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Families covered: Moore of Ardee, Moore of Ballyhale, Moore of Drogheda, Moore of Drumbanagher, Moore of Mellefont, Moore of Moorefield

Sir Edward Moore of Mellefont (d 1602, to Ireland)
Collins suggests that Sir Edward's first wife (Mildred Clifford) was without issue and that his second wife was Margery Branson (dau of William Branson, son of John of Eastwell), showing Dorothy Southwell as wife of his brother Nicholas. TCP (Drogheda) & BP1934 confirm that his son Garret was by his first wife who is identified as ...
m1. Elizabeth (not Mildred) Clifford (d 30.11.1581, dau of Nicholas Clifford of Chart, widow of Sir William Brabazon then Capt. Christopher Blount)
1. Henry or Edward Moore 'of Drogheda' (dvp)
  m. Mary Agarde (dau of Francis Agarde of Fawston in Staffordshire)
  A. Lettice Moore
  m. Nicholas Arnold
2. Sir Gerard or Garret Moore of Mellefont, 1st Viscount of Drogheda (b c1564, d 09.11.1627)
  m. (c1590) Mary Colley (d 03.06.1654, dau of Sir Henry Colley of Castle Carbery)
A. Sir Edward Moore
  m. Elizabeth Vaughan (dau of Walter Vaughan of Golden Grove)
  i. Letitia Moore (b 1615)
  B. Sir Thomas Moore (b c1597, dsp 01.12.1623)
  m. Sarah Boyle (b 29.03.1609, d 14.07.1663, dau of Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork)
  C. Charles Moore, 2nd Viscount of Drogheda (b c1603, d 07.08.1643)
  m. Alice Loftus (d 13.06.1649, dau of Adam Loftus, Viscount of Ely)
  i. Henry Moore, 1st Earl of Drogheda (d 11.01.1675-6)
  m. Alice Spencer (b 1625, d c1712, dau of William Spencer, 2nd Lord of Wormleighton)
  a. Charles Moore, 2nd Earl of Drogheda (d 18.06.1679)
  m. (1669) Letitia Isabella Robartes (d c1681, dau of John Robartes, 1st Earl of Radnor)
(1)+ issue - Isabella (bur 08.07.1673), Alice (bur 18.06.1664)
  b. Henry Moore, later Hamilton-Moore, 3rd Earl of Drogheda (d 07.06.1714)
  m. (07.1675) Mary Cole (d 06.05.1726, dau of Sir John Cole, 1st Bart of Newland)
  (1) Charles Moore, 'Lord Moore' (bpt 01.12.1676, dvp 21.05.1714)
  m. (24.08.1699) Jane Loftus (d 1713, dau of Arthur Loftus, 3rd Viscount of Elye)
  (A) Henry Moore, 4th Earl of Drogheda (b 07.10.1700, dsps 29.05.1727)
  m. (11.02.1719/20) Charlotte Boscawen (b 05.08.1715, d 04.04.1735, dau of Hugh Boscawen, 1st Viscount Falmouth)
(B) Edward Moore, 5th Earl of Drogheda (b 1701, d 28.10.1758)
  m1. (1727) Sarah Ponsonby (bpt 27.03.1711, d 19.01.1735/6, dau of Brabazon Ponsonby, 1st Earl of Bessborough)
  (i) Henry Moore, 'Viscount Moore' (b 01.05.1728, dvp unm 08.1752)
  (ii) Charles Moore, 6th Earl, 1st Marquess of Drogheda (b 29.06.1730, d 22.12.1821, Field Marshal)
  m. (15.02.1766) Anne Seymour-Conway (b 01.08.1744, d 04.11.1784, dau of Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Hertford)
  (a) Edward Moore, 2nd Marquess of Drogheda, 7th Earl (b 23.08.1770, d unm 06.02.1837)
(b) Henry Seymour Moore (d 08.1825)
  m. (28.09.1824) Mary Letitia Parnell (d 06.05.1881, dau of Sir Henry Parnell, Lord Congleton)
  ((1)) Henry Francis Seymour Moore, 3rd Marquess of Drogheda, 8th Earl (b 14.08.1825, dsp 29.06.1892)
m. (25.08.1847) Mary Caroline Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (b 17.10.1826, d 03.04.1896, dau of John Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 2nd Lord Wharncliffe)
  (c) Elizabeth Emily Moore (b 14.03.1771, d 18.03.1841)
  m. (02.02.1797) George Frederick Nugent, 7th Earl of Westmeath (b 18.11.1760, d 30.12.1814)
  (d) Mary Moore (d 22.02.1842)
  m. (02.10.1791) Alexander Stewart of Ards (d 08.1831)
  (e) Gertrude Moore (d unm)
(f) Frances Moore (d 05.10.1833)
  m. (17.11.1800) John Ormsby Vandeleur (d 28.11.1828)
  (iii) Ponsonby Moore of Moorefield and Ballyhale (b before 1736, d 09.08.1819)
  m1. (11.1768) Elizabeth Moore (dau of Stephen Moore, 1st Viscount Mountcashel)
  m2. (03.04.1781) Catherine Trench (d 1810, dau of Frederick Trench of Woodlawn)
  (a) Henry Moore of Ballyhale (b 19.10.1784, d 12.05.1856, minister) had issue
  m. (15.02.1814) Lucie Currie (d 15.06.1852, dau of James Currie of Liverpool)
  Grandparents of the 9th and successive Earls of Drogheda.
  (b) Ponsonby Moore of Moorefield (b 02.05.1786, d 22.04.1868) had issue
  m. (09.02.1813) Barbara Maconchy (d 15.09.1866, dau of John Maconchy of Rathmore)
(c) Robert Moore of Lansdowne (b 15.10.1789, d 03.03.1879, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (13.11.1809) Elizabeth Warren (d 22.04.1875, dau of Rev. Robert Warren)
  (d) Charles Moore (b 29.09.1790, d 24.04.1857, prebendary of Harristown) had issue
  m. (30.09.1815) Agnes Cleghorn (d 13.01.1872, dau of James Cleghorn)
  (e) Frederick Moore (d unm 27.10.1856, captain)
  (f) Catherine Moore (d 17.12.1859)
  m. (05.1818) Richard Molesworth Reynell of Reynella (d 13.09.1824)
  (iv) Edward Loftus Moore (b 29.12.1736, d 28.10.1758, minister)
  m2. (30.09.1737) Bridget Southwell (d 27.07.1761/7, dau of William Southwell, Governor of Monjuich)
  (v) William Moore (b 11.12.1742, d 1762)
  (vi) Robert Moore (b 12.12.1743, d 17.09.1831)
  m1. Margaret Stephenson (dau of James Stephenson)
(a) Sarah Frances Henrietta Moore
  m. (18.06.1798) William Trench (b 1769, d 04.1849)
  m2. (31.12.1799) Maria Josepha Falkiner (dsp 23.09.1846, dau of Daniel Falkiner of Abbotstown)
  (vii) Sarah Moore
  m. William Pole of Ballyfin
  (2) Arthur Moore (dsp)
(3) Henry Moore (rector of Malpas and Wimslow)
  m. Catherine Knatchbull (dau of Sir Thomas Knatchbull, 3rd Bart)
  (A) Thomas Moore (dsp, minister)
  m. Elizabeth Hare (dau of Sir Thomas Hare, Bart)
  (B) Sir John Moore, Bart (Admiral)
  m. Penelope Mathew (dau of Gen. William Mathew)
  (i) Catherine Moore
  m. (1776) Sir Charles Warwick Bampflyde, Bart (b 23.01.1753, d 04.1823)
  (ii) Penelope Moore
  m. Ralph Sneyd (chaplain to King George IV, son of Ralph of Keele)
  (iii)+ 2 daughers- Anne, Selina Maria
(C) Mary Moore (dsp 1799)
  m. Poulter Forrester, Archdeacon of Lincoln
  (4) John Moore (d 01.06.1716, minister)
  m. (1708) Elizabeth Porter (dau of Sir Charles Porter, Chancellor of Ireland)
  (5) William Moore of Moor Hall (d 01.04.1732)
  m. (03.1717) Lucy Parkinson (dau of Rev. Edward Parkinson)
  (6) Robert Moore of West Lodge (bpt 11.04.1688, bur 05.10.1762 or d 03.07.1728)
  m. (16.10.1725) Anne Lennard, Baroness Dacre (d 26.06.1755, dau of Thomas Lennard, Lord Dacre, Earl of Sussex)
  (A) Henry Moore of West Dean Manor (d unm)
  (7) Capel Moore
  m. Mary Poulet (dau of Charles Poulet, 2nd Duke of Bolton)
  (8) Elizabeth Moore
  m. (24.01.1704) George Rochfort (d 1730/1)
(9) Alice Moore (bpt 29.12.1679, d 13.04.1750)
  m. (11.09.1697) Sir Gustavus Hume, Bart of Castle Hume (b c1670, d 25.10.1731)
  c. William Moore (dspm)
  m. Elizabeth Lennard (dau of Francis Lennard, Lord Dacre)
  d. Alice Moore (dsp 26.12.1677)
  m1. (05.1667) Henry Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Clanbrassill (dsp 12.01.1675)
  m2. (1676) John Hamilton, 2nd Lord Bargany (d 15.05.1693)
e. Mary Moore (d 17.03.1725)
  m1. William Ramsay, 3rd Earl of Dalhousie (d after 28.02.1682)
  m2. (10.04.1683) John Bellenden, 2nd Lord of Broughton (d 03.1707)
  m3. Samuel Collins (d 04.1710)
  f. Penelope Moore (d c1676)
  m. (by 1667) Randal Fleming, 16th Lord Slane (d 22.10.1676)
ii. Randal Moore of Ardee (5th son)
  m1. Jane Brabazon (dau of Edward Brabazon, 2nd Earl of Meath)
  a. Edward Moore (bur 08.10.1666)
  b. Brabazon Moore of Ardee (d 13.08.1721) had issue
  m. Susannah Pepper (dau of George Pepper of Ballygarth) wife of Brabazon, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Jane Moore probably of this generation
  m. Rev. Henry Echlin (d 04.11.1764)
  c. Mary Moore (d 26.05.1713)
  m. William Ponsonby of Bessborough, 1st Viscount Duncannon (b 1659, d 17.11.1724)
  m2. Priscilla Armytage
  iii. Mary Moore (b 1631, d 16.06.1655)
  m. (12.1648) Hugh Montgomery, 1st Earl of Mount Alexander (b c1625, d 15.09.1663)
  iv. Sarah Moore (bur 03.12.1672)
  m. (1653) William Caulfeild, 1st Viscount Charlemont (bur 25.05.1671)
v. Anne Moore (b 1634)
  m. (1657) Thomas Caulfeild of Donamon (d 1691)
  vi. Lettice Moore (b 15.01.1643)
  m. (01.07.1661) Hercules Davis (son of John of Carrickfergus)
  vii.+ other issue - John, Adam (d 27.11.1666), Garret of Ardee (dsp 1665)
  D. Sir James Moore of Ardee (d 27.02.1639)
  m. Jane Blayney (dau of Edward Blayney, 1st Lord)
i.+ 3 daughters (d young) - Anne, Alice, Jane
  E. Arthur Moore of Drumoghan (d 09.04.1635)
  m. Dorothy King (dau of Sir John King of Boyle)
  i. Charles Moore (b c1629, dvp)
  ii. John Moore of Drumbanagher (d 10.1680)
  m. Elizabeth Honeywood (dau of Sir Robert Honeywood of Perts Place)
  a. John Moore of Drumbanagher (b 05.1675, d 01.05.1752)
  m1. Catherine Savage (dau of Patrick Savage of Portaferry)
  (1) Anne Moore (d 1777) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Paul Barry of Finglas (d 1753)
  (2) daughter
m2. (07.1724) Mary Caulfeild (d 26.01.1769, dau of William Caulfeild, 2nd Viscount Charlemont)
  (1) William Henry Moore of Drumbanagher (b 26.12.1725, dspms)
  m. (20.10.1752) Anne Caulfeild, dau of Rev. Charles Caulfeild of Castle Stewart, cousin)
  (2) John Moore of Drumbanagher (b 22.12.1726, d 24.09.1809)
  m. (11.1752) Gertrude Baillie (dau of Capt. Francis Baillie)
  (A) John Moore of Drumbanagher (b 1756, dsp 21.05.1834)
  m. (11.1781) Mary Stewart (dau of Sir Annesley Stewart, Bart)
  (B) Charles Moore (d 1848, Colonel)
  (i) daughter
  m. James Martin
  (C) Francis Moore (b 1768, d 22.08.1861, General) had issue
  m. (25.03.1802) Charlotte Stephens (sister of John Kingsmill of Sydmonton Court)
  (D) Mary Moore
  m. (14.07.1775) Gustavus Handock-Temple of Waterstown
  (E) Sarah Moore
  m. (02.05.1781) Sir John Craven Carden, 1st Bart (d 21.11.1820)
(3) James Moore of Liverpool
  m. (20.07.1753) Anne Hawtrey (dau of _ Hawtrey of Waterford)
  (4) Mary Moore (b 21.02.1727)
  m. (09.1755) Sir Annesley Stewart of Fort Stewart, 6th Bart (b 1725, d 03.1801)
  (5)+ other issue - Arthur (b 02.12.1734), Sarah (b 20.07.173*)
  b. Henry Moore (dsp)
  F. Ursula Moore
  m. Sir Nicholas White of Leixlip (b c1583, d 1654)
  G. Frances Moore (d 23.11.1620)
  m. Sir Roger Jones of Dollardston or Durham's Town, 1st Lord Jones of Navan, 1st Viscount Ranelagh (d 1628)
H. Anne Moore (d 05.09.1634)
  m. Sir Faithful Fortescue of Dromiskyn
  I. Eleanor Moore
  m. Sir John Denham (d 06.01.1628 (sb 1639?))
  J. Jane Moore (d 22.10.1686)
  m. (01.1623) Henry Blayney, 2nd Lord (d 05.06.1646)
  K.+ other issue - Francis (d unm 09.1662, Lt. Colonel), John
3. Sir John Moore (dsp)
4. William Moore of Barmeath
  A. Richard Moore (d 06.01.1634)
  m. Anne Cashell (dau of Patrick Cashell of Dundalk)
  i. William Moore (captain)
  m. Catherine Cooley (dau of Garret Cooley of Ardree)
  ii. Mary Moore
  m. George Waven of Wavenstown
  iii.+ other issue - Garett, George, Robert, James, Eleanor, Meriel
m2. (1589, sp) Dorothy Southwell (dau of Sir Robert Southwell)

Main source(s): Collins (1812, vol 9, Moore), BP1934 (Drogheda), with support from TCP (Drogheda)
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