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Families covered: Leventhorpe of Leventhorpe, Leventhorpe of Shingey Hall (Shinglehall in Sawbridgeworth)

Adam Leventhorp of Leventhorp, Yorkshire (a 1293)
1. Oswald Leventhorpe
  m. Ursula Horbury (dayu of Thomas Horbury)
  A. Geoffrey Leventhorpe (a 1310)
  i. Geoffrey Leventhorpe of Leventhorpe (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399)
  m. Ela Fleming (dau of Robert Fleming)
  a. John Leventhorpe (a 1377)
  m. Ellenor Calverley (dau of William (sb Walter?) Calverley of Calverley)
  (1) John Leventhorpe (d 27.05.1433, MP for Hertford)
m. Katherine Riley (d 05.10.1437, dau of Richard Riley by _, dau of William Toothill of Toothill by Maud (widow of Richard Thornhill), dau of Thomas of Fixby)
  (A) Thomas Leventhorpe
  m. _ Wortley (dau of Sir Nicholas Wortley by _ Moor)
  (i) William Leventhorpe 'of Leventhorpe' (d 1480/1)
(a) Alice Leventhorpe
  m. John Lacy of Cromwellbottom (d 1532)
  (B) Geoffrey Leventhorpe of Bradforthdale
  Walker reports that Geoffrey's will was dated 23.05.1426, provde 20.06.1426. This must surely be wrong; probably 1426 should read 1462 or later.
(i) Mary Leventhorpe
  m. John Fleming of Sharlston (b 1463, d 10.04.1541)
  The above comes from Walker's 'Yorkshire Pedigrees'. BEB1841, which starts with Edward, father of the 1st Baronet, confirms that he descended from the John who "coming from Leventhorpe Hall, in Yorkshire, settled in the county of Hertford and represented that shire in parliament". www.british-history.ac.uk, in its article on the Parish of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, starts with John (d 1433, MP) and reports the descent to the first baronet as that John then John (d 1484, MP), Thomas (b c1424, d 1493), John (d 1511, Sheriff), Thomas (d 1527), Edward (d 1551), Edward (d 1566) then Sir John, 1st Bart. We follow Metcalfe which starts with the following John whom we presume to fit here.
(C) John Leventhorpe
  m. Mary Clovell (dau of William Clovell of Hanfield (West Hanningfield))
  (i) John Leventhorpe of Shinglehall, Sheriff of Hertfordshire
  m. Jane Dallison (dau of George Dallison of Cransley, widow of Alexander St. John of Thirley)
  (a) Edward Leventhorpe of Shinglehall aka Shingey Hall, Sawbridgeworth
  m. Elizabeth Barley (dau of Henry Barley of Albery)
((1)) Edward Leventhorpe of Shinglehall
  m. Mary Parker (dau of Sir Henry Parker)
  ((A)) Sir John Leventhorpe, 1st Bart of Shingey Hall (d 23.09.1625)
  m. Joan Brograve (d 1628, dau of Sir John Brograve of Braffin or Hammells)
((i)) Sir Thomas Leventhorpe, 2nd Bart of Shingey Hall (d 30.04.1636, 2nd son)
  m. Dorothy Alington (dau of Sir Giles Alington of Horseheath, she m2. ?? Holford of Cheshire)
  ((a)) Sir John Leventhorpe, 3rd Bart of Shingey Hall (d unm 29.11.1649)
  ((b)) Sir Thomas Leventhorpe, 4th Bart of Shingey Hall (b 30.11.1635, d 27.07.1679)
  m. (02.01.1654-5) Mary Bedell (d 30.04.1683, dau of Sir Capel Bedell, Bart of Hamerton)
  (((1))) Mary Leventhorpe
  m. (15.06.1672) John Coke of Melbourne
((c)) Joan Leventhorpe (b 1625/6)
  m. (26.06.1662) Charles Caesar of Much Hadham
  ((d))+ other issue - Dorothy (d 1629), Bridget (d 1627)
  ((ii)) Edward Leventhorpe
  m. Jane Beeston (dau of William Beeston of Lambeth)
  ((a)) George Leventhorpe (b c03.1624, d young?)
((iii)) Sir Charles Leventhorpe, 5th Bart of Shingey Hall (bpt 15.09.1594, d unm 30.08.1680, rector of White Roding)
  ((iv)) Joane Leventhorpe
  m. Sir Edward Altham of Mark Hall
  ((v)) Bridget Leventhorpe
  m. Sir John Fowle of Kent
  ((vi))+ other issue - John (dvpsp 06.05.1610), Rowland, Arthur (d young), Margaret, Theodosia, Elizabeth, Catherine, Dorothy
  ((B)) Thomas Leventhorpe
  ((C)) Anne Leventhorpe
  m1. John Wiseman of Canfield (dsp)
  m2. John Slifeld of London
((2)) Gabriel Leventhorpe
  ((A)) Grace Leventhorpe
  m. _ Brokas
  ((B)) Mary Leventhorpe
  m. Richard Kirkland
((C))+ other issue - Edward, Thomas, John, George
  (b) Thomas Leventhorpe of Albery Hall, Hertfordshire
  m1. (Dorothy) Seymer (dau of Sir Thomas Seymer, widow of Clement Smyth)
  ((1)) Jane Leventhorpe
  m. Thomas Allin of Braffin
  ((2))+ other issue - John (dsp), Edward, Rafe, Margaret, Catherin
m2. (Dorothy) Barley (dau of William Barley of Albery)
  ((7)) Thomas Leventhorpe (dsp)
  ((8)) Anne Leventhorpe
  m. Richard Franck of Hatfield
  ((9)) Hellen Leventhorpe
  m1. John Longmer of Baddow
  m2. John Capell
  ((10)) Elizabeth Leventhorpe
  m. Sir Francis Hubbert (Huberd) of Essex
  ((11)) Dorothy Leventhorpe
  m. Simon Brograve of Braffin
  m3. _ Chambers of Hertfordshire
  (c) Elizabeth Leventhorpe
  m. George Browne of Weldhall
(d) Anne Leventhorpe
  m. William Bartlett of Sussex
  (e) Maudlin Leventhorpe
  m. _ Torrell of Torrell's Hall, Essex
  (f) Dorothy Leventhorpe
  m. Thomas Newce of Haddam
  (D) Ann Leventhorp (d 02.12.1477) possibly of this generation
  m. John Chauncy of Skirpenbeck & Gedelston (d 27.05.1479)
  (2) Ann Leventhorpe
  m. Adam Coley of Batley
  (3) Barbara Leventhorpe
  m. Robert Beckwith
  b. Margaret Leventhorpe
  m. John Fleming
  ii. John Leventhorpe of Swillington (a 1352)
  m. Joan

Main source(s): Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, Leventhorp of Leventhorp near Bradford), Metcalfe's Herdfordshire Pedigrees (1886, Leventhorpe of Shingle Hall and Albery), BEB1841 (Leventhorpe of Shingey Hall)
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