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Families covered: McCall of Braehead, McCall of Glasgow, McCall in Philadelphia

BLG1847 reports that "It is suppposed that this fmily is descended from a branch of the ancient border clan of McCall." However, BLG1952 reports that the following Patrick "is claimed as descended from the MacAulays who fled from the Highlands in the 16th century". Another suggestion seen, which is probably but not necessarily inconsistent with that view, is that the McCalls orginally had their roots in a family named Call that "came into England from Saxony towards the end of the eighth century" (see Call1). In 'Some old families' (1890), H.B. McCall reports that "it has been argued that the family and surname may alike derive from their origin from the Highland Clan Macaulay of Dumbartonshire. Such an assumption must be largeley conjectural, and it does not seem to be borne out by certain existing facts" and makes no mention of the following Patrick who is identified by BLG1952 as great-grandfather of the William (d 1712) who is the first otherwise given.
Partick MacCaul of Guffochland (d 1610)
1. ?? MacCaul
  A. ?? MacCaul or MacAul
  i. William McCaa or MacAul or McCall im Kello-side, Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire (d 1712)
a. Samuel McCall of Glasgow (b 01.04.1681, d 1759)
  Samuel was "a very wealthy merchant, (who) possessed large estates in America, which his descendants lost in the war of Independence, for their loyalty and adherence to the British crown." BLG1847 suggests that this Samuel m. (c1690) a dau of Dundas of Arniston. The dates given for him by BLG1952 & McCall make that a clear error. BLG1952 identifies his wives as follows, reporting that he had 6 sons. Details come from 'Some old families' which contradicts some data within BLG1847 which we ignore below.
  m1. (06.08.1707) Isobell Blackburn (b 19.02.1685, d 07.06.1713, dau of William Blackburn of Glasgow (by Margaret Murdoch), sister of John of Househill)
  (1) Samuel McCall in Philadelphia (b 19.09.1710, dspm 1761)
  m. (28.05.1737) Anne McCall (d 12.1785, dau of George McCall of Philadelphia by Anne Yeates) @@ below
  (A) Anne McCall (b 12.1738, d 02.1767)
  m. (16.01.1763) John Dow
  (B)+ other issue - Samuel (b, bur 14.07.1740), John (b 22.09.1741, bur 25.07.1756), George (bur 17.12.1745), Samuel (bpt 23.07.1747, bur 10.10.1747), Isobel (b 24.05.1743), Mary (b 08.09.1744, d 08.1745), Catherine (b 02.06.1749, d unm 01.1842), Margaret (d unm 10.1812), Eleanor (b 14.01.1753, d unm 26.03.1831), Mary (b 28.02.1760, d unm 21.11.1840)
  (2)+ 4 children (d infant)
  m2. (21.01.1714) Margaret Adam (b 05.03.1691, d 12.1765, dau of John Adam of Glasgow by Mary Wood)
  (6) John McCall of Glasgow & Belvidere (b 27.03.1715, d 08.10.1790)
  m1. Margaret Crauford (dsp)
  m2. (mcrt 10.11.1764) Helen Cross (b c1738, d 06.04.1808, dau of Robert Cross of Glasgow by Sarah Thomson)
  (A) Samuel McCall in Limerick (b 16.09.1769, d 1805)
m. (10.10.1799) Margaret Wallace (d 1862, dau of William Wallace of Limerick)
  (i) John McCall in Glasgow (b 18.11.1801, d 20.08.1842) had issue
  m. Eliza Mona Grice (d 12.03.1843, dau of Captain Henry Grice of Sandal Castle)
  (ii)+ other issue - William (b 30.01.1803, d 22.07.1803(, Samuel (b 06.09.1805, d 20.05.1806), Mercy (b 07.07.1804, d 06.05.1806)
  (B) William McCall of Liverpool & Maidenhill, Cumberland (b 13.10.1776, d 16.07.1831, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1808) Agnes Liston (d 1860, dau of Rev. Robert Liston of Aberdour)
  (C) Sarah McCall (b 29.08.1765, d 1835)
  m. (30.11.1786) Alexander Bonar of Edinburgh (banker, son of Rev. John of Perth)
  (D) Margaret McCall (b 04.08.1766, d 1836)
  m. (25.09.1786) James Spreull
  (E) Helen McCall (b 25.08.1767)
  m. (21.12.1789) Robert McNair of Belvidere
  (F) Marion McCall (b 24.05.1772, d 1849)
  m. (1812) John Mackintosh of Glasgow
  (G) Grizel McCall (b 23.09.1773, d 27.01.1852)
  m. (03.09.1799) John Caw, Provost of Perth
(H)+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 01.04.1771, d 03.02.1821 in West Indies), Robert (b 16.05.1775, d 1828), Elizabeth (b 19.01.1779, d 1845)
  (7) James McCall of Braehead, Lanarkshire (b 31.05.1726, d 20.03.1803, 3rd son of this marriage) the only line followed by BLG1952
  m. (27.01.1761) Sarah Reid (d 27.11.1822, dau of Thomas Reid of Saltcoats by Elizabeth Boyd)
  (A) Samuel McCall of Braehead, later of Glyntown, co. Cork (b 07.11.1761, d 1806) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Poole (dau of Hewit Poole of Mayfield, co. Cork, by Dora, dau of Jonas Morris of Barly Hill by Mary, granddau of Bryan Townsend of Castle Townsend)
  (B) Thomas McCall of Craighead (b 02.11.1765) had issue
  m. Martha Denroche (dau of Charles Denroche by a dau of Dormon of Raffeen)
  (C) John McCall of Ibrox Hill (b 04.07.1778, dsp 10.1833)
  m. Isabella Smith (dsp, dau of Archibald Smith of Jordanhill)
  (D) James McCall of Daldowie, Lanarkshire (b 04.07.1778, d 07.09.1866) had issue
m. (1815) Anna Catrina Jacobina De Wet Fehrszen (dau of Henricus Fehrszen or Fihozen of the Cape of Good Hope, sister of Colonel Henry)
  The daughter of one of their sons carried Daldowie into a Pollok family. Her husband assumed the name Pollok-McCall.
  (E) Elizabeth McCall (b 20.04.1764, d 1807)
  m. David Russell of Woodside 
  (F) Helen McCall (b 07.09.1775, d 1823)
  m. Harry Wallis (son of Harry of Drishane Castle)
  (G) Mary McCall (b 04.04.1781, d 1819)
  m. Fulton McKerrell (d 1840, son of John of Hillhouse, m1. ??)
  (H)+ other issue (d unm) - Sarah (b 09.04.1768, d 03.07.1849), Margaret (b 17.12.1783, d 26.05.1871)
  (8) George McCall in Glasgow (b 10.04.1751, d 20.02.1810)
  m. (04.03.1765) Mary Smellie (dau of Archibald Smellie of Easterhill)
  (A) George McCall (b 1772, dsp 11.04.1814, Captain RN, 2nd son)
  m. Ann Wilsoin
  (B) James McCall in Glasgow (b 1780, d 04.05.1853, 5th son) had issue
  m. (1811) Janet Ker (b c1789, d 1871, dau of Alan Ker of Gute & Greenock)
  (C) Archibald McCall (b 21.08.1785, d 21.07.1842) had issue
  m. Elizabeh Boyd Dow (dau of Rev. David Dow of Cathcart)
  (D) Mary McCall (b 1770)
  m. (1793) John Taylor of Kirkton Hill
  (E) Catherine McCall (b 1782, d 1827)
  m. (1809) John Brown of Langside
(F)+ other issue - Samuel of Linburn (b 1768, d unm 1855), John (b 1773, d unm 1808), William (b 1777, d 04.05.1853 in Jamaica), Christian (b 1775, d unm 1861), Margaret (b 1784, d young)
  (9) Archibald McCall in Virginia (b 28.04.1734. d 10.1814)
  m. Catherine Flood of Virginia
  (A)+ issue (d unm), - Catherine Flood, daughter (dvp)
  (10) Marion McCall (b 04.06.1723)
  m. John Anderson of Glasgow
  (10) Helen McCall (b 04.01.1730, d 23.09.1780)
  m. (13.11.1749) Andrew Thomson of Faskine
  (11)+ other issue (d unm) - William in Glasgow (b 04.01.1717, d 1763), Mary (b 02.05.1721), Margaret (b 05.09.1727, d 26.07.1760)
  b. George McCall of Douglas Manor in Philadelphia (d 13.10.1740)
  m. (09.08.1716) Anne Yeates (b 27.12.1697, d 06.1746, dau of Jasper of Philadelphia by Catherine Sandelands)
  (1) Jasper McCall (dsp 1747)
m. Magdalen Kollock (dau of Jacob Kollock of Delaware)
  (2) Samuel McCall in Philadelphia (b 1721, dspms 1762) had issue
  m. (29.01.1742) Anne Searle (dau of John Searle)
  (3) George McCall (b 1724, dspm 1756) had issue
  m. (1745) Lydia Abbett (d 1795)
  (4) Archibald McCall in Philadelphia (b 1727, d 23.04.1799) had issue
  m. (1762) Judith Kemble (b c1742, d 1829, dau of Peter Kemble of Mount Kemble)
  (5) Catherine McCall (d 1750)
  m. (1736) John Inglis (d 20.08.1775)
  (6) Anne McCall (b 1720, d 1785)
m. (1737) Samuel McCall @@ above
  (7) Mary McCall (b 1725)
  m. (1753) William Plumstead, Mayor of Philadelphia
  (8) Margaret McCall (b 1731, d 1804)
  m. (1759) Joseph Smith, Mayor of Philadelphia
  (9) Eleanor McCall (b 1732, d 1756)
  m. (1754) Andrew Elliot, Governor of New York (son of Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart)
  c. Archibald McCall in Kelloside (d 1731)
  m. Marion Hair (a 1731)
  (1)+ issue - Samuel, Archibald, George, Mary
  d. Margaret McCall (d 1744)
  m. Robert Williamson in Burnfoot
  e. Catherine McCall
  m. Robert Gordon in Carsenovock
  f. Helen McCall
  m. _ Crichton
  (1) Marion Crichton

Main source(s): 'Some old families' (H.B. McCall, vol 1 (1890), Chapter VI: 'The family of McCall', p121+), BLG1952 ('Pollok-McCall (formerly McCall) of Daldowie') with some support & contradiction from BLG1847 ('McCall of Braehead and Glyntown')
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