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Families covered: Matheson of Glas-na-Muclach, Matheson of Immer, Matheson of Steinscholl

Alexander Mor Matheson
m. Annabella Mackenzie (dau of Murdoch Mackenzie, son of Hector of Fairburn)
1. Roderick Matheson
  m. Flora Matheson (dau of Alaster MacIan Og Matheson of Achtayloralan)
  A. John Matheson of Inchnairn in Strathasgaig
  m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of Duncan Mackenzie (of the Dochmaluag family) by Janet, dau of Lachlan MacThearlaich Oig Mackinnon)
  i. Alexander Matheson of Sallachy (b c1728, d 1793)
  m. Janet Macrae (dau of Duncan Macrae (Tutor of Conchra) by Isabella, dau of Rev. Finlay Macrae of Lochalsh by Margaret, dau of Duncan Macrae of Inverinate by Janet Macleod_
  a. Roderick Matheson of Immer in Lochcarron
  m. Margaret Macrae (dau of Finlay Macrae)
  (1) John Matheson (dvp 1822) had issue
  m. Jean Stalker
  (2) Duncan Matheson in Lochalsh (4th son)
  m. Janet Macrae
  (3) Farquhar Matheson of Immer had issue
  m. Catherine Matheson (d 1868)
  (4) William Matheson to Alabama (d 1835) had issue
  m. Maria Darrington
  (5) Flora Matheson (d 1820)
  m. Donald Maclennan of Plockton
  (6) Catherine Matheson
  m. John Mackintosh of Glenelg
  (7) Janet Matheson
  m. John Macdonnell of Dornie
  (8) Annabella Matheson
  m. Roderick Finlayson of Achmore
  (9)+ other issue - Alexander in Lochalsh (d unm), Murdoch in America (d 1817), Donald in America (d unm), Isabella (d youing)
  a. Murdoch Matheson
  (1)+ issue - Alexander (had issue), John (d before 1841), Donald (d before 1841)
  ii. Murdoch Matheson
  a. Donald Matheson in Blaich in Ardgour (a 1841, schoolmaster) had issue
  b.+ 3 sons (d young)
  B. Alexander Matheson
m. Ann Mackinnon (dau of John Mackinnon of Asik in Skye, son of Donald son of Hector of Mackinnon)
  i. Annabella Matheson
  m. ?? Matheson
  a. Duncan Matheson ("the compiler of the Tiree-Manchester MS")
  ii.+ other issue - Murdoch ( d unm), "many sons (dvp) and daughters"
  C. Murdoch Matheson
  m. Flora Matheson (dau of John Matheson of Achtaylorala son of Alaster MacIan Og)
  i. Anne Matheson
  m. William Macdonald of Ord
  ii.+ other issue - Alexander (d 1799, rector of Edinburgh High School), sons (d young), daughters (d young)
  D. Donald Matheson of Contin
  m. _ Mackenzie of Hilton
  i. John Matheson
  a.+ other issue (a 1824, had issue) - Donald, Alexander
  E. Annabella Matheson
2.+ other issue - Duncan (dspms), Murdoch, Angus



Murdoch Matheson of Glas-na-Muclach
1. Ewen Matheson of Glas-na-Muclach
  A. Murdoch Roy Matheson
  i. John Buidhe Matheson
  m. Margaret Maclean
  a. William Matheson
  m. Christina Campbell
  (1) Roderick Matheson
  (A)+ issue (d unm) - John, Annabella
  (2) John Matheson
  (A) Murdo Matheson
  m. Margaret Matheson (dau of Alexander Matheson ("Blind Fiddler"), son of Donald of Balmacarra & Reraig)
  (B)+ other issue - Alexander (Had issue), Isabella, Ann, Mary
  (3) Donald Matheson
  m. Christina Mackenzie
  (A) Hector Matheson had issue
  m. Christina Matheson (dau of Murdo Matheson)
  (B) Alexandre Matheson (d young)
  (C) Catherine Matheson
  m. Roderick Matheson (d 1892) @@ just below
  (D Janet Matheson
  m. Alexander Maclennan
  b. Roderick Matheson (d young)
  c. John Matheson of Plockton (shipbuilder)
  (1) Donald Matheson had issue
  m. Margaret Black (dau of Captain _ Black)
  (2) John Matheson had issue
  m. Christina Livingstone (dau of Kenneth Livingstone)
  (3) Roderick Matheson (d 1892) had issue
  m. Catherine Matheson (dau of Donald Matheson son of William son of John Buidhe) @@ just above
  (4)+ other issue - Flora (a 1821, to Cape Breton), Margaret (to New Zealand), Isabella (to New Zealand)
  d. Catherine Matheson
  m. Alexander Macdonald of Plockton
  ii. Donald Roy Matheson of Steinscholl, Skye (miller)
  m. _ Matheson (dau of John Matheson of Lockalsh then Pensuraig)
  a. James Matheson of Steinscholl, Skye (miller)
  m. _ Macleod of Loanfern
  (1)+ issue - Peter (a 1845), 7 sons (a 1845), Alexander (d by 1845)
  b. Murdoch Matheson in Boreraig
  m. Catherine Macinnes
  (1)+ issue - John, Donald, Angus, Alexander, Flora, Christy, Jessie
  c.+ other issue - John (dsp), Aleander (dsp), 2 sons, 2 daughters

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the Mathesons' by Alexander Mackenzie (2nd edition by Alexander Macbain, 1900, p116+)
(2) For lower section : 'History of the Mathesons' by Alexander Mackenzie (2nd edition by Alexander Macbain, 1900, p125+)
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