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Families covered: Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, Ogilvy of Clova, Ogilvy of Inverquharity, Ogilvy of Lintrathen, Ogilvy of Ogilvy, Ogilvy of Powrie, Ogilvy of Wester Powrie

Gilbert of Angus (a 1172, 1204) probably father or grandfather of ...
1. Alexander de Ogiluill (a 1250) succeeded by ...
  A. Patrick de Ogiluill (a 1267, 1305) presumed father of ...
  i. Patrick de Ogiluill (a 1267, 1325) presumed father of ...
  a. Alexander de Ogilvy of that ilk
  TSP (Airlie), which follows the line of Alexander's brother Patrick, suggests that Alexander's son may have been called John but Jack Blair's book provides the continuation of his line with ...
  (1) Patrick de Ogilvy (d c1345) - continued below
  b. Patrick Ogilvy of Wester Powrie
  m. Marjory Ramsay (dau of Robert Ramsay of Auchterhouse)
  (1) Walter Ogilvy of Wester Powrie and Auchterhouse (a 1365)
  (A) Patrick Ogilvy (d unm)
(B) Sir Walter of Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, Sheriff of Angus (d Glaskune/Glenberith 1392)
  m. Isabel Ramsay (dau of Sir Malcolm Ramsay)
  (i) Sir Alexander Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, Sheriff of Angus (d after 14.07.1421)
  (a) George Ogilvy (d Harlaw)
  (b) Sir Patrick Ogilvy of Auchterhouse (d c1429)
  m. (before 1413) Christian Keith (dau of Sir Alexander Keith of Grandown)
  ((1)) Alexander Ogilvy of Auchterhouse, Sheriff of Angus (d c1472)
  ((A)) Margaret Ogilvy
  m. (by 1466) James Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan (d c1498)
((2)) Walter Ogilvy of Beaufort and Oures, Sheriff of Angus (d after 1477)
  m. (c1438) Margaret of Fenton (dau of Walter of Fenton of Beaufort)
  partner unknown
  ((A)) Walter Ogilvy (a 01.1477)
  ((3)) Christian Ogilvy
  m. Sir John Wemyss of Reres
  ((4)) Margaret Ogilvy (a 1471) --
  m. Sir John Oliphant of Aberdalgie (d 23.01.1444-5) --
  (c) Sir Andrew Ogilvy of Inchmartine (a 1461) --
  m. Marjorie Glen (dau of Sir John Glen of Inchmartin) --
  (d) David Ogilvy of Balmuto (d before 1440)
m. Christian Glen (dau of Sir John Glen of Inchmartin)
  ((1)) Alexander Ogilvy of Kinneff
  ((2)) Margaret Ogilvy --
  m. Silvester Rattray of that ilk --
  ((3)) Christian Ogilvy
  m. _ Lindsay
  ((4)) Marjorie Ogilvy
  m. Walter Tulloch of that ilk
  (e) Marjory Ogilvy (a 1476) --
  m. David Lindsay, 3rd Earl of Crawford --
(ii) Sir Walter Ogilvy of Lintrathen, High Treasurer (d 1440)
  m1. _ Durward (heiress of Lintrathen)
  (a) Sir John Ogilvy of Lintrathen (d 06.1489)
  m. (before 1447) Margaret (d before 1471, widow of James Dunbar, Earl of Moray)
  ((1)) Sir James Ogilvy, 1st Lord of Airlie (d before 25.09.1504) --
  m1. Elizabeth Kennedy --
  m2. (before 05.1478) Helen Douglas (dau of William, 2nd Earl of Angus)
  m3. Jonet Lyle (d c1525)
((2)) David Ogilvy of Newtoun
  ((3)) Thomas Ogilvy, Abbot of Cowpar
  ((4)) Christian Ogilvy --
  m. Sir Alexander Forbes, 3rd of Pitsligo --
  ((5)) Elizabeth Ogilvy
  m. Sir Patrick Keith of Innerugie
((6)) Marion Ogilvy
  m. Henry Stewart of Rosyth
  ((7)) Margaret Ogilvy
  m. (1482) Gilbert Ramsay of Banff
  (b) James Ogilvy (a 1450)
  m2. Isobel Glen (dau of Sir John Glen of Balmuto)
  (c) Sir Walter Ogilvy of Deskford and Findlater (a 1440) --
  m. (by 1436) Margaret Sinclair (dau of Sir John Sinclair of Deskford & Findlater) --
  (d) Giles Ogilvy
  m. Robert Arbuthnot, 10th of Arbuthnot (d 21.02.1450)
  (e) Isabel Ogilvy (d 1484) --
  m1. Patrick Lyon, 1st Lord Glamis (d 21.03.1459) --
  m2. (sp) Gilbert Kennedy, 1st Lord (d after 06.03.1478-9)
  (f)+ other issue - David (a 1426), Alexander, Patrick, George
  (iii) Sir John Ogilvy, 1st of Inverquharity (a 1420)
  (a) Alexander Ogilvy, 2nd of Inverquharity (d 23.01.1445)
  m. Janet Towers (dau of William Towers of Banton)
((1)) Alexander Ogilvy, 3rd of Inverquharity (d young c1454)
  (b) Walter Ogilvy, 4th of Inverquharity (d 1481)
  A contributor (JB, 10.12.07) suggested that Walter's wife may have been a Fothringham.
  ((1)) John (not James) Ogilvy, 5th of Inverquharity
  m. Margaret Rattray (dau of John Rattray of Rattray)
((A)) David Ogilvy, 6th of Inverquharity (d c1526)
  m. _ Norie
  ((i)) John Ogilvy 'of Inverquharity' (d c1547 Pinkie?)
  Details of John's 2nd marriage were kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (JB, 16.02.08) who also reported the approximate dates of John's death and that of his father. BP1934 reports that John dvp.
  m1. Elizabeth Guthrie (dau of Sir Alexander Guthrie)
  ((a)) Sir John Ogilvy of Inverquharity (d 1587)
m. (c1541) Isobel (or Elizabeth) Ogilvie
  ((b)) James Ogilvy
  m. Elizabeth Spalding
  (((1))) John Ogilvy
  ((c)) Margaret Ogilvy apparently of this generation
  m. William Guthrie, 2nd of Hilltoun (a 1543)
  m2. Elizabeth Fothringham (dau of Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie, m2. John Ogilvy of Inverkeilor & Kinordy)
  ((d)) Thomas Ogilvy of Lednathie
m. (1565) Jane Erskine (dau of William Erskine of Auchnagray)
  (c) Thomas Ogilvy, 1st of Clova (b c1420, d c1490)
  m. Elizabeth Douglas
  ((1)) Alexander Ogilvy (dvp c1487)
  ((A)) Thomas Ogilvy, 2nd of Clova
  m. Janet Abernethy
  ((i)) James Ogilvy, 3rd of Clova (d 1547)
  m. Katherine Gordon
  ((a)) Alexander Ogilvy, 4th of Clova (d 1585)
  m. (c1545) Margaret Graham
  ((b)) James Ogilvy of Laws (d before 21.06.1584)
  m. Janet Lyell
  ((c))+ other issue - John of Coiliamy (a 12.1557), David of Corsmyln (Crossmill), Thomas in Balhall (a 1570), Walter
  ((ii)) Walter Ogilvy of Wester Persie
  ((a)) Thomas Ogilvy of Wester Persie
  m. Isabel Forbes
(((1))) David Ogilvy of Wester Persie (and Dalmoy & Balnaboath) probably ancestor of the Ogilvys of Cluny and Ruthven
  m. Eupham Ogilvy
  ((B)) David Ogilvy
  ((i)) Henry Ogilvy (d before 04.1555)
  m. Agnes Hering (Heries) (d before 04.1555)
  ((a)) David Ogilvy (a 04.1555)
  ((C)) John Ogilvy (a 1502)
  ((D)) Marjory Ogilvy
  m. John Scott
  ((E)) Elizabeth Ogilvy --
  m1. (mcrt 16.03.1506/7) William Haliburton, younger of Gask and Pitcur --
  m2. David Rollo of Menmuir (d before 31.10.1532)
  (d) Andrew Ogilvy
  ii. Sir Robert Ogilvy



Patrick de Ogilvy (d c1345) - continued above
1. Alexander de Ogilvy of that ilk (d 1390)
  A. John Ogilvy of that ilk (d c1427)
  i. David Ogilvy of that ilk (d c1450)
  a. John Ogilvy of that ilk (d c1463)
  (1) David Ogilvy of that ilk (d c1502)
  m. Janet Ochterlony
(A) John Ogilvy (dvp c1495)
  m. Margaret Rattray
  (i) Alexander Ogilvy of that ilk (d by 07.1525/6)
  m. Janet Graham
  (a) David Ogilvy of that ilk (d c1561)
  m. Margaret Moneypenny
  ((1)) Sir Gilbert Ogilvy 'of that ilk' of Powrie (d c1600)
  m1. Isabel Beaton (dau of John Beaton, 2nd of Creich)
  m2. (mcrt 25.08.1557) Sibilla Drummond (dau of David Drummond, 2nd Lord)
((A)) John Ogilvy of that ilk (d 1608)
  m. Elizabeth Scrymgeour
  ((i)) Gilbert Ogilvy of that ilk (dsp before 08.1612)
  ((ii)) Thomas Ogilvy of that ilk, last of Ogilvy (a 1640)
  m. (by 12.11.1612) Margaret Heriot
  ((a)) Isobel Ogilvy
  m. (mcrt 08.03.1633) William Farquharson (son of William of Craigneatie)
  ((b))+ other issue - Thomas, James
  ((iii)) Margaret Ogilvy
m. Duncan Campbell, 4th of Glenlyon
  ((iv)) Isabel Ogilvy (d before 02.12.1617)
  m1. (before 12.03.1607) Kenneth Mackenzie, 1st Lord of Kintail (d 02.1611)
  m2. Sir John Seton of Barns
  ((v))+ other issue - Elizabeth, Sibilla
  ((B)) Agnes or Anne Ogilvy
  m. (30.11.1587) Thomas Erskine, 1st Earl of Kellie (b 1566, d 12.06.1639)
  ((C)) Margaret Ogilvy
  m. David Ramsay of Balmain (d 1636)
  ((D)) Jean Ogilvy
  m. Patrick Campbell
  ((E))+ other issue - Gilbert, Robert
  ((2)) William Ogilvy
  ((3)) Barbara Ogilvy
  m. John Lovell of Ballumbie
  (b) Thomas Ogilvy
  m. Marjory Maxwell
  (ii) Patrick Ogilvy
  m. Elizabeth Hay
  (B) Isabel Ogilvy
  m. (by 1503) Andrew Lovell of Ballumbie (son of Henry of Ballumbie)
  (2)+ other issue - Alexander, James
  b.+ other issue - Andrew, Thomas, David, William

Main source(s):
(1) For much of upper section : TSP (Airlie), BP1934 (Airlie)
(2) Ogilvy of Inverquharity : BP1934 (Ogilvy, Bart of Inverquharity).
(3) Ogilvy of Clova : "Ogilvys of Clova" by Jack Blair, an article in "The Scottish Genealogist" Vol XLVII NO. 4 dated December 2000, published by The Scottish Genealogy Society (15 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh EH1 2JL)
(4) For lower section (uploaded 02.04.06) : extracts, kindly provided by the author, from "Ogilvy of that ilk - Ogilvy of Powrie" by Jack Blair (published by the Tay Valley Family History Society, April 2006) supported by RedBookScot (Perthshire, Ogilvy of that ilk)
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