin (dau of John Goodwin of Upper Winchendon)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574+1634, Oglethorpe of Newgington).
  i. (Sir) Owen Oglethorpe of Newington (d 07.1616)
  m. Jane Conyers (dau of Francis Conyers of Wakerley)
  a. Alice Oglethorpe probably of this generation
  m. John Kete of Checkington
  b.+ other issue - Edward, Dorothy, Elizabeth
  ii. Elizabeth Oglethorpe
  m1. Robert Rokes of Fawley (d 1580)
  m2. John Alford of Holt Castle then Fawley
3. Robert Oglethorpe of Thorp Arch
  The following comes from Visitation (Foster, 1875, Yorkshire, Oglethorpe of Rawden).
  A. John Oglethorpe of Thorp Arch
  i. Robert Oglethorpe of Rawden (b c1528, a 1612)
  m. Jane Paslewe (dau of Stephen Paslewe of the family of Ridlesden)
  a. William Oglethorpe of Rawden
  m. Alice Grove (dau of Richard Grove of Oulton)
  (1) Richard Oglethorpe of Rawden (a 1612)
  m. _ Jackson (dau of _ Jackson, alderman of York)
  (2) Elizabeth Oglethorpe (b c1580)
  (3) Agnes Oglethorpe
  m. William Nelson of Fryston
  (4) Helen Oglethorpe
  m. Arthur Justice of Walton Head
  b. Jane Oglethorpe
  m. Richard Paver of Breame
  c. Bridget Oglethorpe
  m. William Wilson of Fryston ('the younger')
  d.+ other issue - Thomas, Robert, Andrew, James, Francis, Richard
  ii.+ other issue - John (dsp), George (a 1585)
  B. Nicholas Oglethorpe (dsp)
4. Andrew Oglethorpe

Main source(s): Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, Oglethorpe of Oglethorpe and Roundhay) with input as reported above
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