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Families covered: Mitford of Exbury, Mitford of Mitford Castle, Mitford of Newton, Mitford of Pitshill, Mitford of Redesdale
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Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle (b 1612, d 28.06.1674)
m. Philadelphia Wharton (dau of Humphrey Wharton of Gillingwood)
1. Humphrey Mitford of Mitford Castle (b 1632, dvp 29.10.1673)
  m. (14.02.1662) Frances Vane (dau of Sir George Vane of Long Newton & Rogerly)
  A. Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 31.10.1662, d 07.05.1707)
  m. (19.12.1684) Anne Ashton (dau of John Ashton or Assheton of Burn)
  i. Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 08.08.1686, d 20.07.1756)
  m. Mary Osbaldeston (dau of Sir Richard Osbaldeston of Hunmanby)
  a. Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle (b 24.07.1717, d 15.01.1781, Major)
  m. Anna Lewis (dau of John Lewis of Jamaica)
  (1) Bertram Mitford of Mitford Castle (b 14.06.1748, bur 11.05.1800)
  m. Tabitha Johnson (bur 22.09.1794, dau of Francis Johnson of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
  (A) Bertram Mitford, later Osbaldeston-Mitford of Mitford Castle & Hunmanby, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 17.12.1777, dsp 27.02.1842)
  m. (09.03.1829) Frances Mitford (dau of Henry Mitford of Exbury) @1@ below
  (B) Robert Mitford of Mitford Castle & Hunmanby (b 26.01.1781, d 18.06.1870, Admiral RN)
  m. (07.12.1830) Margaret Dunsmure (dau of James Dunsmure of Edinburgh)
  (C) Joseph George Mitford of Laugharne (b 01.05.1791, d 02.09.1875) had issue (1 daughter)
m. Ann May
  (D) Marianne Mitford (bpt 24.03.1777)
  m. _ Atherton of Walton Hall (Lt. Colonel)
  (E) Tabitha Mitford (bpt 28.06.1778, bur 05.08.1779)
  (F) Lewis Tabitha Mitford (bpt 11.03.1782, d 24.03.1859)
  m. (17.12.1810) Prideaux Selby of Twizell House
  (G) Frances Mitford (bpt 04.07.1784)
  m. George Hutton of Carlton-on-Trent
  (H) Jane Honora Mitford (bpt 06.04.1787)
  m. (Philip) Meadows Taylor of Harold's Cross, Ireland
  (2) John Mitford (b 08.1749, d 15.01.1832, Captain)
  m. Dorothy Young (of Northumberland)
  (A) Robert Mitford (b 09.05.1778, d 25.12.1818) had issue
  m. (24.08.1805) Letitia Ledwich (dau of Rev. Edward Ledwich or Ludwick of Dublin, relict of William Laerenson )
  First one then another of their sons succeeded to Mitford Castle.
  (B) Bertram Mitford of Horsley (3rd son) had issue
  (C) Anna Mitford
  m. Miles Bowker (to Cape of Good Hope)
  (D) Mary Mitford
  m. James Renshaw of West Heath House
  (E)+ other issue - John (b 1783, d 24.12.1831, RN), Sybil (d 05.1815)
  (3) Anna Mitford (b 1745)
m. Richard Hesketh Shuttleworth of Lancashire
  (4) Mary Mitford (b 1751)
  m. William Bullock of Spital Hill
  (5)+ other issue - William Henry (b 1752, a 1828), Robert Clement (bpt 23.11.1760, d infant), 17 others (d infant)
  b. Philadelphia Mitford
  m. John Wickins or Wickens, later Osbaldeston (rector of Petworth)
  (1) George Wickens, later Osbaldeston apparently of this generation
  (2) Philadelphia Wickens (d 05.1809) apparently of this generation
  m. (09.06.1772) Walter Barttelot, later Smyth (b 19.03.1751, d 02.02.1837)
  c.+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
  ii. John Mitford in London (goldsmith/banker) ancestor of Mitfords of Flemstead
  m. Anne Mertius (dau of Sir George Mertius) wife of John, presumed mother of ...
  a. Robert Mitford
m. (15.10.1777) Sarah Mitford (b 08.02.1753, d 21.07.1827, dau of William Mitford of Pitshill, cousin) @2@ below
  (1) Robert Mitford, later of Gately Hall
  iii. William Mitford of Pitshill in Petworth, Sussex (b 10.02.1699, d 05.02.1777, youngest son)
  The following comes from BLG1952 ('Mitford of Pitshill'). Hodgson identified William's 1st wife as _ Herbert (sp) but BLG1952 identifies her as ...
  m1. (mcrt 23.11.1725) Elizabeth Stiles (dsp, dau of Henry Stiles of Petworth)
  m2. (12.12.1745) Sarah Wicker (d 09.05.1777, dau of John Wicker or Wicher of Horsham Park)
  a. William Mitford of Pitshill (b 29.07.1748, d 30.01.1824)
  m. (14.07.1778) Frances Dippery Rowe (d 07.1797, dau of Milward Rowe)
  (1) Charles Mitford of Pitshill (b 31.05.1785, d 30.10.1831) had issue
  m. (1813) Margaret Townley (dau of Richard Greaves Townley of Fulbourn and Beaupre)
(2) Augusta Mitford (b 20.03.1784, 4th daughter)
  m. (c1810) Arthur Stert of London
  (3)+ other issue - William Rower (b 08.07.1781, d 31.03.1789), 6 daughters (d unm)
  b. Charlotte Mitford (b 08.11.1751)
  m. Richard Newland of Westergate
  c. Sarah Mitford (b 08.02.1753, d 21.07.1827)
  m. (15.10.1777) Robert (probably not Humphrey) Mitford @2@ above
  d.+ other issue - John (b 01.11.1754, d unm 1834), Catherine (b 17.06.1757, d unm 12.1782)
  iv. Elizabeth Mitford
  m. Thomas Pomfret of Stoney Stratford
  v.+ other issue - Edward (b b 04.12.1689), Humphrey (b 07.02.1690, d infant), 2 sons
  B. Sarah Mitford possibly of this generation
  m. (c 11.1698) Thomas Knightley (b c1673, d 14.09.1721, rector of Byfield)
C.+ other issue - George (bpt 25.10.1666), John (bpt 16.01.1668, bur 31.08.1668), Elizabeth, Philadelphia (bur 02.11.1673), Anne, Barbara (bpt 20.12.1668, bur 14.05.1673), Frances (bpt 10.08.1671), Mary (bpt 17.10.1672)
2. John Mitford in London (b c1643, d 1720, 3rd son)
  The following is supported by BP1934 (Redesdale) & Commoners (vol II, 'Mitford of Exbury', p285+).
  m. (30.05.1671) Sarah Powell (d c1739, dau of Henry Powell in London)
  A. William Mitford of Newtown & Gilbury House (d before 02.1747)
  m. Margaret Edwards (dau of Robert Edwards of Wingfield, sister/heir of William)
  i. John Mitford of Newtown House & Exbury, Hampshire (d 16.05.1761, 3rd son?)
  m. (13.09.1740) Philadephia Reveley (bur 09.01.1797, dau of Willey Reveley of Newton Underwood and Throphill)
  a. William Mitford of Newtown Park & Exbury (b 10.02.1744, d 08.02.1827, historian)
  m. (18.05.1766) Frances Molloy (d 27.04.1776, dau of James Molloy of Dublin by Anne, dau of Henry Pye of Farringdon)
(1) Henry Mitford of Exbury (b 12.09.1769, d 24.12.1803, Captain RN, 2nd son)
  m1. (1796) Louisa Wyke (d 05.1801, dau of Anthony Wyke of Montsrrat)
  (A) Frances Mitford (b 08.08.1797)
  m. (09.03.1829) Bertram Mitford, later Osbaldeston-Mitford of Mitford Castle & Hunmanby, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 17.12.1777, dsp 27.02.1842) @1@ above
  (B)+ other issue - William Reveley (b 07.06.1800, d 21.0.1801), Louisa (d unm)
m2. (1803) Mary Anstruther (dau of Hon. David Anstruther)
  (D) Henry Reveley Mitford of Newtown Park & Exbury House (b 21.06.1804, d 21.12.1883) had issue
  m. (28.02.1828, div) Georgiana Jemima Ashburnham (dau of George Ashburnham, 3rd Earl of Ashburnham)
  Their youngest son became 1st Baron Redesdale of the 2nd creation.
  (2) John Mitford (b 25.05.1772, d 20.01.1851) had issue
  m1. (23.01.1802) Sarah Woodward (d 30.03.1836)
  m2. (1836) Susan Annette Henry (dau of Captain Henry, RN)
  (3) Bertram Mitford (b 01.10.1774, d 16.12.1844) had issue
  m. (24.05.1806) Frances Vernon (d 30.01.1867, dau of John Vernon of Clontarf Castle)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 26.05.1776, dvp 29.12.1790), Charles (b 09.1775, d 09.05.1776), Frances (b 22.06.1768, d 20.08.1780)
  b. John Mitford, 1st Lord Redesdale of Redesdale (b 18.08.1748, d 16.01.1830, Speaker of the House of Commons, Lord Chancellor of Ireland)
  m. (06.06.1803) Frances Perceval (b 04.12.1767, d 22.08.1817, dau of John Perceval, 2nd Earl of Egmont)
  (1) John Thomas Mitford, 2nd Lord, 1st Earl Redesdale of Redesdale (b 09.09.1805, d unm 02.05.1886, Speaker of the House of Lords)
  (2)+ other issue (d young) - Frances Elizabeth (d 07.11.1806), Catherine, Frances
c.+ other issue (d unm) - Mary (d 23.04.1800), Frances, Philadephia (d 1836)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert (dsp before 29.06.1737), William of Lovell's Hill & Maules
  B. Philadelphia Mitford (b 1672-3, d 24.04.1722)
  m. Sir George Mertins, Lord Mayor of London (b c1664, d 03.11.1727)
  C.+ other issue - John (dsp), Samuel (had issue), Charles (dsp), Barbara
3. William Mitford (d 1715, rector of Elsdon, 5th son)
  m. Isabella
  A.+ 4 sons and 5 daughters
4. Barbara Mitford
  m. (mcrt 29.07.1654) George Reveley of Newton Underwood & Throphill
5. Mary Mitford
  m. George Tunstall of Newcastle upon Tyne (physician)
6. Anne Mitford
  m. Patrick Crowe of Roseden & Eshington
7. Eleanor Mitford
  m. Thomas Bewicke of Close House
8. Elizabeth Mitford (d 1686)
  m. John Coulson of Jesmond (d 1706)
9.+ other issue - Cuthbert (dsp 1662, rector of Ingram), Edward (b c1646, d unm 01.01.1673), Michael (a 1666, dsp young)

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (Rev. John Hodgson, Part 2 vol 2, 1832, 'Pedigree of Mitford of Mitford', p47), BLG1952 (Mitford of Mitford), 'A History of Northumberland' (Rev. John Hodgson, Part 2 vol 1, 1827, 'Pedigree of Mitford, Baron Redesdale of Redesdale') with input/support as reported above
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