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Families covered: Nesbitt of Lismore, Nesbitt in London

BLG1879 identifies the arms of the following family, quartered with those of Cosby, as "arg., a chevron gu. between three boars' heads erased sa.".
George Nesbit (d 1590)
1. Thomas Nesbitt of Newbottle presumed father of ...
  A. Andrew Newbitt of Brenter, co. Donegal
i. Andrew Nesbitt (d 1692)
  m. Anne Lindsay
  a. Thomas Nesbitt of Grangemore (co. Westmeath), later of Lismore (co. Cavan), Sheriff of co. Cavan (d 1750)
  m1. (1701) Susan Lyons
  (1) Charles Robert Nesbitt (d unm)
  m2. (1713) Jane Cosby, heiress of Lismore (dau/heir of Arnold Cosby of Lismore, son of William son of Arnold son of Alexander)
  (2) Cosby Nesbitt of Lismore (b 1718, d 1768, MP for Cavan)
  m. Anne Enery (dau of John Enery of Bawnboy)
  (A) Thomas Nesbitt of Lismore (d 1820, Colonel, MP)
  m. Louisa De Gennes (dau/coheir of Colonel John Daniel De Gennes of Portarlington)
  (i) Cosby Nesbitt of Lismore (dsp 1837)
  m. Elizabeth Hancox
  (ii) John Nesbitt, later of Lismore, Sheriff (a 1840) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Tatam (dau of William Tatam of Moulton)
  (iii) Thomas Nesbitt had issue
  m. Anne
  (iv)+ 2 other sons + 1 daughter
  (B) Frances Nesbitt
  m. William Moore of Tullyvir
(C) Jane Nesbitt
  m. James Young of Lahard
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - John in London (MP for Winchilsea), Albert (chaplain to the Prince Regent)
  (3) Arnold Nesbitt in London (dsp 1765)
  m. _ Thrale (sister of Henry Thrale of Streatham)
(4) Albert Nesbitt in London
  m. (24.11.1729) Elizabeth Gould (dau of John Gould)
  (5) Jane Nesbitt probably of this generation
  m. (1740) Thomas Burrowes of Stradone House (d 04.1764)
  (6)+ other issue - Alexander in London, 3 other sons, 6 other daughters
  b. Albert Nesbitt in London (d 1753, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Gould (dau of John Gould)
  (1) Rachel Nesbitt
  m. Richard Bard Harcourt of Pendley
  c. Robert Nesbitt
  m. Margaret Cosby (dau of Arnold Cosby, sister of Jane)
  d. Alexander Nesbitt (d 1743)
  m. _ Gould (dau of John Gould)

Main source(s): BLG1879 ('Nesbitt of Lismore')
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