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Families covered: Moore of Benenden, Moore of Moore's Place

Thomas de la More of More Place (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Henry de More
  A. John de More of More Place (d c1314)
  m. Matilda Falkinden (dau of William Falkinden)
  i. Thomas de More (a 1337)
  m. Joan
  a. John de More
  (1) Thomas de More
  m. Catherine (co-heiress of Benenden of Benenden)
  (A) William de More
  m. Catherine Aucher (dau of Anthony Aucher)
  (i) Thomas Moore
  m. Agnes Austen (dau of Robert Austen)
  (a) William Moore of Moore's Place
  m. Margaret Brenchley (dau of John Brenchley of Benenden)
  ((1)) Walter Moore of Benenden (d 1504)
  m. Alice
((A)) Thomas Moore of Benenden (a 1518)
  ((i)) John Moore
  m. Margaret Brent (dau of John Brent)
  ((a)) Owen Moore (dsp)
  ((b)) Sir Edward Moore of Mellefont (d 1602, to Ireland)
  m1. Elizabeth (not Mildred) Clifford (d 30.11.1581, dau of Nicholas Clifford of Chart)
  m2. (1589, sp) Dorothy Southwell (dau of Sir Robert Southwell)
Collins suggests that Sir Edward's first wife was without issue and that his second wife was Margery Branson (dau of William Branson, son of John of Eastwell), showing Dorothy Southwell as wife of his brother Nicholas. Noting that TCP (Drogheda) confirms that his son Garret was by his first wife, we follow BP1934 (Drogheda).
  ((c)) George Moore (dsp)
  ((d)) Sir Thomas Moore of Croghan (a 1575, to Ireland)
  ((e)) Nicholas Moore
  ((f)) Brent Moore (Lt. Colonel)
  ((g)) Anne Moore
  m. Sir Henry Duke of Castle Jordan
  ((ii))+ other issue - Edward, Thomas (issue in Norfolk)
  ((B)) William Moore 'of Benden'
  m. Elizabeth Betenham (dau of William Betenham of Betenham)
  ((i)) Nicholas Moore of Wigmore (dsp 1556)
  m. Clara Toke (dau of John Toke of Goddington and Great Chart)
  (ii) John Moore
  (B) John de More
  (2) John de More (a 1373)
  ii. Scoland de More
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (had issue), Stephen, Charles

Main source(s): Collins (1812, vol 9, Moore)
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