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Families covered: Murray of Blackbarony, Murray of Falahill

Possibly a member of the family shown in Murray01, or of that shown on Murray17, was Archibald whom we show as the progenitor of this family. TSP (Elibank) suggests that the first few generations of this family may not be secure (down to John who d by 02.1477, before that is apparently as reported by Douglas).
Archibald de Moravia (a 1280, d by 1321)
1. Malcolm de Moravia
2. Roger de Moravia (a 1321, d 1380)
  A. Alexander de Moravia (a 1380)
  i. Patrick Murray of Falahill (a 1413)
  a. John Murray of Falahill and Philiphaugh (d by 02.1477)
  (1) Patrick Murray of Falahill (d by 02.1493)
  (A) John Murray of Falahill 'the Outlaw'
m. Janet Forrester
  (i) James Murray of Falahill (d c1529)
  m. Margaret Home
  BLG1850 reports that James's wife was a daughter of Sir John Cranstoun of that ilk. However, TSP (Cranstoun) reports that Margaret Home was Sir John's daughter-in-law (rather than daughter), having married Sir William Cranstoun of Cranstoun before she married James Murray.
  (a) Patrick Murray of Falahill (d 1580)
  m1. Margaret Fleming (possibly dau of John Fleming, 2nd Lord)
  m2. _ Borthwick
  m3. Elizabeth (dau of Andrew Scloter, widow of Mr. Ormiston)
  (ii) William Murray
(iii) Elizabeth Murray
  m. (1537) Sir James Douglas, 5th of Cavers (d 28.09.1545)
  (2)+ other sons - Alexander, Peter, Charles, Roger, Andrew
  One of these was father of ...
  (A) John Murray of Blackbarony (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Isabel Hopper
  (i) Sir Andrew Murray of Blackbarony (d 01.09.1572)
m1. Elizabeth Lockhart (d before 26.05.1533, dau of William Lockhart of Edinburgh)
  (a) Marion Murray (d 05.1585)
  m. (mcrt 14.12.1566) James Pringle of Whitebank
  m2. (mcrt 08.02.1551-2) Grissel Beaton (b c1521, d 18.08.1579, dau of Sir John Beaton, 2nd of Creich)
  (b) Sir John Murray of Blackbarony (a 1603)
  m1. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Sir Alexander Hamilton of Innerwick)
  m2. Margaret Wauchope (dau of Wauchope of Keckmure)
  (c) Andrew Murray (d before 06.1587)
  (d) Sir Gideon Murray of Elibank (d 29.06.1621)
  m. Margaret Pentland (dau of Dionis Pentland)
(e) William Murray of Dunerne and Newton (d 25.12.1638)
  m1. Marjorie Schaw (d 29.05.1626)
  m2. (c1627) Margaret Colvill
  (f) Elizabeth Murray
  m1. (mcrt 20.04.1572) James Borthwick of Glengelt / Newbyers (d 04.1574)
  ((1)) Margaret Borthwick (d 12.1596)
  m. (c1588) Thomas Hamilton, 1st Earl of Haddington (b 1563, d 29.05.1637)
  m2. Thomas Hamilton, 3rd of Priestfield
  (g) Agnes Murray
  m. (mcrt 09.04.1580) Patrick Murray of Falahill (d 1601)
  (ii) Agnes Murray
  (iii) Margaret Murray
  m. (mcrt 26.10.1532) William Little
  (7) William Murray of Sandhope
  (A) John Murray

Main source(s):
(1) 'Heraldry of the Murrays' by G. Harvey Johnston
(2) For Falahill - BLG1886 (Murray of Philiphaugh)
(3) For Blackbarony - BP1934 (Murray of Blackbarony), BP1934 (Elibank)
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