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Families covered: Lindsay of Craigie, Lindsay of Crawford, Lindsay of Dunrod, Lindsay of Ercildum, Lindsay of Glenesk, Lindsay of Lamberton, Lindsay of Luffness

BP1934 reports that the first ancestor of this family to come to Scotland, who did so accompanying King David I (who r. 1124-1153), was Sir Walter de Lindissi, father (not elder brother as shown below) of William. BP2003 adds that Sir Walter was son of Gilbert de Ghent. We provisionally keep to showing what was reported by 'Lives of the Lindsays' but may revise this in due course because we suspect that 'Lives of the Lindsays' has been subject to some confusion between the families of Limesay & Lindsay and we are suspicious about the connection shown (through the following Baldric) to the de Toeni family and thence to the early Normans. However, we are also a bit suspicious about the recently-emerged claim that Walter was son of 'Gilbert de Ghent' not least in case there has been confusion with Walter, son of Gilbert de Gaunt (and father of the Earl of Lincoln). We would welcome being advised on this by anyone who has researched the matter.
Baldric de Lindsay (a 1086)
1. Walter de Lindissi or Lindsay (a 1116)
2. William Lindsay of Ercildun (a 1147)
  A. Walter de Lindsay of Ercildum (a 1150)
  TSP starts with this Walter but mentions there being a Baldric de Lindesay (a 1086) albeit without suggesting that he was Walter's grandfather. There are some differences between TSP and BP1934 on the next three or so generations. We broadly follow the latter since it agrees with "Lives of the Lindsays" but include some detail provided by TSP.
  i. Sir William de Lindsay of Ercildum & Crawford, Baron of Luffness, Justiciar (b c1148, d c1200)
  TSP reports that William married twice, the first (unknown) being mother of Walter and the second (Alienora de Limesi) being mother of David & William.
m. (c1174) Aleanora (dau of Gerard, Lord of Limesay, by Amicia de Bidun)
  a. Sir David de Lindsay of Crawford, Justiciar (d 1214)
  David's wife is identified as Marjory "of the Royal family". Alice's mother is identified as ...
  m. Margaret ("said to be an illegit. da. of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon, s. of David I and father of Malcolm IV and William the Lion, Kings of Scotland")
  (1) David de Lindsay of Crawford & Limesay, Justiciar (d 1241)
  m. Christina (m2. Sir Robert de Pinkeney)
  (2) Gerard de Lindsay of Crawford & Limesay (dsp 1249)
  (3) William de Lindsay, Chancellor of Scotland, Dean of Glasgow (dsp)
  (4) Walter de Lindsay
  Reported by BP1934 to have dsp but by TSP to have had issue by ...
  m. Christian Huse
  (5) Alice de Lindsay, heiress
  m. Sir Henry de Pinckney or Pinkeney of Weldon Pinkeney
b. Sir Walter de Lindsay, Constable of Berwick, Justiciar, lord of Lamberton (d 1221)
  m. ?? (m2. P. de Valance)
  (1) Sir William de Lindsay of Lamberton (d c1247)
  m. (c1220) Alice de Lancaster of Windermere (dau of William de Lancaster, Lord of Kendal, by Agnes de Brus)
  (A) Walter de Lindsay of Lamberton & Molesworth (d 1271)
  m. Christian
  (i) Walter or William de Lindsay of Lamberton (b 24.06.1250, d 1282-3)
  m. (1266) Ada Baliol (sister of King John Baliol)
  (a) Christiana de Lindsay (b c1266, d 1335) GS
  m. Ingelgram (Enguerrand V) de Guines, Sire de Coucy (b c1243, d after 1321) GS
  (ii) Gilbert de Lindsay of Molesworth
  (iii) Walter de Lindsay of Parva Lamberton probably ancestor of Lindsays of Thurston
  (iv) Margaret de Lindsay --
  m. Sir David de Lindsay of Luffness, Regent, High Chamberlain (d 1268) @@ below --
(v) Alicia de Lindsay
  m. John Comyn of Badenoch & Tynedale
  (B) John de Lindsay, Bishop of Glasgow
  c. Sir William de Lindsay of Luffness (b c1182, a 1236)
  m. Avice de Lancaster (dau of Gilbert FitzReindfride)
  (1) Sir David de Lindsay of Luffness (a 1249)
  m. (c1220) ?? Crawford (dau of Sir John Crawford of Crawfordjohn)
  (A) Sir David de Lindsay of Luffness, Regent, High Chamberlain (d 1268)
  m. Margaret de Lindsay (dau of Walter de Lindsay, Lord of Lamberton and Molesworth) @@ above
  (i) Sir Alexander de Lindsay of Crawford (d 1307)
  m. ?? Stewart (dau of Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland)
(a) Sir David de Lindsay of Crawford (d before 13.10.1357)§D
  m(1). (1324) Maria Abernethy (dau of Sir Alexander de Abernethy)
  ((1)) David de Lindsay (d Durham aka Neville's Cross)
  ((2)) Sir James Lindsay of Crawford (d 1358)
  m. Egidia Stewart (d by 06.1406, dau of Walter Stewart, 6th High Stewart of Scotland)
  ((A)) Sir James Lindsay of Crawford (d 1397)
  m. Margaret Keith (dau of Sir William Keith, Marischal)
  ((i)) Margaret Lindsay --
  m. Sir Thomas Colville of Oxenham (d before 04.02.1402-3) --
((ii)) Eufemia Lindsay --
  m. Sir John Herries of Terregles (d 27.03.1420) --
  ((B)) Elizabeth (or Isabel) Lindsay --
  TSP shows 2 daughters, Isabel m. Sir John de Maxwell and Elizabeth m. Sir Henry de Prestoun. BP1934 suggests they were the same person.
  m1. Sir John Maxwell of Pollok --
m2. Sir Henry de Prestoun
  ((3)) Sir Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk (d 10.1381)
  m1. Catherine Stirling (dau of Sir John Stirling of Glenesk)
  ((A)) David Lindsay of Glenesk, 1st Earl of Crawford (b c1360, d 02.1407) --
  m. Katherine Stewart (dau of King Robert II of Scots) --
  ((B)) Sir Alexander Lindsay of Baltrody (d before 05.1398)
  ((C)) daughter --
  m. David Stewart, Earl of Strathearn (d before 05.03.1389/90) --
  m2. Marjory Stewart (d 1438, dau of Sir John Stewart of Ralston, niece of King Robert II)
((D)) Sir William Lindsay of Rossie & Logie, later of Crambeth (b c1350, d before 1438) --
  m1. (c1376) the heiress of Crambeth / Elizabeth
  m2. Matilda Stewart (d 1485)
  ((E)) Sir Walter Lindsay of Kynnef (d Verneuil 1424)
  m. Katherine (m2. Walter Dempster)
  ((i)) Walter Lindsay (dspms)
  ((F)) Euphemia Lindsay
  partner unknown
  ((G)) John Lindsay
((4)) Sir William Lindsay of Abercorn and the Byres (d before 01.07.1393) --
  m. Christian Mure (dau of Sir William Mure of Abercorn) --
  ((5)) daughter (mother of Sir Alexander de Ramsay)
  m. _ Ramsay
  (b) Sir Alexander de Lindsay possibly ancestor of Lindsay of Ormiston
  (c) Beatrix de Lindsay (d before 1352) --
  m1. Sir Archibald Douglas of Liddesdale, Cavers, etc. (Regent of Scotland, b c1297, d Halidon Hill 19.07.1333) --
  m2. (after 07.1335) Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk (d 1385, Chamberlain, Ambassador) --
  (d)+ other issue - Reginald, William (d by 01.1339, rector of Ayr, Chamberlain of Scotland)
  (ii) Sir William de Lindsay of Symington or Symontoun
  m1. Alicia Lockhart
  m2. Margaret (or Mary) Comyn, Countess of Buchan
  (iii) Sir Duncan de Lindsay
  (B) Sir John de Lindsay, Lord Chamberlain
  m. Dyonysia Beneyt (dau of Alexander Beneyt or Bene in Northumberland)
  (i) Sir Philip de Lindsay
  (ii) Sir Simon de Lindsay ancestor of Lindsays of Wanchopdale
  (2) William Lindsay, 1st of Craigie
(A) Walter Lindsay, 2nd of Craigie
  (i) Sir James Lindsay, 3rd of Craigie
  (a) Sir John Lindsay, 4th of Craigie
  ((1)) Margaret Lindsay --
  m. John (?) Wallace of Riccarton --
  (b) John Lindsay, 1st of Dunrod (a 1360)
  ((1)) John Lindsay, 2nd of Dunrod (a 1384)
  ((A)) John Lindsay, 3rd of Dunrod (a 1429, 1467)
  ((i)) Alexander Lindsay, 4th of Dunrod (a 1471, 1495)
  ((a)) John Lindsay (dvp))
  (((1))) (((1)))  David Lindsay, 5th of Dunrod (d 1521) --
  ((b)) Mariot Lindsay --
  Unsure of generation, Mariot could be grand-daughter rather than daughter of Alexander.
  m. Robert Lyle, 3rd Lord (d 1511 or before 03.1502-3) --
  (B) daughter J
  m. William Mure of Rowallan J

Main source(s):
(1) "The Lives of the Lindsays" by Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford. Published Wigan 1858, 2nd edition
(2) BP1934 (Crawford), TSP (Crawford)
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