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Families covered: Nash of Ballyheen, Nash of Droitwich, Nash of Mallow, Nash of Ombersley, Nash of Rockfield, Nash of St. Peter's, Nash of Tapenhall, Nash of Worcestershire

BLG1886 reports that "This family, the name of which is spelt variously, as Neish, Naish, Nasse, Nasshe, and Nash, and appears originally to have been Ash, is of considerable antiquity in the county of Worcestershire, in which county it possessed estates before the reign of Edward III" (who r. 1327-1377).
John Nash of Crutch
m. Joane Brewer
1. John Nash of Tapenhall in Ombersley
  m. Elizabeth Penrice (dau of Thomas Penrice of Crowle)
  A. John Nash of Tapenhall (d before 28.10.1580)
  i. Thomas Nash of Tapenhall
  a. George Nash had issue
  b. Thomas Nash of Mildenhall Mills in Claines had issue
  ii. Elizabeth Nash
  m. _ Pennell
iii.+ other issue - George, Richard, Dorothy
  B. George Nash
  C. James Nash of Ombersley
  i. John Nash of Ripperbridge in Ombersley
  m. Isabel Taylor
  a. James Nash of St. Peter's, Droitwich (b c1589, d 1681)
m1. Elizabeth Vernon (d 02.10.1633, dau of Rev. Richard Vernon of Hanbury)
  (1) Richard Nash of St. Peter's, Droitwich (b c1620, d 26.12.1690)
  Visitation ends with this generation. Other than to identify Richard as "5th in descent from John Nash of Crutch, and Joan Brewer his wife, BLG1886 starts with Richard.
  m1. Anne Birch (d 20.04.1651, dau of John Birch of Leacroft)
  (A) Richard Nash of St. Peter's, Droitwich (b c1653, d 13.03.1696)
m. Mary Berkeley (d 09.06.1707, dau/coheir of Sir Rowland Berkely of Cotheridge)
  (i) Richard Nash of St. Peter's, Droitwich (d 10.08.1740)
  m. Elizabeth Treadway (d 14.12.1741, dau of George Treadway)
  (a) Richard Nash of St. Peter's, Droitwich (b 28.03.1712, dsp 18.10.1768)
  m. Frances Ravenhill (dau/heir of John Ravenhill, "heir to the Russells of Strenham", m2. Charles Trubshaw Withers of Worcester)
  (b) Treadway Nash of St. Peter's & Bevere (b 1725, 3rd son)
  m. Margaret Martin (dau of John Martin of Overbury)
  ((1)) Margaret Nash (b 1760-1, d 09.02.1831)
  m. (1785) John (Somers Cocks), 1st Earl Somers (b 17600, d 1841)
  (c) Mary Nash (b 19.02.1716-7?)
  m. Sir William Arnott, Bart
  (d)+ other issue - George (dsp), Anne (dsp 1739), Elizabeth (d 1739), Catherine
  (ii) Elizabeth Nash (d unm)
  (iii) Mary Nash
  m. Edward Popham of Tewkesbury Lodge
  (B) Thomas Nash (d 1733, vicar of St. Peter's, Droitwich)
  m. Mary Bourne (dau of Thomas Bourne of Oxford)
  (i) James Nash of Besford Court (b 04.06.1714)
  m. (25.08.1742) Ann Hampton (dau of Thomas Hampton)
  (a) Richard Nash (d 16.03.1825, alderman of Worcester)
  m1. (27.04.1727 (sb 1772?)) Sara Wilson (of the family of Barnard's Green, widow of Edward Winsmore of Woodsfield)
  ((1)) James Nash of Titton in Hartlebury (d 13.04.1804, youngest son of this marriage)
  m. (23.03.1800) Elizabeth Tipper (m2. Henry Court)
  ((A)) James Nash of The Noak, Worcestershire (b 04.04.1801, d 31.03.1880) had issue
  m. (10.08.1826) Sarah Hurst (dau of William Hurst of Lincombe)
  ((B)) Sarah Margaret Nash (b 13.11.1804)
  m. Thomas Lingen (son of William of Lincombe)
  ((2))+ other issue (d unm)
  m2. (17.10.1799) Margery Horniblow (widow of Edward Green)
  ((3))+ other issue (d unm)
  m2. Elizabeth (d 03.08.1676)
  (C) Elizabeth Nash (d 22.04.1673)
  (2)+ other issue - John (had issue), Frances, Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Bromwich



We have no reason to suppose that the following family was connected to the above family. Their coats of arms are very different. They share the page for our convenience.
Patrick Nash (or Naish) of Kanturk, co Cork ("settled there")
m. (c1690) _ Purcell (dau of Richard Purcell of co Cork)
1. John Nash of Rockfield (or Ballyheen), co Cork
  m1. ??
  A. Anne Nash
  m. _ Seymour
m2. (1725) Mary Barry (dau/coheir of Jonas Barry of Cork)
  B. John Nash of Ballymagooly, co Cork
  m1. (30.01.1768) Elizabeth Nugent (dau/coheir of William Nugent of Clonlost by Ursula, dau of Richard Aglionby of Carlisle)
  i. Mary Anne Nash
  m. (c09.1798) James Nugent of Dublin (cousin)
  ii. Catherine Nash (d 06.11.1798)
m. (c09.1790) Robert Courtenay of Ballyedmond
  iii. Ellen Nash (d unm)
  m2. (c09.1780) Mary Egan (d 17.10.1791, dau of Samuel Carbery Egan of Cork)
  iv. Amelia Nash (b 1783, d 03.01.1871)
  m. (08.02.1833) Richard Griffin (Captain)
  m3. (c08.1794) Mary Esmonde (dsp, dau of Sir James Esmonde, 7th Bart, widow of Matthew (or Lawrence) White of Carnagh)
C. Thomas Nash of Rockfield (or Ballyheen) (bur 14.02.1827)
  m. (c01.1777) Barbara O'Callaghan (dau of Denis O'Callaghan of Glynn by Mary, dau of Robert O'Callaghan of Clonmeen (widow of Henry Daunt of Cork))
  i. John Nash of Rockfield (or Ballyheen) (bur 20.08.1832) had issue
  m. (c09.1809) Elizabeth Crofts (b c1784, bur 10.01.1872, dau of Christopher Crofts of Velvetstown)
  ii. Patrick Nash (dsp bur 07.11.1831, 3rd son)
  m. (07.10.1819) Catherine Cummins (bur 06.04.1823)
  iii. Michael Nash (bur 07.05.1858, 5th son) had issue
  m. (18.10.1826) Charity Shearman (cousin)
  iv. James Nash of Rockfield (or Ballyheen) & Millnstreet, co Cork (bur 23.08.1849) had issue
  m. (29.07.1826) Anne Cudmore (d 21.05.1878, dau of Christopher Cudmore of Cork)
  v. Mary Nash (bur 17.05.1864)
  m. (25.02.1807) Robert Crofts of Clonribbon (d 21.05.1818, cousin)
  vi. Barbara Nash (dsp bur 14.04.1833)
  m. (15.01.1814) William Sharp of Glenmount (bur 29.07.1841, m2. Eliza Nash)
vii. Eleanor Nash
  m. (c11.1808) Denis O'Callaghan of Cork (cousin)
  viii. Amelia Nash (bur 11.04.1879)
  m. (07.01.1829) George Kirkland Tivy of Rassacon (bur 16.04.1861)
  ix. Eliza Nash
  m. (1833) William Sharp of Glenmount (m1. Barbara Nash)
  x.+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (bur 15.02.1832), Denis O'Callaghan (b 1797, bur 26.12.1873), 2 daughters, Catherine (bur 03.11.1865)
  D. Michael Nash of Carrigoon House (in Mallow, co Cork) & Dublin
  m. (c08.1789) Marcella Devereux (b c1772, d 20.12.1855, dau of William Devereux of Deer Park (by Margaret, dau of Robert Atkins of Fountaineville), m2. Col. John Watling of Gloucester)
  i. William Nash of Danville, Rossacon & Mallow, co Cork (bpt 18.12.1796, bur 16.03.1871) had issue
  m. (28.02.1824) Ellen Mahony (b c1782, d 12.09.1859, dau of Florence Mahony of Killarney by dau of Capt John O'Connell of Derrynane)
  ii.+ other issue - John Michael (d unm bur 09.10.1846), Robert Atkins (bpt 29.10.1795, d unm 1843, rector of Hamerton), Henry (bpt 20.09.1798), Caroline Margaret (bpt 1789, d unm 1878), Eliza (bpt 1792)
  E. Catherine Nash (b 1746, bur 25.01.1824)
  m. (c04.1774) William Shearman of Cork (bur 01.1814)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Worcestershire, 1634, Nash), BLG1886 (Nash of Martley)
(2) For lower section : BIFR1976 (Nash)
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