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Families covered: Macdonell of Leek, Macdonell of Scotus

Angus (Aeneas) Macdonell, 3rd of Scotus
m. Catherine Macleod (dau of Sir Norman Lacleod)
1. Donald Macdonell, 4th of Scotus (d Culloden 16.04.1746)
  m1. Helen Meldrum of Meldrum
  A. Margaret Macdonell
  m. Alexander Macdonald, 7th of Glenaladale (a 1745)
  m2. Elizabeth Cuming of Carter or Conter
B. Ranald Macdonell, 5th of Scotus (b c1725, a 02.1810)
  m1. Helen Grant (d 06.1793, dau of Patrick Grant, 8th of Glenmoriston)
  i. Aeneas Macdonell, 6th of Scotus (d 09.12.1792)
  m. Ann Fraser (dau of William Fraser of Culbockie by Margaret Macdonell of Ardnabi)
  a. Aeneas Ranald Macdonell of Cheltenham, 7th of Scotus, 19th of Glengarry (d 24.10.1868) had issue
  m. (1819) Juliana Charlotte Wade (dau of _ Wade, Archdeacon of Bombay)
  b. Angus Macdonell (d young)
  c. Helen Grant Macdonell (b after 09.12.1792)
  m. _ Kyle of Dinghill (Colonel)
  m2. Helen Macdonell (d 07.06.1793, dau of John Macdonell, 12th of Glengarry)
  ii. Charles Macdonell (Major)
  a. daughter
  iii. Donald Macdonell (Colonel)
  m. Anne Isabella Macdonell (dau of Archibald Macdonell of Lochshiel)
  a. Aeneas Macdonell of Morar had issue
  m. Catherine Sidgreaves (dau of James Sigreaves of Inglewhite Hall)
  b. Donald Macdonell (Captain) had issue (1 dau who d young)
m. Frances Eyre
  c. Anne Macdonell
  m. _ Stott (Captain)
  d. Catharine Macdonell (d unm?)
  iv. Marion Macdonell (Macdonald) possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Daniel Galbraith
  v.+ other issue - John (d unm, Captain), 5 daughters
  m3. Mary Cameron of Glen Nevis
  C. Archibald Macdonell (priest)
2. John Macdonell
  The following comes from 'History of the Macdonalds' (p529+).
  m. _ Macdonell (granddau of John Macdonell, 1st of Leek) @@ below
  A. Ranald Macdonell (d unm)
  B. Alexander Macdonell (to Canada in 1792)
  m. Janet Macdonell (dau of Alexander Macdonell of Aberchallader)
  i. Duncan Macdonell
  m. Janet Macdonell (dau of Colonel John Macdonell of Aberchallader by dau of John Macdonell of Leek)
  a. Archibald Macdonell had issue in Canada
  b. Donald Macdonell in Canada had issue
  m. _ Macdonald (dau of Robertson Macdonald of Fort William)
  c. other issue (d unm) - John (b c1788, d 14.10.1812, Attorney General of Upper Canada, Lt. Colonel), Alexander, Angus, Marcella
  ii. Mary Macdonell
  m. John Cumming
  a. Helen Cumming
  m. Joseph Clarke (Lt. General)
  b.+ other issue
  iii.+ other issue - Donald, John
3. Allan Macdonell "whose descendants emigrated to America"
4. Alexander Macdonell "whose representatives are also in America"



John (Ian Mor) Macdonald (Macdonnell) of Ardnabi
'History of the Frasers' (Mackenzie, p617) identifies the wife of William Fraser of Guisachan as Margaret, dau of John Macdonell of Ardnabi by Mary ("a daughter of Glengarry"). 'History of the Macdonalds (Mackenzie, p489) shows a daughter of Alexander Macdonald of Keppoch as having, by a daughter of John Macdonell of Glengarry, a daughter who married Macdonald of Ardnabi. We presume to suggest the following connection.
m. ?? Macdonald (dau of Alexander Macdonald of Keppoch by dau of John Macdonell of Glengarry)
1. John Macdonell, 1st of Leek
m. ?? (possibly dau of Grant of Glenmoriston)
  A. ?? Macdonell probably father of ...
  i. John Macdonell of Leek (Major)
  m. (Elizabeth) Leslie (b 1757, dau of (John) Leslie of Fetternear & Balquhain)
  a. Wolfe Alexander Macdonell (d unm 1813, Colonel)
  b. George Macdonell (b 1779-80, d 187/10, Lt. Colonel)
  m. (1820) Laura Arundel (dau of Lord Arundel of Wardour)
  c. Elizabeth Matilda Macdonell
  m. (1809) Arthur Clifford (nephew (not son) of Hugh, 4th Lord)
  d. daughter
  m. Robert Gillies
  e. Jacobina Macdonell
  m. Sir Joseph Radcliffe of Rudding Park
  f. daughter
  m. _ Nassau
  g.+ other issue (d unm) - James (Captain), Charles, Edward, Ernest, Alpina
  ii. daughter possibly cousin rather than sister of John
  m. John Macdonell @@ above
  B. daughter probably of this generation
  m. John Macdonell of Aberchallader (Colonel)
2. Alexander Macdonell
  m. _ Macdonald (dau of _ Macdonald of Tirnadris)
  A. John Macdonell
  i. Janet Macdonell
  m. Alexander Macdonell of Greenfield
  B. Hugh Macdonell (Consul General at Algiers)
  i. daughter
  m. Duke of Montmorency
  ii. daughter
  m. Count of Aguado
  iii. Ida Macdonell
  m. ?? (Spanish Minister at Vienna)
iv.+ other issue - Alexander (General), Hugh (in Rome)
  C. Janet Macdonell
  m. Alexander Macdonell of Greenfield
  D. Isabel Macdonell
  m. _ Ross (Colonel)
  E.+ other issue - Chichester (Colonel), John (Colonel)
3. Allan Macdonell ancestor of Macdonells of Cullochy
  A. Alexander Macdonell in Toronto, Canada
4. Margaret Macdonell possibly fits here
  m. William Fraser, 8th of Guisachan

Main source(s):
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[Part of this section was originally within MacDonald03. It was moved here to facilitate expansion of both pages.]
(2) For lower section : 'History of the Macdonalds and Lords of the Isles' by Alexander Mackenzie (1885, p526+)
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