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Families covered: Newton of Cowlane, Newton of Heightley (Highlee), Newton of Pownall

Visitation starts with Sir John Newton of Beverley father of the following Sir Peter. However, Visitation (Lewys Dwnn, Wales, vol 1, p275), part used for the continuation, shows Peter {father (by Mawd Cholmonle) of John father (by a dau of Griffith Hunton) of Francis father (by Mary Corbett) of John} was son of ...
Sir Richard Newton of Beverley (Bever Castle)
m. _ Newton of Crowland
1. Sir Peter Newton, Sheriff (a 1503)
  m(1). Matilda Cholmeley (dau of Robert Cholmeley of Cheshire by Elizabeth. dau of Roger Corbet of Moreton)
  A. John Newton of Cowlane (Cheshire) and 'of Heighley' (Salop/Shropshire)
  m. Elizabeth Hinton (dau of Griffith Hinton of Hinton & Boreton)
i. Francis Newton of Cowlane and Highlee (Heightley), Sheriff (a 1602)
  m. Mary Corbet (dau of Reginald Corbet of Stoke)
  a. John Newton of Highley
  m. Sara Owen (dau of Judge Thomas Owen)
  (1) Peter Newton ' of Heigley or Heightley'
  m. ?? Owen (dau of Robert Owen of Woodhouse)
  (A) Sarah Newton (dsp 23.09.1661) probably of this generation
  m. Edward Hopton of Gray's Inn (b c1634, a 1661)
  (B)+ other issue - son, John
  (2)+ other issue - Francis, Bonham, Robert, Maria, Ursula, Elizabeth
b. Reginald Newton of Borlaston
  m. _ Johnson
  (1)+ issue - Peter, John, Thomas, Maria, Elizabeth, Elianora
  c. Peter Newton
d. Jane Newton
  m. Timothy Turner of Salop
  e. Elizabeth Newton
  m. (1601) Edward Burton (d 1642)
  f. Margaret Newton
  m. John Lloyd
g. Sara Newton
  m. Richard Powell
  ii. Margaret Newton
  m. Richard Floyd of Marington
  iii. Cecilia Newton possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Owen of London
  iv.+ other issue - Anna, Maria, Elizabeh
B. Arthur Newton
  m. Elizabeth Cornwall (dau of Thomas Cornwall)
  i. Elianora Newton
  m. Thomas Hatton of Shrewsbury
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Charles
  Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Newton of Heightley) shows the following Maria as daughter of Matilda Cholmeley but in the entry on Acton of Acton Scott, which identifies Thomas Acton's wife as "Mary da. of Sr. Peter Newton of the Councell of the Marches of Wales", the Harleian Editor has added (in italics) "by Joane Kyffyn". In BLG1866 (Walcot of Bitterley Court), Mary (dau of Sir Peter Newton of Highley) is shown as married to John Walcot and then Thomas Acton of Acton Scott. In Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Walcot of Walcot), Mary is identified as a dau of Sir Peter Newton by an unnamed dau of Geffrey Kyffin ap ... (etc. as shown below), apparently an addition by the Harleian Editor. We therefore presume that Joane was another wife of Sir Peter (or possibly his mistress?).
  m(2). Joane Kyffyn (dau of Geffray Kyffin ap Jen' ap Kilhelin ap Einon Eluell)
  E. Mary Newton
  m1. John Walcot of Walcot
  m2. (1582) Thomas Acton of Acton



William Newton
1. William Newton
  A. Oliver Newton
i. Richard Newton
  m. _ Lawrence of Denby
  a. Humfrey Newton of Newton, later of Pownall (d 22.03.1536-7)
  m. (1490) Ellin Fitton (d 03.05.1536, dau of Thomas Fitton of Pownall)
(1) William Newton of Pownall
  m. Katherine Manwaring (dau of Sir John Manwaring of Peever)
  (A) William Newton of Pownall (d 1574)
  m. Pernell Davenport (d 1608, dau of John Davenport by Jane Massey, relict of William Mere de Meer)
  (i) William Newton of Pownall (dspm 1621)
  m. Margaret Wright (d 1626, dau of Lawrence Wright of Nantwich)
  (a) Margaret Newton (b 1611, bur 11.01.1637-8) probably of this generation
  m. (c12.1626) John Ward of Monksheath & Capesthorne (bpt 16.12.1604, bur 11.05.1682)
  (b) Katharine Newton possibly of this generation
  m. Peter Mainwaring of Newton (b c1620)
  (ii) Anna Newton
  m. John Whicksted of Whicksted
  (iii) Katharine Newton
m. Thomas Clarke of Salop
  (iv)+ other issue - John, Humphrey, Randulph
  (B) Katharine Newton
  m. John Boothe of Moberly
  (C) Margery Newton
  m. George Willott of Foxhurst
  (D) Sibella Newton
  m. Thomas Moleneux of Hackley (Hawkley, Lancashire)
  (2) Humfrey Newton
m. (??) Etheldred Starkey
  (A)+ issue - Humfrey, William, Hugh, Edward, Laurance
  (3) Hugh Newton
  (A) Humfrey Newton
  (4) Francis Newton
  (A)+ issue - Humfrey, Hugh, John, William, Francis
  (5)+ other issue - Anne, Sibella, Mary/Margaret/Martha?
  b. Anne Newton possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Vawdrey of Bowdon

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Shropshire, 1623, Newton of Heightley)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Newton of Pownall), Visitation (1613, Newton of Newton and Pownall)
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