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Families covered: Lindsay of Blacksolme, Lindsay of Dunrod, Lindsay of Holmbarn, Lindsay of Mauchlinhole, Lindsay of Overscheills
[This family is to be investigated further in due course.]

David Lindsay, 5th of Dunrod (d 1521)
This is possibly the David Lindsay of Dunrod who is reported by TSP (Elphinstone) to have married, as his second marriage but her first, Isabella/Elizabeth Elphinstone (sister of Alexander, 1st Lord Elphinstone). The article in TSP confuses the issue by saying that that David died before July 1578 but, if this was the right woman, such must be a misprint since it also reports Elizabeth's third marriage as probably being in March 1523. HOWEVER, BP1999 (Elphinstone) shows Isabella, sister of Alexander, 1st Lord Ephinstone, as having married David Lindsay of Dunrod. This matter is discussed also under 'Elphinstone1'.
1. George Lindsay, younger of Dunrod (who appears to have been disinherited by his father)
  m. Elizabeth Mure (dau of Sir Adam Mure, 4th of Caldwell)
  A. John Lindsay, 1st of Blacksolme (a 1544)
  i. John Lindsay, 2nd of Blacksolme (d 1618)
  a. George Lindsay, 3rd of Blacksolme (d 1644)
  (1) John Lindsay, 4th of Blacksolme
  (A) Geoge Lindsay, 5th of Blacksolme
  (i) Alexander Lindsay, 6th of Blacksolme
  (a) William Lindsay, 7th/last of Blacksolme (a 1728, settled in Jamaica)
  (ii) William Lindsay of Dundonald (dsp)
2. John Lindsay, 6th of Dunrod (a 1522, 1540)
A. David Lindsay (dvp)
  i. Robert Lindsay, 7th of Dunrod (Provost of Glasgow 1562)
  a. Robert Lindsay, 8th of Dunrod (dsp c1591)
  b. Sir John Lindsay, 9th of Dunrod (d 1602)
  m. (1594) Joanne Hamilton of Preston
  (1) Alexander Lindsay, 10th/last of Dunrod (a 1619)
  m. (1609) Marjorie Hamilton (dau of Patrick Hamilton of Piell of Livingston)
  (A) John Lindsay
  (i)+ issue - John (to the Indies), Robert
  (2) David Lindsay
  c. Isobel Lindsay
  m. Patrick Hamilton of Udstoun
  The wife of Patrick Hamilton, 3rd of Udston, is noted as Isobel, daughter of Robert Lindsay of Dunrod, but the dates look wrong as Patrick lived in the late 15th century rather than the late 16th century.
  B. ?? Lindsay
  i. James Lindsay of Overscheills
  It is understood that Lindsay of Overscheills was a cadet of Lindsay of Dunrod but the connection has not been formally proved.
  a. William Lindsay of Overscheills
(1) Alexander Lindsay of Overscheills (d c1616)
  (A) James Lindsay of Overscheills
  m. Catherine Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton of Torrance)
  (i) James Lindsay of Overscheills (a 1620, dsp)
  (ii) William Lindsay of Holmbarn & Caldersyd
  m1. (10.10.1651) Janet Hamilton (b 1629, d 1656, dau of John Hamilton, 4th of Airdrie)
  (a) James Lindsay of Holmbarn & Mauchlinhole (b 15.08.1652, dsp)
  James inherited Mauchlinhole from Robert Hamilton of Mauchlinhole, maternal uncle of his wife Marion.
  m. (1690) Marion Aichison (dau of Robert Aichison of Sydserff by Anna Hamilton)
  m2. (30.07.1657) Janet Cunningham (dau of John Cunningham, 2nd of Gilbertfield)
  (b) Margaret Lindsay (b 10.09.1663, d 07.11.1733) --
  m. (03.06.1684) Patrick Graham, 1st of Lymekilns (b 03.06.1658, d by1729) --
  (c) Janet Lindsay
  m. William Cunningham, 4th of Gilbertfield

Main source(s):
(1) "The Lives of the Lindsays" by Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford. Published Wigan 1858, 2nd edition
(2) Stirnet's BG family records
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