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Families covered: Mauleverer of Allerton, Mauleverer of Clareton

We do not know what relationship, if any, there was between this family and that shown on Mauleverer01.
William Mauleverer "the first of that surname after the Conquest"
1. Raufe Mauleverer (2nd son)
  A. William Mauleverer
  i. Raufe Mauleverer (dsp)
  ii. Henry Mauleverer of Clareton
  m. Cecily Dunsforth (dau of Wiliam Dunsforth)
  a. Richard Mauleverer of Clareton
  m. Alicia
  (1) Henry Mauleverer
  (A) John Mauleverer
(i) John Mauleverer
  (a) Sir John (or Halnath) Mauleverer
  ((1)) Sir John Mauleverer 'of Allerton' (dvp 30.11.1400)
  In 'Mauleverer', Foster shows Sir John's wife as Mary "mother of Sir Halnath" with Ellinor added in italics. In 'Mauleverer of Allerton', Foster shows his wife (and Alnath's mother) as ...
  m. Elenor Midelton (dau of Sir Piers Midelton of Stockeld)
  ((A)) Sir Alnath (Halnath) Mauleverer
  m. Milicent Luterell (dau of Alexander Lutterell)
((i)) John Mauleverer - continued below
  m. Isabell Markenfield (dau of Sir Thomas Markenfield)
  ((ii)) Geffrey Mauleverer
  ((iii)) Margaret Mauleverer
  m. John (or Robert) Stokes
  ((iv)) Helena Mauleverer
  m. Thomas Thirkeld
  ((v)) Joan Mauleverer
  m. Bryan Beeston (son of William)
  ((B)) Beatrix Mauliverer possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John Clervaux of Croft
2.+ other issue - Richard (dsp), Foulke



John Mauleverer - continued above
m. Isabell Markenfield (dau of Sir Thomas Markenfield)
1. Sir John Mauleverer of Allerton
  m. Alison Banks (dau of John (sb Richard?) Banks of Whixley)
  A. Sir Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton the first mentioned by BEB1841
  m. Elizabeth de la River (dau of John de la River of Bransby)
i. Sir Richard Mauleverer of Allerton
  m. Jane Plumpton (dau of Sir Robert Plumpton)
  a. Sir Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton
  m. Elinor Oughtred (dau of Sir Henry (not Thomas) Oughtred)
  (1) Jane Mauleverer (d 15.01.1594/5)
  m1. Sir Henry Wharton
  m2. Robert, Lord Ogle (b 30.05.1529, dsp 01.08.1562)
  m3. Sir Richard Mauleverer of Allerton @@ just below
b. Raphe Mauleverer
  c. Anne Mauleverer
  m. Thomas Snawsel or Snassell of Bilton
  ii. Gilbert Mauleverer (youngest son)
  m. Elizabeth Roydon of Denbighshire
  a. Sir Richard Mauleverer of Allerton, Sheriff of Yorkshire
  m1. Jane Mauleverer (d 15.01.1594/5, dau of Sir Thomas Mauleverer of Allerton) @@ just above
  m2. Katherine Bourchier (dau of Sir Raphe Bourchier of Beningborough)
(1) Sir Thomas Mauleverer, 1st Bart of Allerton (d 1635)
  m1. (sp) Mary Hutton (dau of Sir Richard Hutton, Chief Justice)
  m2. Mary Wilbraham (dau of Sir Thomas Wilbraham)
  (A) Sir Richard Mauleverer, 2nd Bart of Allerton
  m. Ann Clerk (dau of Sir Henry Clerk, Bart)
  (i) Sir Thomas Mauleverer, 3rd Bart of Allerton (dsp c1687)
  m. Katherine Stapleton (dau of Sir Miles Stapleton)
  (ii) Sir Richard Mauleverer, 4th Bart of Allerton (bur 11.05.1689)
  m. (1688) Barbara Slingsby (d 01.08.1722, dau of Sir Thomas Slingsby, Bart of Scriven)
  (a) Sir Richard Mauleverer, 5th Bart of Allerton (d unm 03.1713)
  (iii)+ other issue - William, Charles (d young), Henry, Judith, Mary
  (B) Grace Mauleverer
  m. Thomas Scott
(C) Elizabeth Mauleverer
  m. Richard Beverley
  b. Anne Mauleverer
  m. Sir William Lusher of Sholand, Surrey
  c. Frances Mauleverer
  m. Henry Battle of Farnham
  iii. Anne Mauleverer mentioned by Foster & Visitation but not by BEB1841
  m. Marmaduke Constable of Bossall
  iv. Mary Mauleverer mentioned by BEB1841 but not by Foster & Visitation
  m. Edward Copley
  v. Bridget Mauleverer mentioned by BEB1841 but not by Foster & Visitation
  m. John Vavasour
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Francis (dsp), George (dsp), Frances
  B. Grace Mauleverer
  m. John Pullen
  C.+ other issue - Robert, Alnathe, Bridget, Ursula, Katherine
2. William Mauleverer
  m. Joane (widow of _ Langley of Kent)
3. George Mauleverer
  m. Ann Pomerey (dau of Thomas Pomerey)
4. Alnathus Mauleverer
  A. George Mauleverer
  m. Ann Pomerey (dau of _ Pomerey)
5. Joane Mauleverer
  m. Thomas Gedney
6. Joane Mauleverer (2nd)
  m. John or Robert Shelley or Skelton or Shelton
7. Alice Mauleverer
  m1. John Southwell
  m2. Rauf Booth shown by Visitation (1563/4) as 2nd husband of Jane, widow of Robert Shelton
8. Helen Mauleverer
  m. Robert Byrnand or Burnand
9. Anne Mauleverer
  m. Thomas Fulborne

Main source(s): Visitation (Foster 1875, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1621, Mauleverer & Muleverer of Allerton), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563/4, Malyverer), BEB1841 (Mauliverer of Allerton Mauliverer)
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