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Families covered: Molyneux of Melling (Molyneis of Mellynge), Molyneux of The Wood, Molyneux of Thoreton (Molyneis of Thorneton)

Robert Molyneux (a 1238)
1. Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Thorneton (a 1268)
  A. Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Thorneton (a 1288, d c1290)
  m. Margery?
  i. Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Thornton (a 1288, d c1336)
  m. Alice Bykerscathe (dau of Symonde Bykerscathe of Lancashire)
  a. Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Thornton (dsp) mentioned by VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, 'Townships: Thornton')
  b. Symond Molyneux (Molyneis) of Thornton (a 1342)
  m. Johan Dychefeilde (dau of John Dychefeilde of Lancashire)
  (1) Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Thornton (a 1368)
m. Alice Norrys (dau of Robert Norrys of Lancashire)
  (A) Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of (Hall of the Wood in) Mellynge, Lancashire (a 1404)
  (i) John Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge (a 1428)
  m. Agnes Blundell (dau of Henry Blundell of Crosbie)
  (a) Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge (a 1453)
  m. Johane (Jane) Banester (dau of Gilbert Banester of Lancashire)
  ((1)) John Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge (a 1485)
  m. Mary Lathom (dau of Robert Lathom of Parbalde)
  ((A)) Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge (d 05.07.1541) - continued below
  m. Helen Pemerton (dau/coheir of George Pemerton of Tunsted in Pemerton)
  ((B))+ other ossie - William, Henry, Thomas



Robert Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge (d 05.07.1541) - continued above
m. Helen Pemerton (dau/coheir of George Pemerton (Pemberton) of Tunsted in Pemerton)
1. John Molyneux (Molyneis) of Mellynge (b 1517-8, d 21.07.1582)
  m1. Alice Ashton (dau of Thomas Ashton of Crosseton)
  A. Edmond Molyneux of (The Wood in) Melling (b c1552, d 13.07.1605, 2nd son)
(1) Flower ends with naming this generation. Dugdale starts with the following Robert (d c1643). VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, 'Townships: Melling') confirms that Robert was Edmond's son.
(2) This may have been the Molyneux of the Wood who married ...
  m. Margaret Norres (dau of Sir William Norres of Speke) possibly wife of Edmond, possibly mother of ..
  i. Robert Molyneux of Melling (d Newbury 20.09.1643)
m1. Cecily Pooley (dau/heir of John Pooley of Melling)
  m2. Ellen Westbye (dau of John Westbye of Moulbrock (aka Mowbeck))
  a. Robert Molyneux of (The Wood in) Melling (d (Newbury?) c10.1644)
  m. Margaret Harington (dau of John Harington of Highton-Hey)
(1) Robert Molyneux of Melling (b c1639, a 1664)
  m. Frances Lathom (dau/heir of William Lathom of Mossborough)
  Dugdale ends with the above. VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, 'Townships: Melling') provides the following.
  (A) Robert Molyneux (dsp by 1728)
  (B) William Molyneux 'of Mosborough' (d 1744)
  m. Frances Gorsuch (bur 20.10.1750, dau of James Gorsuch)
  (i) Frances Molyneux (d 18.12.1787)
  m. (c1753) Sir Edward Blount of Sodington, Bart
  (2)+ other isuse (d unm) - Margaret, Mary
  b. Margery Molyneux
m. Richard Billing of Billing (b 1613, d 1670)
  c. Bridget Molyneux
  m. Thomas Nelson of Lancashire
  d. Margaret Molyneux
  m. Thomas Lydyat of Lydyat
e.+ other issue - John (a 10.1644), Edmund (had issue), Thomas
  ii. Ellen Molyneux possibly the Ellen (bur 01.03.1666) who married ...
  m. (1611) Thomas Hesketh of North Meols & Pilling (bur 13.03.1665)
  iii. Anne Molyneux (a 1652) probably of ths generation
  m. Robert Fazakerley of Fazakerley (d 05.04.1643)
  B.+ other issue - Richard (dvpsp?), Margaret, Anne, Dorothy, Emme
  m2. Margaret Ashall or Ashaw of the Hill (widow of Hugh Adlington)
2. Nicholas Molyneux
3. Beatrix Molyneux
  m1. Roger Hindley of Hindley
  m2. James Worceley of Worceley
4. Anne Molyneux
  m. Robert Blundell of the Ynce

Main source(s): Visitation (Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Molineux of Melling'), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664, 'Molineux of Melling') with a little input in italics from a schedule kindly provided to us by a contributor (CV, 29.04.16) which was based on those Visitations plus the above-mentioned sections within VCH and also 'Memoir of the Molineux Family' (Gisborne Molineux, 1882) & 'History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster' (Edward Baines)
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