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Families covered: Norton of Linwood, Norton of Rotherfield (Hampshire), Norton of Southwick

Sir Richard Norton
1. Sir James Norton (a 1310)
  A. John Norton (a 1361)
  (1) Visitation shows this John as father of John (m. Felice Kendall & Allice) father, by Allice, of John (a 1411, m. Joane Holle) father of John (a 1451) & Jane (d 1500, m1. Robert Drop, m2. Viscount Lisley) with the last John (a 1451) being father of Richard (a 1494) who m. Elizabeth Rotherfield.
(2) Thanks to a contributor (RH, 09.03.09) for drawing our attention to VCH (Hampshire, vol 4, 'Parishes: Linwood') which reports that the moiety of East Linwood was settled by Edmund de Kendall (and his wife Audrey) on his daughter Felicia in 1325. Consequently, that moiety passed to Felicia's son John Norton (d 1370) then John (b c1367) then from father to son including Richard (d 02.1537), John (d 07.1561) & Thomas and was sold in the latter half of the 16th century.
(3) From the above, having noted the dates, we surmise that Visitation has confused the different generations of Johns, not helped by the fact (as reported by VCH) a John became heir to Lindwood when he was aged only 3. We suspect that this was the John (rather than his son) who married ...
  m1/2. Felice Kendall (dau/heir of Sir Edward (or Edmund) Kendall by Audrey)
  i. John Norton of Linwood (d 1370)
  m. Joane Holle (dau of Richard Holle) possibly wife rather than mother of ...
  a. John Norton of Linwood (b c1367?, a 1411?)
Thanks to a contributor (DCS, 05.01.21) for drawing our attention to 'Herald and Genealogist' (vol 5 (1870), p128) which provides a pedigree that starts with the following John Norton. Note that one of his daughters, Johanna, is clearly the Jane mentioned by Visitation. Because of the dates given for his children, we suspect that the following John was son of this John.
  (1) John Norton of Nutley & East Tisted, Hampshire (a 1451?) the first mentioned by 'Herald and Genealogist'
  (A) Richard Norton (d 24.11.1503)
  m. Elizabeth Tichborne (a 1505, dau of John Tichborne of Tichborne by Elizabeth)
  (i) Richard Norton 'of East Tisted' (b 1465, d 17.02.1536-7) the first mentioned by BEB1841 (as a 1494), the last generation mentioned by 'Herald and Genealogist'
m. (1488) Elizabeth Rotherfield (b c1473, a 1543, dau/heir of Sir William Rotherfield (alias Lyndhurst) of Rotherfield & Farnborough 'by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of William Dawtrey by dau/heir of Thomas Cheney')
  (a) John Norton of Rotherfield - continued below
  m. Anne Puttenham (dau of Sir George Puttenham of Sherfield)
  (b) Peter Norton
  m. Mary Leigh (dau of George Leigh of Adlington)
  ((1)) John Norton of Bensted
  m. _ Fitzwilliams
  ((2))+ other issue - George, Richard, John
  (c) Richard Norton
  m. Emme Welles (dau of Thomas Welles)
  (d) Margaret Norton
  m. Oliver Vachell of Bereton
  (e) Isabel Norton
  m. _ Audley
  (f) Elizabeth Norton
m. _ White of Southwike
  (g)+ other issue - Edward, Henry, Allice, Issabell
  (ii) John Norton of London (d before 19.09.1505)
  (B) Christiana Norton (a 1500)
m. William More of Wyeford (d 14.10.1481, son/heir of John of Wyeford)
  (C) Agnes Norton (a 1485)
  m. (before 1472) Nicholas Harpesfeld (a 1485)
  (i) John Harpesfeld of London (a 1528) ## see here ##
  (a)+ issue - John (b 1516, d 1578, Dean of Norwich), Nicholas (b 1519, d 1588, Archdeacon of Canterbury)
  (ii) Elizabeth Harpesfeld
  m. _ Gentil
  (iii) Cecily Harpesfeld (a 1500)
m. Benedict Seny (a 1500)
  (iii) Philippa Harpesfeld
  m1. Thomas Dyneley (b 1479 d 29.05.1502, son/heir of Edward of Eolverton)
  m2. (before 1506) John Barrett of Belhouse
  (iv)+ other issue - Nicholas (b 1474, d 15.03.1549-50, Rector of Wyke), George of London (a 1500, draper), Lewis of London (a 1513)
  (D) Johanna (Jane or Joan) Norton (d 1500)
  m1. John Treguran mentioned by TCP (vol VIII, Lisle, p60) which does not name Joan's father
  m2. Robert Drop, Lord Mayor of London (a 1474)
  m3. Edward Grey, 1st Viscount L'Isle (d 14.10.1492)
  (E) Alice Norton (a 1500)
  )m. ?? (d by 1500)
  m2/1. Allice
  The following daughters are shown by Visitation as daughters of Felice Kendall but, given that Visitation shows Allice as mother of John rather than Felice, there is some uncertainty who in fact was mother of ...
  ii.+ other issue - Agnes, Catherine, Margaret, Mary
  B. Sir Thomas Norton
  i. Sir Randall Norton (dsp 1370-1)
  m. Margaret Dauntesey (dau of Walter Dauntesey)



John Norton 'of Tisted' of Rotherfield - continued above
m. Anne Puttenham (dau of Sir George Puttenham of Sherfield)
1. Sir Richard Norton of Rotherfield
m1. Rose Wayte (dau of William Wayte of Wymering by Anne, sister of Edmond Mountpenson of Batington)
  A. John Norton of Enasyott or Ernshott
  m. Joane Cole
i. Sir Richard Norton of Rotherfield (d 1610-1)
  BEB1841 reports that Richard was the 1st (and only) baronet. However, TCB (vol i, Norton of Rotherfield) shows that this was a confusion with his son Richard.
  m1. Mabell Beecher (dau of Henry Beecher, alderman of London)
  a. Sir Richard Norton, Sheriff of Hampshire, 1st Bart of Rotherfield (b 1582, d before 27.08.1645)
  m. Amy Bilson (d before 1655, dau of Thomas Bilson, Bishop of Winchester)
  (1) Sir Richard Norton, 2nd Bart of Rotherfield (b 1619, d 1652)
  m. Elizabeth (she m2. Sir Humphrey Bennet of Petersfield)
(A) Elizabeth Norton (posthumous)
  m. (20.05.1674) Francis Paulet of Amport (d 25.02.1695-6)
  (2) Sir John Norton, 3rd Bart of Rotherfield (b 1620, dsp 09.01.1686/7)
  m. (before 09.1670) Dorothy March (d before 25.03.1703, dau of Thomas March of Ely)
  (3) Mabella Norton (a 1661)
  m. (14.10.1656) Sir Henry Norton, 2nd Bart (d c1690, son of Sir Gregory, 1st Bart of Charlton)
(4) Honor Norton probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Cobbe (b 1607, a 1666)
  b. Elizabeth Norton
  m. Thomas Antrobus
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, John, Catherin
  m2. Elizabeth Capell (dau of Richard Capell, she m2. Richard Aderley of Wodington)
  B. Henry Norton
  C. Mary Norton
  m. Sir Henry Uvedall
m2. Catherine Kingsmill (dau of John Kingsmill)
  D. Sir Daniel Norton of Southwick (d 04.07.1636)
  m. Honora White (dau of Sir John White of Southwike or Southwick)
  i. Richard Norton of Southwick (d 05.1681, 'Colonel' 2nd son)
BEB1841, which reports only Richard's marriage to Elizabeth Fiennes, suggests that Richard's father was Daniel of Southwick son of the above Daniel. We follow Visitation which omits the additional generation.
  m1. Anne Earle (dau of Sir Walter Earle of Charborough)
  a. Daniel Norton (d 1668)
m. Isabel Lawson (dau of Sir John Lawson)
  (1) Richard Norton (b c1662, a 1700, MP)
  b. Sarah Norton
  m. Henry Whithead of Tytherley
m2. Elizabeth Fiennes (dau of William, Viscount Say & Seale)
  c. Richard Norton of Southwick (dsp?)
  m. Elizabeth Butler (dau of James Butler of Amberley Castle)
  d. William Norton of Wellow ('Colonel')
  m. Elizabeth Norton (dau of Sir Thomas Norton, Bart of Coventry)
  (1) Thomas Norton (b 1686)
  (2) (Betty) Norton (b c1685, d 22.02.1752) who married ...
  m. Julius Hutchinson (b c1678, d 28.02.1738)
  e. Charles Norton (b c1666)
  f. Elizabeth Norton
  m. (sp) Sir John Carew, Bart of Anthony (d 1692)
g. Honora Norton
  m. Sir John St. Barbe, Bart of Broadlands (dsp 07.09.1723)
  The above children of Richard by Elizabeth Fiennes are as reported by Visitation. BEB1841 mentions only a son Richard ("the last heir male") and a daughter who married Richard Whitehead (and left an only dau/heir Mary m. Alexander Thistelthwayte), which appears to contradict the above information. However, BLG1886 (Thistlethwayte of Southwick Park) supports BEB1841 in reporting that Southwick passed through such a marriage (although BLG1886 does not identify the mother of the following daughter).
  h. (Sarah) Norton
m. Richard Whitehead of Norman Court
  ii. Honora Norton
  m. John Elliot (son of Sir John of St. Germans)
  iii.+ other issue - Daniel (b c1614), Edward (b c1618), Thomas, John (b 1624-5), Frances, Bridget (dsp), Catherin
  E. Constance Norton
  m. Sir Henry Whitehead
  F.+ other issue - William, Charles
  Probably of this generation but, if so, by which wife is unknown, was ...
  H. Anne Norton
  m. Giles Eyre of Brickworth (b 1607, d 1685)
2. Thomas Norton of Nutley
  A. Edmond Norton
3. John Norton of Aldeford
  A. Richard Norton
4. Marmaduke Norton of Hateley
  A.+ issue - Symon, Richard, Thomas, Sara

Main source(s): Visitation (Hampshire, 1530+1575+1622-34, 'Norton'), Visitation (Hampshire & Isle of Wight, 1686, 'Norton of Southwick'), BEB1841 ('Norton of Rotherfield') with input as reported above
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