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Families covered: Matheson in Glasgow, Matheson in Kintail

Murdoch Matheson of Balmacara
m1. Christian Clerk (dau of Rev. Donald Clerkor Clark of Lochalsh, widow of _ Maclennan)
1. Dugald Og Matheson
  A. John Matheson
  m. _ Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of ApplecrosS)
  i. Roderick Beag Matheson of Achandarroch
  m. Catherine Macrae (dau of John Breac Macrae (son of Rev. Farqhhar of Kintail), widow of Murdoch Matheson (son of Alister MacIan Og))
  a. Murdoch Matheson in Carr, Kintail
  m. Mary Macrae of Strathglass
  (1) John Buidhe Matheson in Aird then Leanassie (b c1736, d 1845)
  m. (c1796) Christina Macrae
  (A) Duncan Matheson (3rd son) had issue
  m. Mary Matheson (dau of Roderick Matheson of Lundy)
  (B)+ other issue - Roderick, Murdoch (had issue), Alexander (dsp), Catherine (d unm)
  (2) Catherine Matheson
  m. Murdoch Macaulay of Bundalloch
  b. Alexander Matheson
  m. Mary Macrae (dau of Donald Macrae of Ariyugan)
  (1) John Matheson
  m. Annabella Macrae (dau of Farquhar Macrae of Ariyugan)
  (A) Roderick 'Taillear Ban' Matheson in Plockton had issue
  (B) Isabella Matheson
  (2) Christopher Matheson
  m. Catherine Matheson (dau of John MacRory Matheson)
  (A) John Matheson had issue
  m. Mary Matheson (dau of Roderick Buidhe Matheson of Erbesaig)
  (B) Alexander Matheson had issue
  (C) Donald Matheson in Erbesaig had issue
  m. Flora Macrae
  (D) Mary Matheson
  (3) Kenneth Matheson
  m. Catherine Mackenzie (dau of John Mackenzie of Plockton)
  (A) Alexander Matheson of Plockton (d 1862, shoemaker) had issue
  (4) Mary Matheson
  m. Murdoch Matheson (son of Dugald of Kyle)
  (5)+ other issue - Catherine, Christina, Ann
  ii. Donald Matheson father or grandfather of ...
  a. Dugald Matheson of Kyle
  (1) Murdoch Matheson
  (A)+ issue - Donald of Duirinish (ship carpenter, had issue), Dugald
  (2) Donald Matheson in Reraig
  (A)+ issue - Alexander (had issue), Roderick (had issue)
  (3) William Matheson
  m. Ann Matheson (dau of John Ban Matheson of Duirinish)
  (A) Dugald Beag Matheson of Erbesaig had issue
  iii. John Matheson (5th son)
  a. Roderick Matheson
  (1) Roderick Og Matheson in Kirklton of Lochalsh (a 1780)
  m. Catherine Finlayson (dau of Duncan Finlayson of Achmore)
  (A)+ issue - Roderick (to Canada), Donald (in India), Kenneth (to Canada), John (in India), William (to Canada), Duncan in Dundee, Alexander, Murdoch (to Canada), Dugald (a 1828, to America)
  iv.+ other issue - Kenneth (dspm), Murdoch (dspm)
2. Alexander Matheson shown by some as of the 2nd marriage
  A. Kenneth Matheson (natural son)
  i. Murdoch Matheson
  a. Dugald Buidhe Matheson
  m. (1743) Flora Maclennan
  (1) John Matheson
  (A) Murdoch Matheson in Glasgow (dsp)
  (B) Dugald Matheson in Liverpool (b c1793, d 1861, brewer) had issue
  m. Catherine Macrae (dau of Duncan Macrae (tacksman of Conchra))
  (2) Donald Matheson of Fernaig (b c1744, d 1845, miller)
  (A)+ issue - John of Lochalsh then Cape Breton in Canada (had issue), Duncan to Charleston in Amercia, Dugald to Upper Canada (had issue)
  (3) Murdoch Matheson (d 1815)
(A)+ issue - John in Cape Breton (a 1820), Kenneth, Ropderick to Cape Breton (a 1820)
  (4) Alexander Matheson
  m. Mary Matheson (dau of Kenneth Matheson of Plockton)
  (A)+ issue - Dugald (emigrated), Murdoch in Glasgow, Alexander in Glasgow, Elizabeth, Catherine
3. Christane (Christian) Matheson
  m. Kenneth Og MacQueen of Troutrome
m2. ?? Mackenzie (sister of Roderick Mackenzie of Davochmaluag)
4. Agnes Matheson
  m. Thomas Mackenzie of Highfield
5. daughter duplication above?
  m. Kenneth Og MacQueen of Troutrome

Main source(s): 'History of the Mathesons' by Alexander Mackenzie (2nd edition by Alexander Macbain, 1900, p106+)
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