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Families covered: Morley of Halfnaked (Halnaker), Morley of Morley (Norfolk), Morley of Roydon

BE1883 identifies the arms of the following family as: "Arg., a lion rampant, sa., crowned, or".
Randulf de Charun (a 1159)
m. Maud may have been the parents of ...
1. Robert de Morley (a 1199) probably father of ...
  A. Matthew de Morley of Morley & Roydon, Norfolk (a 09.1250)
  m. ?? de Mortimer
i. Robert de Morley of Morley & Roydon (a 1287)
  a. William de Morley, 1st Lord of Morley (d by 1302)
  m1. Isabel de Mohaut (sister of Robert de Mohaut, Lord)
  (1) Robert de Morley, 2nd Lord (d 23.03.1359/60, Admiral)
  m1. Hawise Marshal (d before 1327, dau of William Marshal, 1st Baron)
  (A) William de Morley, 3rd Lord (b 24.06.1319, d 30.04.1379)
  m. Cicily Bardolf (dau of Thomas Bardolph, Lord)
  (i) John Morley (a 1367, dvpsp)
(ii) Sir Thomas Morley, 4th Lord (d 24.09.1416/7)
  m1. (by 04.1374) Joan (d before 02.12.1384)
  (a) Robert Morley (dvp before 12.11.1403)
  m. (before 08.1394) Isabel (dau of John, Lord Molines)
  ((1)) Thomas Morley, 5th Lord (d 06.12.1435)
  m. (by 05.02.1402/3) Isabel de la Pole (d 08.02.1466/7, dau of Michael de la Pole, 2nd Earl of Suffolk)
  ((A)) Robert Morley, 6th Lord (d 25.09.1442)
  m. Elizabeth de Ros (dau of William, Lord Roos)
  ((i)) Eleanor Morley, 'Baroness Morley' (b 14.10.1442, d 20.08.1476)
  m. (by 01.01.1464/5) William Lovel, Lord Morley (d 23/6.07.1476)
  Their successors became Lord Morley.
  ((B)) Elizabeth Morley
  m. Sir John Arundel of Lanherne
((C)) Anne Morley
  m. John Hastings of Elsing and Fenwick (d 04.1477)
  m2. (before 10.1390) Anne Despencer (d 30/1.10.1426, dau of Sir Edward Despencer, 1st Lord)
  m2. (by 09.1334) Joan (d 24.12.1358, dau of Sir Piers de Tyes)
  (B) Sir Robert de Morley (a 1377)
  (i) Sir Robert Morley
  (a) Sir Thomas Morley
  ((1)) Margaret Morley
  m. Sir Jeffery Ratcliffe
  (C) Joan Morley (d before 22.11.1386)
  m1. Henry de Tregoz, 3rd Lord (d before 03.06.1361)
  m2. (before 1364) Sir Edward de St. John of Stopham, Ewhurst and Oakley (d before 13.12.1384)
  m2. (before 10.1295) Cicely (a 1316)



We suspect that the following family was not connected to the above one but, because of their arms, was connected to the one shown on Morley03. It appears that the following John moved into Sussex from Suffolk which was certainly one of the areas in which the above family lived. However, Visitation identifies its arms as: "Sable, a leopard's face argent jessant-de-lis (or)". The families share this page for our convenience.
John Morley of Saxham (Suffolk), 1st of Halfnaked (Sussex) (d 14.11.1587)
m. Elizabeth Wotton (dau of Edward Wotton or Wooton)
1. Sir John Morley of Halfnaked (b c1573, d 21.11.1622)
  m. Cecily Carell (bpt 04.01.1572, dau of Sir Edward Carell or Carrell of Harting)
  A. Sir William Morley of Halfnaked (b c06.1606, d after 01.1658)
m(2). Mary Heath (dau of Lord Chief Justice Sir Robert Heath)
  i. Edward Morley of Barnham (b c1644, d before 04.11.1667)
  m. (26.07.1664) Anne Bowyer (b 1642-3, dau/heir of Sir Thomas Bowyer, 2nd Bart)
  ii. Sir William Morley of Halfnaked or Halnaker (b c1647-8, d 30.05.1701)
  m1. Mary Lee (dau of Thomas Lee or Leigh of Hartwell, sister of Sir Thomas)
m2. (c06.1662) Anne Denham (dau of Sir John Denham or Dynham of West** (Westminster?) (by dau/coheir of Dove Cotton of Whittington), heir of Sir Matthew Dynham)
  a. Mary Morley (b 08.09.1667, d 29.03.1752)
  m. (02.1705) James Stanley, Earl of Derby (b 03.07.1664, d 01.02.1735-6)
  b.+ other issue - John (d unm 1683), William (dsp 1693), Anne (d unm), Cicely (d unm)
m3. Anne Mynne (d 09.06.1704, dau of George Mynne of Abinger)
  iii. Margaret Morley
  m. Sir Barnard Hide of Bore Place
  iv. Cicely Morley
  m. Francis Osbaldeston of Aldersbrook
  a. Mary Osbaldeston probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Wrothe of South Petherton, 3rd Bart (b c1674, d 27.06.1721)
  v.+ other issue - Robert (d young), John (dsp unm before 13.06.1659), Mary
  B. Elizabeth Morley
  m. Sir Thomas Puckering of Warwickshire, Bart
2. Sir Edward Morley in Lincolnshire & London
  m. Catherine Devenish (dau/coheir of William Devenish, widow of Michael Smalpage)
3. William Morley in Sussex
  m1. Cecily Raymond (dau of John Raymond of Sussex)
  A. Magdalen Morley
  m. Humphrey Smyth of London
  B.+ other issue - William, Elizabeth
  m2. Susan Cooke (widow of Richard Ernley)
4. Mary Morley
  m. William Ingram of Erles Court
5. Magdalen Morley
  m. John Cowper of Ditcham
6. Elizabeth Morley
  m. Sir James Kirton of Somerset

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