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Families covered: Mauley of Mulgrave, Maxey of Bradwell, Maxe(y) of Saling (Sallinge), Muttlebery of Devon, Muttlebery of Somerset

The dates given for this family are generally taken from TCP. For each of the early generations, BE1883 gives dates that are several years different.
Piers de Mauley of Mulgrave Castle (d before 22.12.1241)
m. (c1214) Isabel de Turnham (d before 22.01.1237/8, dau of Robert de Turnham)
1. Piers de Mauley (d before 15.07.1279)
  m1. Joan Brus (b c1211, d before 13.10.1243, dau of Piers de Brus of Skelton)
  m2. ??
  A. Piers de Mauley of Mulgrave, 1st Lord (b 22.07.1249, d 06.09.1308)
  TCP identififes this Peter as the first to be summoned to parliament and so become a Lord. BE1883 identifies his son as the 1st Lord. We follow TCP and so differ from BE1883 as to the numberings of the Lords.
  m. (by 1273) Nichole de Gaunt (d 1284, dau of Sir Gilbert de Gaunt of Folkingham, sister of Gilbert, Lord Gaunt)
  i. Piers de Mauley of Mulgrave, 2nd Lord (b 10.03.1280/1, d after 23.05.1348)
  m. (before 1309) Eleanor de Furnival (dau of Thomas de Furnival, Lord)
a. Piers de Mauley, 3rd Lord (b c1300, d 18.01.1354/5)
  m. (by 1322) Margaret Clifford (d 08.08.1382, dau of Robert, Lord Clifford)
  (1) Piers de Mauley, 4th Lord (b by 1330, d 19/20.03.1382/3)
  m1. (before 18.11.1356) Elizabeth Meinill (b 15.10.1331, d 09.07.1368, dau of Nicholas, Lord Meinill, by Alice de Ros)
  (A) Piers de Mauley (dvp after 01.1377/8)
  m. (1371) Margery Sutton (d 10.10.1391, dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Bransholme Castle and Sutton)
  (i) Piers de Mauley, 5th Lord (b c1378, dsp 06.09.1415)
  m. (before 06.08.1400) Maud Neville (d 10.1438, dau of Ralph de Neville, Earl of Westmorland)
  (ii) Constance de Mauley (a 1448)
  m1. (1392) William Fairfax of Walton
  m2. Sir John Bigod of Settrington (d 02.1426)
  (iii) Elizabeth de Mauley
  m. George Salvan or Salvain of Kilham & Nafferton (b c1390, d 26.01.1418)
  (iv) John de Mauley (d young?)
m2. (by 1371) Constance Sutton (d 09.06.1401, dau of Sir Thomas de Sutton of Bransholme Castle and Sutton)
  (2) Katherine de Mauley probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Ughtred, 2nd Lord (b 1329, d 1401)
  ii. John de Mauley
  iii. Margaret de Mauley probably of this generation
  m. Thomas de Multon, Lord of Gilsland (b c1292, d 1313/4)
  B. Robert de Mauley (d before 22.03.1330/1, Sheriff ofRoxburgh)
  i. Robert de Mauley
  C.+ other issue - Edmund, Stephen (d 1317, archdeacon of Cleveland), John of Kilnwick
2. Hilary de Mauley (eldest dau)
  m. Piers de Brus (b c1209, dsp 18.09.1272, son of Piers de Brus)
3.+ other issue - Robert, Stephen



John Maxe of Sallinge, Essex
m. _ Aunger
1. John Maxe
  m. _ Stranguishe
  A. John Maxe of Salinge
i. Anthony Maxe or Maxey of Salinge, later of Bradwell-juxta-Coggeshall (Essex)
  m. Dorothy Bassett (dau of Gregory (or George) Bassett (by _ Hynd), widow of Robert Bonham (not Botham))
  a. Sir Henry Maxey of Bradwell (dsp)
  m. ?? Cooke (dau of William Cooke by dau of Lord John Graye of Grobye)
  b. Sir William Maxey of Bradwell (a 1634)
m. Helena Grevile (dau of Sir Edward Grevile of Harolds Park)
  (1) Grevill Maxey (a 1634)
  m. Mildred Cooke (dau of William Cooke of Highnam Court)
  (A)+ issue (a 1634) - Anthony (b c1629), William, Henry, Grevile, Helena
  (2) Mildred Maxey possibly the Mildred who married ...
  m. Robert Kyrle of Walford Court (b c1618, d 1669)
  (3) Margaret Maxey possibly the Margaret who married ...
  m. William Winter of Dymock (b c1655, a 1682)
  (4)+ other issue - Henry, William, Elizabeth, Anne, Frances, Dorothy
  c. Dorothy Maxey
  m. Sir Thomas (not Edward) Heron
  d. Bridget Maxey
  m. Edward Wentworth of Bocking Hall
  ii. William Maxe or Maxey of Yorkshire
  B. Mary Maxe
  m. _ Kempe of Finchingfield
  C. Anne Maxe
  m. William Studow
  D. Elizabeth Maxe
  m. _ Songer or Sanger
  E.+ other issue - Edward, George, Richard, Henry



Edward Muttleberie
1. Robert Muttleberie
  A. Edward Muttleberie
  m. Joan Jordan (dau/coheir of William Jordan of Jordan (son ofRichard (by dau of John Athurne) son of William Jordayne of Jordayne) by Alice, dau/heir of John Lovey by Joan, dau/heir of William Atloge by Alice, dau/heir of Thomas de Wolmington)
  i. Robert Muttleberie
  m. Agnes Perot
  a. Robert Muttleberie
  m. Elianor Huett (dau of John Huett)
(1) Thomas Muttleberie
  m. Joane Roper
  (A) Alexander Muttleberie or Muttlebery
  m. Katherine Bevin (dau of John Bevin or Bevan by Elieanor, dau of William Montague of Slow)
  (i) Robert Muttlebery
  m. Elizabeth Beaumont (sister/heir of Henry Beaumont of Gitsham)
  (a) Thomas Muttlebery of Jurdens, Somerset
  m1. Dorothy Tichborn (dau of Peter Tichborn)
  ((1)) Thomas Muttlebery (b c1599)
  m. Mary Watkins (dau of George Watkins of Hollaway)
  ((A)) Dorothy Muttlebery (b c1621)
  ((2)) Dorothy Muttlebery
  m. John Watkins of Hollaway
  ((3))+ other issue - John (b c1603), William (b c1605), Francis (b c1609), Joane, Ursula
  m2. Dorothy Babington (dau of William Babington of Oxfordshire)
(b) John Muttlebery
  (c) Dorothy Muttlebery
  m. William Parker of Shoreditch, Somerset
  ((1)) Hugh Parker of Shoreditch
  m. Mary Hutchings of Holway
  ((A)) Henry Parker of London
  (ii) John Muttlebery
  (a)+ issue - Edward, John
  (iii) Alice Muttlebery
  m. John Smith of Borrage

Main source(s):
(1) For Mauley (uploaded 16.04.06) : TCP (Mauley) with some support from BE1883 (Mauley)
(2) For Maxey (uploaded 12.04.08) : Visitation (Essex, 1558+1634, Maxey)
(3) For Muttlebery (uploaded 06.05.09) : Visitation (Devon, 1620, Smyth), Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Muttelbery)
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