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Families covered: Macgregor (Murray) of Glencarnoch, Macgregor of Glenstrae, Macgregor of Kilmanan, Macgregor of Macgregor
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Douglas reports that the following Gregor was of Breachdsliabh or Breackly, later of Glenurchy, but we follow BPGS2001 & BP2003 in showing him as ...
Gregor Macgregor of Auchinchallane (d 06.03.1547)
m. Finvola or Flora Macarthur (dau of _ Macarthur of Strachur by dau of Campbell of Argyle) named by Douglas
1. Duncan (ladasach = lordly) Macgregor of Ardchoille (d 16.06.1552)
  m. Mary Campbell (dau of laird of Ardkinglass (by a dau of Argyle?))
  A. Gregor Macgregor (d 16.06.1552)
  m. Isabel Cameron (dau of _ Cameron of Stronhead)
  i. Duncan (Aberach = of Lochaber) Macgregor of Lochaben (d 04.1604)
  m1. Christian Macdonald (dau of _ Macdonald of Keppath)
a. son (d young)
  m2. ?? Macfarlane (dau of Andrew Macfarlane of that ilk)
  b. Patrick Macgregor (a 1644) the first given by BP1934
  m. Marion Macdonald (dau of _ Macdonald of Auchatrichatan)
  (1) Iain/John Macgregor (of Glenlochy?) (a 1698)
  m. Anne Macgregor (dau of Gregor Macgregor of Roro)
(A) John Macgregor, later Murray of Glencarnoch (b 1668, d 18.09.1744)
  The name Macgregor was proscribed following the clan's support of the Jacobite rebellion in 1715. All persons of the name had to take another family name.
  m. Catharine Campbell (d 14.05.1774, dau of Hugh Campbell of Lix by Beatrix Campbell)
  (i) Robert Macgregor, later Murray of Glencarnoch (d 10.1758)
  m1. Christian Campbell (dau of John Campbell of Roro)
  (a) Christian Murray
  m. John Graham of Rednock and Duchray (d 14.10.1790, captain)
  m2. Robina Jacobina Cameron (dau of Major Donald Cameron)
  (b)+ other issue including John (d Louisburg 1758) and others who d young
  m3. Mary Ann Drummond (dau of William Drummond of Hawthornden
(c)+ other issue (d young) including John (d Louisburg 1758)
  (ii) Peter Murray
  (a) Catherine Murray
  m. John Gregorson
  (iii) Duncan Murray (d 02.1787)
  m. Beatrix MacNiven (dau of David MacNiven)
  (a)+ issue - John (dvp 23.03.1784, Commodore), Drummond Mary
(iv) Evan Murray or Macgregor (b c1715, d 29.10.1778)
  m. Janet Macdonald (d 15.02.1793, dau of John Macdonald of Balcomie)
  (a) Sir John Murray Macgregor of Macgregor, 18th Chief, 1st Bart (b 10.04.1745, d 28.06.1822)
  After the ban on the name Macgregor was lifted, members of the Clan gathered and confirmed John as their chief.
  m. (1774) Anne Macleod (d 05.02.1830, dau of Roderick Macleod of Bernera)
  ((1)) Sir Evan John Murray Macgregor, 2nd Bart (b 01.1785, d 14.06.1841, Governor of the Windward Islands) had issue
  m. (28.05.1808) Elizabeth Murray (b 19.04.1787, d 12.04.1846, dau of John Murray, 4th Duke of Atholl)
  (b) Alexander Murray Macgregor (b 25.08.1746, Colonel)
  m1. Frances Pascal (d 1786, dau of Major _ Pascal)
((1)) Evan Edmund Hastings Pascall (b 08.02.1777, d young)
  ((2)) Alexander Murray Macgregor (b 27.11.1778, d 20.08.1827, Major General) had issue
  m. (21.05.1810) Charlotte Sinclair (d 08.04.1854, dau of James Sinclair, 12th Earl of Caithness)
  m2. (25.03.1790) Grace Hay (dau of James Hay)
  (c) Peter Murray Macgregor (dsp, Colonel)
  m. Eliza Tuting
  (d) Robert Murray Macgregor (Lt. Colonel)
  m. Barbara (Mary?) Mackenzie (sister of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, Bart of Fairburn, widow of Kenneth Murchison of Tarradall)
  ((1)) Jeannetta Catherine Macgregor (d 1883)
  m1. Robert Sutherland
  m2. William Darley Hull
  ((2)) Barbara Macgregor (d 1841)
  m. (1826) _ Hort (Lt. Colonel)
  (e)+ other issue (d young) - James, Alicia, Peggy
  (v) John Murray (d Ticonderoga 1759)
  (B)+ other issue - including Robert, Gregor, Donald
  (2) James Macgregor (Major, to America) had issue
(3)+ other issue including Duncan (d unm)
  c. Robert (Aberach) Macgregor
  d. Gregor Macgregor (d 08.1604) mentioned by BPGS2001/BP2003 but not by Douglas
  e. Alpin Macgregor mentioned by Douglas but not by BPGS2001/BP2003
  (1) Sir Ewan Macgregor of Newhaven
  ii. Patrick Macgregor (d 20.01.1604) ancestor of Drummonds or Macgregors of the Pows
  BPGS2001 & BP2003 report that 3 of his sons took the name Livingstone and 2 took the name Balfour.
  iii. More Macgregor mentioned by Douglas
  m. Gregor Macgregor 'the bastard' ## see here ##
  partner unknown mentioned by Douglas
  iv. Patrick Macgregor in Strathearn ancestor of Drummonds or Macgregors of Balnacuil, Dundurn, etc.
  Douglas reports only younger son, Sir John of Glenrae, but BPGS2001/BP2003 report two:
  B.+ other issue - Malcolm (d 1552), Patrick (d 04.10.1574)
2. Malcolm Macgregor of Inverey (3rd son) mentioned by Douglas
  m. _ Lamont (dau of Dugal Lamont of Stiolaig)
  A.+ issue including Alexander of Cherry, Kilach, etc.
3. Iain (John) Macgregor of Breackly or Brackly had issue at Brackly
4.+ other issue - Gregor, several daughters mentioned by Douglas



Iain Macgregor, later of Glenstrae, 7th Chief (d 12.04.1528)
It is not clear how Iain became Chief of the Clan rather than his cousin but it may have been a combination of 3 factors: force of personality (although such does not normally stop arguments arising in later generations), uncertainty as to who was the true representative of the family, and support from the Campbell family.
m. Helen Campbell (dau of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, widow of ?? MacIain of Ardnamurchan & ?? MacLaine of Lochbuie)
1. Alasdair Macgregor of Glenstrae, 8th Chief (d c1550)
  m. (Mariota) Campbell (dau of ?? Campbell of Ardkinglas, widow of ?? Macnaughten of Macnaughten)
  A. Iain Macgregor of Glenstrae, 9th Chief (d before 08.1561)
  B. Gregor Macgregor of Glenstrae, 10th Chief (d 07.04.1570)
  m. Marion (Mary) Campbell (dau (sb sister?) of Duncan Campbell of Glenlyon)
i. Alasdair Macgregor of Glenstrae, 11th Chief (d 20.01.1604)
  Alasdair defeated the Colquhouns at the battle of Glenfruin for which act "the whole clan was outlawed and the name of MaccGregor was proscribed on pain of death." The power of the Clan was broken but the proscription was lifted in 1661 only to be reset after the Jacobite rebellion in 1715.
  ii. Iain (dubh nan Luiraig = black with the coat of mail) Macgregor (d 07.02.1603)
  m. _ Murray (dau of John Murray of Strowan)
  a. Gregor Macgregor aka John Murray, 12th Chief (dsp)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (widow of John Grant of Carron)
  b. Patrick (ruadh = red) Macgregor, 13th Chief (d before 08.1649)
  m. Jean Campbell (dau of Sir Robert Campbell of Glenorchy, widow of Archibald Campbell of Glenlyon, m3. Duncan Stewart of Appin)
(1) James Macgregor, 14th Chief (dsp before 04.1678)
  (2) Jean Macgregor
  m. (08.1666) Allan Cameron (brother of Sir Ewen of Lochiel, 17th Chief)
  c. Evan Macgregor
  C. Evan Macgregor (d before 1601, tutor of Glenstrae)
  i. Gregor Macgregor (d 20.01.1604)
  ii. Iain (dubh = black) Macgregor (d 17.02.1604)
  a. Alasdair Macgregor (a 1637)
  iii. Duncan Macgregor (a 1611, tutor of Glenstrae)
  m. (1603) Margaret Macfarlane (dau of Malcolm Macfarlane of Gartartan)
  a. Malcolm Macgregor (a 1661, tutor of Macgregor)
  m. Mary Campbell of Glenlyon (widow of John Macnab of Bovain, Chief)
  (1) Gregor Macgregor, 15th Chief (d unm 09.02.1693)
  b. Evan Macgregor of Kilmanan (a 1659, Colonel)
  m. Mary Napier (dau of William Napier of Ardinmoir, brother of 1st Lord Napier)
  (1) John Macgregor of Kilmanan (dspl)
  (2) Archibald Macgregor aka Graham of Kilmanan, 16th Chief (a 1706)
  After Archibald's death, Alexander Macgregor or Drummond of Balhaldie assumed the style of Clan Chief (and is numbered as the 17th Chief) but this was not recognised by the Government. He had issue but the title did not follow his descendants. [Another claimant is mentioned here.] It was not until the ban on the name Macgregor was lifted in 1774 that efforts to restore a Chief began. The successful candidate was Sir John Murray Macgregor, later 1st Bart - see above.
  m. (mcrt 31.05.1679) Anna Cochrane (dau of John Cochrane, minister of Strathblane)
  (A) Hugh Macgregor or Graham, younger of Kilmanan (dvp c1705)

Main source(s): BPGS2001 (Macgregor of Macgregor), BP2003 (Macgregor of Macgregor), Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (1798, Macgregor of Macgregor) with some support for upper section from BP1934 (Macgregor)
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