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Families covered: Murray of Aberlednoch, Murray of Blebo, Murray of Claremont, Murray of Drumphin, Murray of Kelach, Murray of Pardewis, Murray of Tullibardine

Sir William de Moravia (or Murray) of Tullibardine, etc (a 1297)
m. (before 28.10.1284) Ada (dau of Malise, seneschal of Strathearn)
1. Andrew Murray of Tullibardine (d 07.10.1332)
  A. Sir William Murray of Tullibardine (d before 1352)
  i. Sir John Murray of Tullibardine (d before 1358)
  a. Walter Murray of Tullibardine (d 1390)
  m. Margaret le Baird (d 1412)
(1) Sir David Murray (a 1398, dvp)
  m. Isabel Stewart (dau of Sir John Stewart of Innermeath)
  (A) Sir David Murray of Tullibardine (d 1451-2)
  m. (by 1430) Margaret Colquhoun (dau of Sir John Colquhoun of Luss)
  (i) William Murray of Tullibardine, Sheriff of Perth (d c1459)
  m. Margaret Gray (dau of Sir Andrew Gray, 4th of Broxmouth)
  (a) Sir William Murray of Tullibardine (b c1444, d 10.02.1524-5)
TSP (Atholl) suggests that his wife may have been EITHER Mary Keith (dau of William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal) OR his cousin Catherine Gray (dau of Andrew Gray, 1st Lord) but neither of the records for those families shows such a marriage.
  ((1)) Sir John Murray of Polgour (dvpspm before 16.01.1499-1500)
  m. Elizabeth Crichton (d c08.1527)
  ((2)) Sir William Murray of Castleton (dvp Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m. Margaret Stewart (dau of John Stewart of Balveny, 1st Earl of Atholl)
  ((A)) Sir William Murray of Tullibardine (d 30.01.1562)
  m. Katherine Campbell (a 1576, dau of Duncan Campbell, 2nd of Glenorchy)
  ((i)) Sir William Murray of Tullibardine (d 16.03.1582-3)
  m. (15.04.1547) Agnes Graham (dau of William Graham, 2nd Earl of Montrose)
  ((a)) Sir John Murray, 1st Earl of Tullibardine (b 1550, d 06/07.1613-4)
  m. (before 20.12.1576) Catherine Drummond (b 1564, dau of David Drummond, 2nd Lord)
  ((b)) William Murray of Pitcairly (a 05.1618)
  ((c)) Alexander Murray of Drumdewan (d Bommel 19.05.1599)
  ((d)) Sir Mungo Murray of Claremont (d before 27.07.1630)
  m. Margaret Crichton (dau of Sir John Crichton of Strathurd)
  (((1))) Sir William Murray of Claremont, 1st Bart of Blebo
  m1. (mcrt 14.04.1613) Catherine Forbes (dau of Arthur Forbes of Rires)
  m2. Eupham Ogilvy
  Unsure who was the mother of whom.
  (((A))) Sir Mungo Murray, 2nd Bart of Blebo (a 04.1681)
  m1. Anna Graham (dau of William Graham, 1st Earl of Airth)
  (((i)))+8 children
  m2. Christian Hamilton (dsp 02.1710)
  (((B))) Margaret Murray
  m. (before 05.07.1642) Peter Hay of Blebo
  (((2))) Margaret Murray
  (((3))) Katherine Murray (d 02.1626)
  m. (c24.01.1617) John Moncreiff of Balcaskie
  ((ii)) Alexander Murray of Aberlednoch and Drumphin (d 02.1596)
  m. (mcrt 24.01.1565) Isobel Reidheuch (dau of Peter Reidheuch of Aberlednoch)
((a)) William Murray of Aberlednoch and Drumphin (2nd son)
  m. (before 12.03.1605) Elizabeth Moncreiff (dau of Gilbert Moncreiff)
  ((b))+ other issue - John of Drumphin, Alexander (a 1604), Humphrey (a 1623), Margaret, Katherine, Bessie, Agnes
  ((iii)) James Murray of Pardewis (d 09.1592)
  m1. (c28.07.1572) Marion Preston (dau of Sir Simon Preston of that ilk)
  m2. (before 17.04.1582) Agnes Lindsay
  ((a)) John Murray of Pardewis
  ((b)) Patrick Murray of Pardewis
m. (18.10.1606) Margaret Colvill (dau of Alexander Colvill, Commmendator of Culross)
  ((c)) Jean Murray (bur 18.06.1612)
  m. (mcrt 12.1609) Alexander Lindsay of Canterland (d c15.02.1631)
  ((iv)) Andrew Murray (a 1560)
  ((v)) Laurence Murray (a 1560)
  ((vi)) Annabella Murray (d 02.1603)
  m. (c29.01.1556-7) John Erskine, 6th Lord, 1st/22nd Earl of Mar (d 28.10.1572)
  ((vii)) Euphame Murray
  m1. (mcrt 06.09.1550)Robert Stewart, 8th ofRosyth (d c1576)
m2. (1581)Robert Pitcairn of that ilk, 13th of Pitcairn, Secretary of State (b 1520, dsp 18.10.1584)
  m3. (before 13.05.1585) Sir Patrick Gray of Innergowrie
  ((viii)) Katherine Murray --
  m. (mcrt 07.09.1560) Robert Moray, 8th of Abercairny (d 29.09.1594) --
  ((ix)) Jean Murray
  m. (mcrt 15.04.1564) James Henderson, 3rd of Fordell (b 1544, d c1612)
((x)) Elspeth Murray
  m. Thomas Moncur of Month
  ((xi)) Margaret Murray
  m. (c1559)Robert Bruce of Clackmannan
  ((B))+ 2 sons - Andrew (a 1542), David (a 1547)
  ((D)) Margaret Murray
  m. Thomas Stewart of Grandtully
  ((E)) Helen Murray
  m. Alexander Seton of Parbroath (d 1512)
  second wife or partner (David was William's half-brother)
((F)) David Murray of Cushete
  ((3)) Andrew Murray
  ((4)) David Murray of Alich/Meiggar ancestor of Murrays of Strageath
  m. Katherine Edmonstone
  (b) Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird (a 1527) --
  m. (before 03.02.1498-9) Margaret Barclay (dau of James Barclay of Balvaird) --
  (c) Agnes Murray
  m. (mcrt 20.11.1481) Thomas Stewart of Grandtully
  (d) Elizabeth Murray
  (ii) John Murray of Trewin (d before 08.05.1499) had issue
  m. Margaret Ruthven
  (iii) Patrick Murray of Dollery or Dollerie (d 1476, 4th son)
  m. Katherine Balfour (dau of Michael Balfour of Monquhanny)
  (iv) James Murray of Kelach (d 1480)
  m. Margaret Fresale / Fraser
(a) John Murray of Kelach, 1st of Strowan ancestor of Murrays of Strowan
  m. Margaret Hepburn
  (v) Alexander Murray (a 1457) ancestor of Murrays of Tippermore
  (vi) Marion Murray --
  m. (mcrt 14.07.1455) Sir Malcolm Drummond of Cargill and Stobhall (d 1470) --
  (vii) Isabel Murray
  m. Maurice Drummond of Concraig
  (viii) Christian Murray --
  m1/2. Sir Murdac Menteith ofRusky --
  Possibly the Christian who (also) married ...
  m2/1. (before 08.01.1458/9) George Seton, 1st Lord (d c1415, d 1478/9)
  (ix) Elena Murray possibly of this generation --
  m. Malcolm Moncreiffe of that ilk, 6th of Moncreiffe (d 1464/5) --
  (x)+ other issue - Andrew, Robert (d before 15.06.1452), Walter (a 1457), Anthony (a 1457), Thomas (a 1457)
  One of the sons was probably father of ...
  (a) Andrew Murray of Lochlane
  ((1)) Agnes Murray
  m. James Burden of Auchingarrich (minister)
  B. Ada Murray --
  m. John Mercer of Aldie, Provost of Perth (b c1300, d 1379/80) --

Main source(s): TSP (Atholl), BP1934 (Atholl)
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